Restaurant Publicist: What Does It Take To Become One?

Marketing 19 minute read 21st September 2023

Anyone with an adventurous spirit, a love for food, and strong public relations will never be unemployed. They can always work as a restaurant publicist as long as food businesses are up and running.

Restaurant owners know that potential customers are more likely to listen to an outsider rather than act on their marketing. Therefore, they rely on someone with skills and a following to describe their place in a perfectly engaging way.

But how do you become this person? Well, you need to master some skills if you are interested in the job. However, if you have no one to guide you, this article will help you to become a good restaurant agent.

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Spilling the Secret Beans: What Does a Restaurant Publicist Do?

If you want to test the publicity waters, you must ask a critical question. What does a restaurant publicist do? To be honest, a lot. The job outlook often covers the field of public relations, data collection, and product promotion.

Their main aim is to create a wonderful reputation for the restaurants and improve their business outcomes. Here’s how.

If your client wants to have more social media presence, you need to have good branding and restaurant marketing skills.

This way, you can help the owner by adding content, such as posts on the restaurant blog, photos, videos, etc. Another responsibility of an agent is to respond to online reviews to improve the image in customers’ eyes. For example, if the restaurant is on Google Maps, you might need to check the page and curate it. You can also help the restaurant get more Google reviews to grow its online reputation.

You can also plan special events to have more community engagement and promotion. Here, you can use your public relations skills and include social media influencers in the event.

Moreover, if you are working for a big restaurant, you may need to plan media coverage for the events. Here, you can invite journalists, social workers, and film stars for promotion.

You are also responsible for saving the restaurant’s image in unpleasant situations.

For instance, suppose something negative happens at the restaurant, such as an accident, some sort of fight, or fire. The owner will look towards you to pull the restaurant out of such situations. Here, you will need to analyze strategies to recover the restaurant’s image.

Restaurant Publicist Job Description: What Skills Do You Need?

A typical restaurant publicist’s job description includes creating and analyzing marketing campaigns, organizing events, and managing relations. These are the most common themes.

You can’t fulfill these tasks if you don’t have the necessary skills. Therefore, excel at the following skills to master the job outlook.

  • Social Media Management: Have a good knowledge of how social media marketing works. Also, know the data analysis of different social media sites and how you can generate traffic.
  • Public Relations: Your client’s positive image says a lot about your own. Therefore, learn public relations to make the restaurant the apple of its customer’s eyes. It helps you talk to your client’s customers and become a bridge between the two.
  • Analyzing Skills: Learn how to analyze your clients’ touchpoints, such as their logo, branding, etc., to help them improve. Also, you must study their audience and give advice on what they want.
  • Event Organization: Be good at planning events to attract customers. For instance, you must know how to incorporate the latest trends in the event.

However, learning just the hard skills won’t be enough, as there’s a lot that comes into play here. So, what you also need is:

  • Good Communication: Communication is the key to conveying the message. You will make productive media and public relations if you have verbal skills.
  • Creative Thinking: You need to think out of the box to promote the restaurant’s image. In digital marketing, your creativity is the main trick to persuade the target audience.
  • Flexibility: You must also have a flexible approach to changing situations. For instance, if something you planned does not happen accordingly, do not panic. Just adapt to plan B.

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Break Into the Industry: How To Become a Restaurant Publicist?

After discussing the skills you need to become a restaurant publicist, let’s talk about how to master those skills. You can become perfect at anything after a learning program.

There is not a single comprehensive degree that can teach you how to become a restaurant publicist. However, you can use many related degrees to take this profession.

Whether it’s knitting, cooking, or marketing, there exists a course for it. You can consider taking the course according to your needs. For example, becoming part of a restaurant’s management and promotion team will demand a hotel management course.

Then there’s customer relationship management, which you must assist your client with. This field requires you to learn how to initiate different customer loyalty programs and maintain a potential customer base.

Moreover, you can take marketing courses that will make you an expert in restaurant marketing strategies. These courses are helpful in enhancing the online presence of a restaurant.

Public relations is a very credible degree that you can do to become an agent. In addition, you can do an advertising course, which is also in demand these days. Restaurant advertising is extremely important for the success of the venue. Having an understanding of it can make you stand out.

Do Restaurants Need Publicists to Market Themselves More Effectively?

Now, let’s assume you have become a great restaurant publicist, and you are wondering, “Do restaurants need publicists?” This section will remove your doubt about the scope of this field.

Firstly, some owners may have the money to establish a fantastic restaurant but lack professional growth strategies. A restaurant agent is crucial here because of a much better understanding of how things work in the market.

Moreover, it is pretty difficult to manage an online presence for a restaurant. The reason is that most of the owners are unfamiliar with the social platforms for marketing. Again, a publicist can play the role here and come up with great social media marketing ideas for restaurants.

Additionally, bogus reviews are quite common when it comes to restaurants. A publicist can help in the process of removing fake reviews from Google or other restaurant review sites.

And while restaurants can’t prevent negative reviews, they can respond to them with the publicist’s help. This way, their audience will have no doubts about their dedication, and they will gain loyal customers.

Lastly, the importance of positive reviews is no secret. Consequently, part of your job might be giving advice on how to earn positive reviews.

Restaurant promotion agents are experts in many fields. They have educational backgrounds in PR, data management, and marketing to turn the failing restaurant into a favorite in town. Hence, restaurants will always need them from time to time.

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Is a Restaurant Publicist Salary Enough To Live Comfortably?

There is no definite restaurant publicist salary. However, scales show that they can earn an average of $113,744 annually.

However, the salary package can increase or decrease according to the type of establishment you are working for. If you are working with a popular 5-star restaurant, you can earn more than average.

Also, it is obvious that small restaurants may not have a budget to hire a full-time restaurant agent. Therefore, they go with temporary agents.

The salary also changes from one city to another. If you are living in a major city, you will get more pay, but your expenses will also increase. On the other hand, if you are living in a relatively small or inexpensive city, your pay may decrease accordingly.

The numbers vary from city to city. However, if you end up earning nearly $110000 as a restaurant marketing agent, that is enough for a comfortable living.

Are There Any Growth Opportunities After Becoming a Restaurant Agent?

If you choose to work as a restaurant agent, there are plenty of other growth options as well. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one domain and can expand it using other related fields.

For example, you don’t have to stick to one restaurant and can expand the clientele. If you do this, there will be huge opportunities for you in the market.

You can make use of your experience in digital marketing as well. Because any business owner seeking to grow their online presence can approach you for their restaurant marketing strategy.

In addition to these, you can work for national and international franchises after gaining experience. Moreover, you can also offer consultations to clients and help them make strategies for business growth.

The consultation comes very easy as you are just giving tips and not dealing with third parties. Therefore, you can always add consultation services to your job title.

Remember, there is always room to grow if you are learning and gaining experience. Therefore, make an online presence with an effective profile to attract clients and gain more experience.

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What Does a Day in the Life of a Publicist Look Like?

While the mentioned skills help fulfill the task, the art of getting up early helps add perfection. Yes, it is the first thing to do in the life of a restaurant agent. Moreover, you must reach the office on time, and for that, you need to schedule everything timely.

As a restaurant publicist, you’ll have to run your legs and mind most of the day. So, keeping a healthy lifestyle is important.

Once you reach your office, see if you have any meetings. Tell your staff about the day’s schedule and get back to work. See if you want to work with any members of the team or restaurant.

For example, you may have to work with the chef to come up with a new presentation of menu items. You may also supervise if the editors are doing a good job in finishing the photos for the website.

Going through the online stats, detailing the new photoshoot, and meeting with investors will be part of your routine. Therefore, you will need to sharpen up your brain to handle a hectic routine as a restaurant agent.

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Restaurant Agent Go Beyond the Salary

Everything you do has some advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you think being a restaurant publicist comes with all the pros, you are wrong. Being a restaurant agent, you will have the following pros:

  • You can work directly in a diverse environment
  • The restaurant prefers your ideas in the final plan
  • You can meet famous people
  • You have growth opportunities in many related fields
  • You have a significant impact on the market
  • You can lead the success
  • You can show the world your creative side

Now, moving on to the cons

  • Stress is the one major con of a multitasking environment
  • You may stand responsible for the failure of a plan or strategy
  • You have too much responsibility on your shoulders
  • You may be the prominent face in any crisis that happens to the restaurant
  • The client may expect too much
  • You may have to face rejection and competition

In the end, if you like multitasking, the restaurant promotion agent is your line of work. Additionally, if you have a keen interest in food management, culinary arts, and hospitality business, you should do this job.

However, if you think you are not good with public relations, this field is not for you. Additionally, if you are not good with product promotion and selling, you may need to choose some other field.

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Should You Become a Restaurant Publicist? Here’s the Truth

By now, you must have a thorough understanding of how a restaurant publicist works. There is definitely a scope for restaurant agents in the market, and they also earn well. The truth is with the increase in competition, the demand is also increasing because every restaurant wants to win. With the right education and experience, you can become great at your job.

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