Secure WiFi Network for Marketing Purposes: Best Practices for Securing WiFi

Marketing 14 minute read 21st February 2023

A secure WiFi network is vital - everybody knows it. However, a secure WiFi network for marketing purposes is even more so. Businesses using their WiFi network in their marketing campaign will have dozens, if not hundreds, of guest users daily. Higher internet traffic turnover creates a higher risk of malicious users and compromised network security.

As a business, you are responsible not only for your own precious data but the data of your guests. This is especially the case if you collect guest data through captive portals.

So, what can be done? Luckily a lot. This article will explore the best practices for creating a secure WiFi network for marketing purposes. We’ll uncover all you need to know, from the top five practices to answers to your most commonly asked questions.

What Is a Secure WiFi Network?

secure WiFi Network for Marketing

One of the best ways to achieve something is to set clear and attainable goals. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details - what is a secure WiFi network? What are the essential qualities and signs to spot?

Firstly, a secure WiFi network for marketing has protective measures in place. You’ll spot firewalls, captive portals, and an encrypted network. From a user perspective, the password will change regularly, have an unusual network name, and a login page. Basically, all the extra hoops that you have to jump through to prove you are a non-malicious user.

In summary, a secure WiFi network for marketing is a network protected from harm by numerous precautionary and preventive practices. It is hard for malicious users to attack, and it has solid and effective defenses.

Security software is the way forward if you are wondering whether you already have a secure WiFi network Security software scans your network and provides you with a report. The report results are a fantastic indicator of which measures need most urgently addressing.

For instance, reports can alert you to unauthorized access points. Think of security software as investigators doing the hard work of tracking criminals and then letting law enforcement handle the rest.

Why Is a Secure Network Important for WiFi Marketing in Restaurants?

secure WiFi Network for Marketing

A secure WiFi network for marketing is essential in every business. A secure WiFi network is especially important in businesses where many new people rely on their WiFi network. And, if you own a restaurant, you’ll probably already know where this is going.

Setting up secure customer WiFi is vital in restaurants because of the high number of guests connecting to your WiFi. Even compared to the customers that retail attracts, restaurants need a more secure WiFi network for marketing.

Retail typically attracts small groups or individuals. Whereas restaurants can attract huge groups of people at once, who sit and stay put much longer than in shops. With more customer traffic comes more users, and with more WiFi users, the higher the risk to network security.

Furthermore, if you use a secure WiFi network, you have a duty of data protection. You will collect guests’ private data and must ensure that this is stored responsibly. And, if you are providing WiFi access as part of your guest experience, this needs to be safe and secure. Restaurants have a lot of responsibility when providing a WiFi network for their customers.

What Are the Signs of an Unsecured WiFi Network?

Signs of an unsecured WiFi network are plentiful.

  • No security measures like CAPTCHAs and captive portals.
  • A default login - with an automatically provided username and password.
  • Easy to find, access, and use.

If you spot any of these signs, proceed with caution. And if that sounds like your WiFi network, use our five practices to create a secure WiFi network for marketing.

5 Top Practices To Create a Secure WiFi Network for Marketing

secure WiFi Network for Marketing

Now that we’ve established what a secure WiFi network is, let’s explore how to achieve one. This section will cover the top five practices to achieve a secure WiFi network for marketing. From captive portals to default logins, we’ll address all the essential practices you need to know.

1. Use a Captive Portal To Create a Secure WiFi Network for Marketing

A captive portal is a fantastic method to create a secure WiFi network for marketing. So, what is a captive portal? A captive portal is a web page that pops up when guests try to join your WiFi network. Instead of allowing them to join with a password - and sometimes not even that - it creates an extra barrier.

The captive portal ‘login’ page requires specific details before guests can proceed. For instance, you could require an email address, CAPTCHA completion, or a terms and conditions agreement. This extra barrier becomes vital when considering running a secure WiFi network for marketing.

A captive login page gets guests to agree to specific behavioral standards when using your WiFi - creating a safer experience. You can also eliminate bots and scam artists through the CAPTCHA completion or by requiring a valid email address.

When creating a secure WiFi network, chances are that you are already planning on using a captive portal. A captive portal is the backbone of a WiFi marketing campaign and an absolutely vital asset. Don’t delay with this security practice; it will benefit your network security and marketing tenfold.

2. Invest in Security Software To Create a Secure WiFi Network for Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, security software is an unmatched tool for building network security. Antivirus software is like a technological investigator, scanning and piecing together suspicious behavior and users. It can find unauthorized access points, users you should boot off your network, and any defensive weaknesses. It is a perfect weapon to defend your secure WiFi network.

Of course, another benefit to security software is that it’s self-sufficient. Once you download it, your work is done. The software scans everything automatically, providing you with a report when it finishes.

This report has all the details you need to fix the issues, saving a lot of work on your end. It is also highly beginner friendly and requires minimal technological skill, ability, or knowledge. Win, win, right?

Finding the right security software is the biggest challenge. There are many options on the market and plenty of reviews online for the best software in 2023. However, for a quick answer, these are the top three options:

  • Norton
  • Total AV
  • Bitdefender

3. Change the Default Login To Create a Secure WiFi Network for Marketing

Do you know the default login that your WiFi router came with? Well, it’s time to change it if you haven’t already. The default login is one of the weakest spots on a WiFi network. Picture it as a significant chink in your armor. In fact, it is one of the first things that a WiFi hacker checks when they find your network.

You might think that even a default login combination would be hard to crack. But this isn’t the case, as hundreds of websites list all the existing varieties. Make changing your login details a priority when setting up a secure WiFi network for marketing.

4. Enable Network Encryption To Create a Secure WiFi Network for Marketing

Encrypting your WiFi network is the bare minimum when it comes to practices to secure your WiFi network for marketing. By encrypting your network, you help prevent people from hacking and taking advantage of your network. It is one of the significant pillars of building a secure WiFi network for marketing.

There are three types of WiFi network encrypting:

  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
  • WPA (WIFI Protected Access)
  • WPA2 (WIFI Protected Access 2).

WPA2 is the latest version and the best choice for creating a secure WiFi network for marketing. WPA2 encrypts the information you access and receive over your WiFi network - offering complete privacy and protection.

To encrypt your WiFi network, you’ll need to manually authorize encryption through your network settings. Select encryption and take note of which encryption it offers. If it only provides WEP or WPA, consider updating your router.

5. Outsource Your WiFi Marketing To Create a Secure WiFi Network

When it comes to network security and WiFi marketing, the two come hand in hand. You’ll boost your WiFi network security by outsourcing your WiFi marketing. Here’s why.

Most companies offering WiFi marketing packages include features like captive portals and the latest software. These are companies that really know and value the importance of having up-to-date technological equipment.

Outsourcing your WiFi marketing is a great way to tick off many practices we’ve already covered. Plus, you get unlimited support from WiFi experts - fantastic for batting off any security threats rearing their ugly heads. Outsourcing your WiFi marketing is one of the best practices for quickly creating a secure WiFi network for marketing.

Final Thoughts

secure WiFi Network for Marketing

A secure WiFi network for marketing is an essential asset to your marketing campaign and business. With our five essential practices, you’ll be ready to safely, securely, and effectively tackle WiFi marketing. What more could you want? Just remember: enable network encryption, change your default login, add a captive portal, download security software, and outsource WiFi marketing.

Now that you know the importance of network security and how to achieve it, you’ll have no problem. Act today and protect your business and customers. Does creating a secure WiFi network for marketing still sound difficult? Maybe you are too short on time to give this the attention it deserves? Revert back to point 5.

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