Social Media Calendar for Restaurants

Tools 2 minute read 29th March 2021

Filling your social media feeds with content can be a chore. You’ll soon see a big drop-off in engagement if you are just posting sales messages about your business.

The clue is in the name, social media needs to be social! That means engaging and talking with people and other accounts.

A guide on how to take better photos for your social media channels

As a guide, we recommend using the rule of thirds to plan your restaurant social media content calendar:

1/3 Posting 1/3 Sharing 1/3 Replying

By engaging with content that’s not directly about your business you’ll also get the opportunity to reach people who perhaps haven’t come across you before.

A simple way to increase engagement on your feeds is to engage with national and international holidays that are relevant to your business.

We’ve compiled 100 food related days to help create content for your social feeds which includes days such as:

  • International Bagel Day (January 15)
  • International Carrot Day (April 4)
  • World Salami Day (September 7)
  • I Hate Coriander Day (February 24)

As well as a downloable poster, you’ll also receive a CSV file that can be uploaded to Google calendar (as well as others) that will automatically create the dates in your online calendar.

Download the social content calendar for restaurants and food businesses now!

Looking for more? Download our Hospitality Calendar, suitable for hotels, retail and more.

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