Free WiFi Logos For Your Business

Tools 5 minute read 15th October 2020

They’re everywhere in hospitality businesses. In fact, some would say the humble WiFi logo is somewhat ubiquitous.

But, if you run a restaurant, hotel, pub or bar, a WiFi logo could actually do a rather stellar job at bringing people into your venue. And the same goes for retail, too.

8 fresh designs to make your venue stand out

We thought we’d give you a bit of a leg up with this and offer free WiFi logos for your business.

Free WiFi Logo designs

We’ve teamed up with an awesome artist to create unique WiFi logos which can be customised and applied to stickers or any other form of marketing material.

Get the high-quality WiFi logo pack

The pack includes 8 .AI files and 8 .PNG files, for you to use however you wish. Stick them on your windows, website and walls!

Just let us know where to send them…

Why are WiFi logos important?

People want WiFi -it’s that simple. Even in an age of widespread 4G and burgeoning 5G technology, data caps are still a thing, and that means free internet is still in high demand.

If you prominently display a WiFi logo within your premises, you’re advertising to passers-by that you have one of life’s most important commodities freely available.

It’ll bring in both leisure and corporate customers. Those who are looking for a respite from shopping may be tempted by the offer of a coffee and free WiFi, while a busy freelancer will jump at the chance to jump on your network.

However, a branded WiFi logo can do an awful lot more than that; it’s your chance to further weld your logo and brand identity into the minds of customers. Combine it with a WiFi marketing platform, and that innocuous little logo will help you build a highly engaged customer database.

Where should I display my WiFi logos?

The world is your oyster when it comes to the placement of WiFi logos, but you do need to think strategically.

For instance, one of the most obvious places to stick your WiFi logo is on the entrance door. But what about on the bar? Or the menu?


The best way to identify spots in which to display your WiFi logo is to think about the following:

  • Where do customers congregate for significant periods of time?
  • Where are their eyes likely to be drawn upon entering the venue?
  • Where are their eyes likely to be drawn while sitting at their table or entering their hotel room?
  • What typically catches the eye of a passer-by (it probably isn’t the front door)?

As with so many things in business, you need to think like a customer to work out where you should place your WiFi logos.

Where are you displaying yours?

We love creative uses of WiFi logos. If you’ve decided to place yours somewhere unique, send us a photo and we’ll feature the best on our social media feeds.

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Download the .PNGs

The pack includes 8 .AI files and 8 .PNG files, for you to use however you wish. Stick them on your windows, website and walls!

Just let us know where to send them…

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