What Is Digital Signage? An Overview for Beginners

Marketing 18 minute read 16th August 2023

Digital signage has been around for a long time, and people interact with it every day without knowing about it. So, even after engaging with displays, such as a digital menu board, they may still ask, “What is digital signage?”

Businesses around the world are using digital signage as a source of advertising and information sharing. These electronic displays were around in the 1990s but weren’t a widespread advertising method. Many businesses still follow the traditional method of using static signs and billboards. However, as technology grew, digital signage became more affordable and accessible.

Businesses started recognizing the potential of digital signage displays. They saw a 40% increase in sales and found it easy to manage and update content in real time. Numerous organizations found it to be a cost-effective method for promoting products and spreading information. The level of engagement these digital displays brought led to almost 26% of shoppers purchasing products and services. This was a game-changer in the marketing industry.

This article will provide an overview of what is digital signage and guide business owners interested in digital marketing.

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What Is Digital Signage?

A digital installation that displays videos or multimedia content for advertising is called digital signage. Every business uses digital signage displays to reach out to potential customers from almost everywhere. Here is a list of a few places where such forms of digital display are available:

  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Airports
  • Transportation hubs
  • Shopping malls

This electronic application gives you information on news, weather, products, promotions, and locations. Digital signage advertising employs LED displays and LCD monitors (digital screens). The advertisements are running on these screens with an attractive mix of colors, jingles, animations, and graphics. This helps the business promote its product and helps customers evaluate the merchandise of different brands.

Types of Digital Signage

After learning what is digital signage, it is time to get an overview of the different types. Digital signage comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Here are various types of digital signs that businesses can choose from:

  1. Outdoor signage: Billboards, banners, posters, frames, and stands usually use persuasive language and special discounts.
  2. Informational signage: Wayfinding digital boards are for indoor and outdoor use. These help visitors navigate around the premises of big buildings like malls, universities, carnivals, etc.
  3. Video walls: Visually appealing signs pasted on store windows encourage customers to enter the premises on impulse. They also serve as a great decoration for the store.
  4. Channel letters: Neon and halo lighting are great ways to display a business logo or name.
  5. Safety signage: Warning signs alerting the public about repairing roads, diversions, and the possibility of animal attacks near a sanctuary.
  6. Mobile advertisement: A slow-moving vehicle that displays the business name and logo in the market area.
  7. Digital menu boards: Restaurants extensively use digital menu boards instead of the traditional menu card. It gives a mouth-watering display of the food they are offering. Some eateries go above and beyond to make their restaurants completely interactive.

Apart from the obvious types above, there are other ways a digital sign network can engage and inspire customers.

What Is Digital Signage System Advantages and Disadvantages

Using digital signage is the latest technological way to stay ahead of rival businesses. It gives the impression that you are capable of adapting to new changes. Many organizations use digital signage to convey messages across the globe. Digital displays have numerous benefits. It is a powerful digital sign network platform that helps you reach out and effectively promote your products and services. Digital signage displays are more than just hardware. But like most platforms, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of digital signage displays

  1. A signage system is very effective in displaying the logo and brand of your business.
  2. It helps in communicating with the customer in an appealing way, encouraging them to do impulsive shopping.
  3. You can update any changes quickly from a central location at any time, thus saving money on costly advertising.
  4. It can help improve your sales because visual displays leave an impression in the consumer’s mind.
  5. It helps you spread your business and make consumers aware of your products at the right time and place.
  6. Unlike static signs, digital displays have the ability to capture attention.

Disadvantages of digital signage displays

  1. The cost of setting up and maintaining a digital sign network is high. It starts with purchasing and installing the displays and includes software, content creation, and electricity costs.
  2. Changing the contents of a display may require the assistance of an expert.
  3. Digital signage can only reach the audience that is in the vicinity of the display.
  4. Hacking and malware attacks are threats that require immediate action.
  5. Out of reach for small businesses because of the high cost.

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What Are the Three Main Components of Digital Signage?

If you want to understand what is digital signage, then you must know about its three main components. These components are hardware, software, and content.

What Is Digital Signage Hardware

The hardware is the physical part of the digital sign. The external and internal devices enable you to perform certain tasks such as processing, input, output, and more. Digital display screens such as LED and LCD also fall into this category.

What Is Digital Signage Software

Software contents include graphics, text, images, audio, and videos. They all run with the help of different kinds of applications.

What Is Digital Signage Content

How you display your content can be a game-changer. The right content increases your sales, promotes your brand, and helps you creatively communicate with your customers. Here are some examples of digital content: videos, audio, e-newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, etc.

Uses of Digital Signage Advertising in Various Industries

After understanding digital signs and how they work, the next part is knowing what is digital signage used for. Digital signage advertising is everywhere. In the public sector, transportation (airports, rail systems), government sectors, universities and college campuses, hospitals, hotels, etc.

What Is Digital Signage in Public Spaces

Digital signage in public spaces has become increasingly popular due to its ability to engage and inform a large audience. It displays real-time information such as news updates, weather forecasts, alerts, and other information. A well-designed wayfinding sign can help people navigate in unfamiliar places.

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What Is Digital Signage in Airports

Digital signage at airports conveys valuable information to passengers, giving them real-time information about the arrivals and departures of flights. Any delays and cancellations show up promptly. They are all over the airport, making it easy for passengers to navigate through different pathways.

Rules and regulations keep passengers informed about security measures and baggage checkpoint laws. Video walls promote various services provided within the airports to guide travelers. This helps the passengers find restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, and waiting room areas.

What Is Restaurant Digital Signage

People love to dine out with their families and friends. Restaurant digital signage displays attract customers and are vital to directing traffic to the establishment. Mouth-watering images of food and desserts can lure in hungry people.

Digital menu boards with price listings will help the customer make fast decisions when ordering their food. The process of ordering the food is quick and avoids the hassle of hiring extra staff to take customers’ orders. Showcasing discount offers and deals encourage customers to place more orders.

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What Is Hotel Digital Signage

You may be wondering what is digital signage doing in the hospitality industry. The majority of guests in a hotel are mostly tourists. Hotel digital signage in lobbies helps guests find their way around your hotel without bothering your staff with minor information. Photo slideshows showing the dining room area, swimming pool, or spa improve the ambiance of the hotel.

Getting your guest’s attention is an art. Use vibrant displays and captivating visuals within your hotel to entice guests to make use of your amenities. Display your hotel’s positive reviews in the reception area. This will boost your guest’s confidence that they have come to the right place.

What Is Digital Signage in the Education Sector

What is digital signage in the education sector used for? The first thing that may come to mind is an interactive board. However, that is not the case, at least not yet. A digital sign network employed in the education sector involves welcoming signs to help students and parents roam the campus.

This provides them with instructions on how to find their way around the premises, pointing them in the right direction. The names of the teachers in charge of different classes and subjects can also appear on the digital signage screen. A digital sign at the front office can inform the teachers and students of any change in the daily schedule. Emergency evacuation signs are crucial in any education center; they should be clear and easily understood.

Use of Digital Signage in Hospitals

Digital displays in healthcare facilities can improve the management and efficiency of the hospital. Signs display various rules and regulations. One example is to inform visitors not to use cell phones within the hospital. These screens serve as waypoints, directing visitors to different facilities and departments. Digital signs outside the offices state the name of the doctor, their qualifications, and working hours. Emergency departments must have a clear, bold digital display.

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Best Digital Signage Software

Having the best digital signage software is an essential tool for businesses to display their interactive advertisements. Here are a couple of the best digital signage software options that every business should consider using.

What Is Digital Signage Software Airtame

What is digital signage by Airtame? It is more than a digital sign network; it is a wireless solution for digital displays. Airtame’s digital signage solution offers wireless connectivity, allowing businesses to easily display their content on multiple screens. This eliminates the need for cables making the setup simple.

What Is Digital Signage Software Troudigital

Troudigital has the software and hardware to get your advertisement up and running on its digital displays. Their digital signage software allows businesses to create and manage content, making it simple to update advertisements as needed. With Troudigital’s hardware, businesses can display their advertisements on high-quality video walls, ensuring that their message is clear and eye-catching.

What Is Digital Signage Software Beambox

Promoting products and sharing information is important, but what is digital signage without customer data? For businesses to succeed in the long run, they must concentrate on grabbing customer data. Some digital signage software captures the data your business needs. If you can’t find software that works, you should consider Beambox.

Beambox is the best digital signage solution for all your marketing needs. From free guest WiFi solutions to capturing valuable data, Beambox will help you grow your business. If you are interested in learning what this all-in-one marketing platform is capable of, start your thirty-day free trial today.

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