What Is SAAS Marketing? Types and Categories

Marketing 20 minute read 11th September 2023

The term SAAS makes everyone wonder what it is. Individuals and young marketers who have recently entered the marketing field usually ask, What is SaaS marketing? Here is a brief overview to help you understand what type of marketing it is.

SaaS marketing refers to the specific strategies and techniques to promote and sell software as a service (SAAS) products. It involves targeting and reaching out to potential customers. The goal is to build brand awareness and effectively communicate the value and benefits of the SaaS product. SaaS marketing includes various tactics, such as:

All of this is to drive user adoption and retention.

With this brief overview, you probably got an idea of what is SaaS marketing. However, more questions may have popped up in your mind, such as:

  • What does SaaS mean?
  • What are some examples of SaaS products?
  • Are there any other types of SaaS marketing?

This article will cover the basics so that you can get an idea of what is SaaS marketing.

What Does SaaS Mean?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is not a physical item but a software product. Instead of purchasing and installing software on your computer, SaaS allows you to access and use software via the Internet.

SaaS software systems are easy to debug and install. It is less cost-effective, negating the necessity of buying multiple software packages for various computers. SaaS has many applications like calendars, email, and file sharing. This software allows the user to log in and connect to the service provider’s network to access a particular service. A few examples of SaaS’s most popular products are below to give you an idea.

  • Google workspace
  • Mailchimp
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Chat GPT
  • Microsoft
  • Zoom
  • Grammarly Dropbox Xero WordPress AWS Vertical SaaS

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What Is SaaS Marketing?

If you are still confused about what is SaaS marketing, here is a detailed overview. SaaS marketing refers to a product or service that a software company sells or rents out. The aim of this marketing tactic is to target companies likely to use something other than the software itself. SaaS also lends itself to tiered pricing by offering various uses of the same product at different prices.

The marketing focus of SaaS is promoting and generating leads for subscription-based software products. SaaS is a cloud model in which the seller is responsible for deploying and maintaining the applications. They also customize and upgrade the products according to the customer’s needs.

You need to have a good demonstration of the software you are selling. It would be best to illustrate your software and how it works. One way is to offer paid subscriptions that allow you to access the software as an on-demand service. SaaS allows users to access the program through the internet. So, there is no hassle of installing the software on the user’s computer.

You must explain to your potential customers why they should buy your software. Determine who your ideal target customers are by following these steps:

Once you identify your target customers, you will know what marketing channels to select for customer retention.

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What Is B2B SaaS Marketing?

Now that you know what is SaaS marketing, it is time to look into B2B SaaS marketing. B2B SaaS marketing refers to a company’s strategies and techniques to promote and sell software to other businesses. This type of marketing involves understanding your target customer’s demographics, business backgrounds, values, and goals. The aim is to reach and retain them through appropriate marketing channels.

To better understand what is B2B SaaS marketing it is important to know about the two categories, B2B and B2C.

What Is SaaS Marketing B2B Category?

To know what is SaaS marketing B2B category is, it is vital to understand what the term B2B means. B2B stands for business-to-business. B2B SaaS marketing’s main target is promoting products and services to other companies. It attracts potential customers by showcasing its unique value addition and attracting quality customers.

The software products of companies have a wide variety of functions, including marketing, sales, and customer service. A B2B SaaS marketing strategy is all about targeting larger companies to increase their revenue. The decision to purchase B2B products involves both logic and financial thinking rather than emotions. The product price is relatively high and has a higher level of features. B2B customers get personal attention and services. The company offers them all the solutions to fit their changing needs.

B2B SaaS marketing is a daunting and complex endeavor. However, you can establish yourself in the market with the right strategy. There are many strategies in B2B SaaS marketing.

  1. B2B uses an account-based marketing strategy (ABM) that targets specific accounts rather than individuals. It focuses on ideal customers and high-value accounts.
  2. Another B2B marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO), including on-page and off-page.
  3. Two essential marketing tools for B2B are market automation and customer relationship management (CRM). Marketing automation software automates your email marketing. This software helps you keep track of your customers’ purchase histories and needs.
  4. B2B marketing also includes a solid website to attract potential customers.

By following B2B marketing strategies for SaaS businesses, you can increase your sales by targeting potential customers. These strategies will help you grow your business by generating leads and deciding which products to market. Some examples of B2B companies are:Microsoft

  • MailChimp
  • SailsForce
  • Hubspot
  • Spotify
  • Slack
  • Dropbox

What Is SaaS Marketing B2C Category?

Once you are through with the B2C category, you won’t be asking what is SaaS marketing anymore. B2C is the abbreviation for business to consumer, which refers to a transaction between a company and a customer. B2C SaaS marketing is the process of selling products to individual customers. It sells software products to customers without any middlemen. B2C marketing works on consideration of the customer’s goals, demands, and needs.

B2C companies produce applications that are for personal entertainment. The company depends on the moods and emotions of the buyer to make quick buying decisions. The extensive marketing is why B2C has a solid ROI return on its software products. B2C products are available at a lower price, so the company relies on significant sales to reach its goals.

B2C is an over-the-top platform that focuses on an individual’s needs and preferences.

Some examples of B2C companies are:

  • Amazon
  • Airbnb
  • Facebook

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What Is SaaS Content Marketing?

SaaS content marketing is about giving the right content at the right time to the right people. Content marketing is everything when it comes to growing your SaaS business. Producing helpful content that is useful to your customers builds brand loyalty.

SaaS content marketing focuses on different tactics and their execution. Your content must have so much valuable information that it convinces your buyer that you are first and foremost. Your objective is to reach your targeted audience, engage them, and persuade them to become paying customers. The primary element of an effective content marketing plan is to bring clarity to the content—various types of marketing content appeal to different kinds of customers’ needs. Creating and utilizing different kinds of content allows you to attract potential customers in various fields of business.

To get a better idea of what is SaaS marketing or what is SaaS content marketing, check these methods:

What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #1: Target Your Audience

Identify your audience by building customer profiles. An ideal customer profile is invaluable to any business. A customer profile is a way to know the customer’s business, likes and dislikes, and purchasing habits. Creating an ideal customer profile will give you an understanding of how to optimize a product for their needs.

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What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #2: Setting Your Goals

Without goal-setting in your plan, you will struggle to achieve success in your business. You will be continuously asking, what is SaaS marketing? That is why goal setting is important; it will give you a target to work on and achieve success.

What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #3: Select Content Formats

Determine which type of content will work best for your business. You want to select audio, video, or text. Now, decide which format will best target your potential customers. Your goal is to target customer retention. You can achieve this through clarity and by making people understand your content.

What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #4: Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases you put in a search box to find the content you seek. Keywords are “head keywords” or “seed keywords.” A combination of several terms is a “long-tail keyword.” When choosing your keywords, find relevant keywords with high search volumes.

What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #5: Marketing Metrics

Marketing metrics are a vital marketing measurement tool to judge a business campaign. They fall into what is SaaS marketing category because these measurements tell brands about a product’s success. Future steps for the companies include optimizing campaigns and marketing channels according to marketing metrics.

What Is SaaS Marketing? Method #6: Customer Churn Rates

Business owners need to understand the importance of customer churn rates and how to solve this problem. The percentage of customers who are no longer buying your products is the churn rate. A high churn rate points to your business’s need to do better. Points to the fact that customers are no longer interested in your products. You may not be targeting the right customers. If your business has a high churn rate, it is time to make changes and limit it.

What Is SaaS Product Marketing?

SaaS product marketing is another part of what is SaaS marketing. It is about getting a digital product or service to customers. Establishing your SaaS brand in the market requires excellent effort and the acquisition of new customers. Traditional marketing involves advertising on television, radio, or by printing your ads on materials. With the help of SaaS marketing, you can send messages directly to your potential customers. Sending messages via the internet will save you the cost of ad campaigns.

There are a lot of opportunities for SaaS product marketing. You must put all your skills to work to make it a success. SaaS product marketing needs skill and strategy to keep the immense competition at bay. It requires thoughtful planning and smooth execution. Bringing your SaaS products to market is SaaS product marketing. If you are unsuccessful in this phase, always go back to the basics of what is SaaS marketing.

Reaching your potential customers’ personas will help you understand your audience’s wants and needs. Making customer personas is the primary step to furthering your marketing efforts through marketing funnels. Going about the research diligently will help you with your SaaS marketing strategy. Understanding the market will give you a clear focus on which part of the user base to target.

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What Is SaaS in Digital Marketing?

To understand what is SaaS in digital marketing, it is vital to learn about digital marketing first. By now, you have understood what is SaaS marketing, so let’s dive into digital marketing.

This form of marketing primarily focuses on online strategies. It creates your brand’s awareness online. It gives you different online analysis methods and helps you target and retain potential customers. SaaS digital marketing, when used properly, is a game-changing tool. You can use digital channels to promote and sell your products or services. It uses many strategies, like:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • SEO
  • Online video advertisement

SaaS digital marketing raises brand awareness and generates new leads, thus increasing revenues for the company. It is a great way to reach more customers and grow your business. It is all about branding and public relations to drive sales. SaaS digital marketing is a serious business; it demands a lot of brainstorming to promote its different channels.

Digital marketing helps SaaS businesses become more active. SaaS businesses can show their products and features in action and get good results from their marketing efforts.

The benefits you get from having an online presence are:

  • Online demos
  • Online tutorials
  • A larger audience
  • Webinars and other online events
  • You have multiple ways to advertise a product or service

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