WiFi Marketing Solutions: Solutions To Boost Your Business

Marketing 14 minute read 21st February 2023

The most effective way to meet big goals is to find great solutions. There is no denying that. A solution-oriented approach is key for business owners, and tackling wifi marketing is no different.

Wifi marketing solutions take the hard work out of wifi marketing and building customer loyalty. The solutions offer a captive portal system that collects important demographic and contact details - increasing your marketing potential.

You can view all these details on an analytics platform and use the data in different campaigns like email marketing. With the right marketing wifi solution, you can easily double your customer loyalty while boosting your positive customer experience.

It is no wonder that you are looking into wifi marketing solutions for your business. This guide is full of all the information you need to take your next step. We’ll cover everything from a breakdown of what marketing solutions offer to niche recommendations like the best hotel solutions. You’ll find your best option in no time.

What Are Enterprise WiFi Marketing Solutions?

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So we know that wifi marketing solutions are packages tailored to boosting businesses marketing potential. They typically come with a captive portal, analytics platform, and cloud network platform. Users get directions on using the features and usually receive 24/7 support access to help them along the way. But what are enterprise wifi marketing solutions?

Enterprise solutions are a slightly different sub-category in wifi marketing. They use enterprise-grade networks that usually offer private and public networks. Enterprise solutions are ideal for restaurants and hotels where employees need a secure private network separate from the guest network. It allows two networks to be run alongside each other yet managed from one place - a handy solution.

Smaller businesses might not require enterprise wifi, especially if they don’t have many employees requiring a network connection. However, as a general rule, running a business with enterprise wifi is good practice.

Using an enterprise solution will boost your network speed for guests and employees and add an extra layer of security. If that sounds best suited to your business, we recommend searching specifically for enterprise marketing solutions.

Since enterprise wifi is a little more complicated to set up, it is a great thing to outsource. This type of wifi is perfect for a solution package, as they’ll assist with the trickiest parts of the process. Enterprise routers are much stronger, quicker, and more powerful.

A more powerful router will increase your marketing effectiveness and network experience. The setup will be worthwhile when you have positive feedback about your customer experience and lightning-quick employee operations.

What Are Instore WiFi Marketing Solutions?

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Instore wifi marketing solutions are another niche in the world of internet marketing. Instore wifi is just another name for retail wifi. You’ll find instore wifi in shopping centers, individual boutiques, and even supermarkets.

The wifi allows visitors to stay connected while they shop. We all know how essential opinions from friends are when buying new clothes - instore wifi is a God send. A quick message on Snapchat or Whatsapp lets your guests proceed confidently with their shopping experience.

Retail wifi solutions are plentiful. So if you have a retail business that needs boosting with wifi marketing, search for your best options today.

3 of the Best Free WiFi Marketing Solutions?

As the saying goes, ‘some of the best things in life come free’. And when it comes to marketing solutions, this can occasionally ring true. There is a fantastic collection of free wifi marketing solutions on the market.

The solutions range from free trial periods to long-term cost-free solutions, depending on your wants. You could choose a long-term free package solution if you don’t mind sacrificing access to certain features. Or, if you just want a financially low-risk introduction to wifi marketing, you could choose a free trial.

All-in-all, finding free solutions is an excellent low-cost, low-risk introduction to the world of wifi marketing. Check out these top three solutions.

1. Aislelabs Connect

Aislelabs Connect is a fantastic marketing solution and is one of the best guest wifi marketing platform providers. You can start with a basic package for free, the only difference being a limited number of guest profiles. If that doesn’t bother you, it’s a great cheap solution for your wifi marketing.

The software draws people to your social media to boost your online presence and brand awareness. It also provides an analytics platform and sends automatic surveys for feedback.

As far as free wifi marketing solutions go, Aislelabs Connect is a wonderful choice. We like its zero pricing option and wide-ranging features.

2. Beambox Wifi Marketing Solutions

While we aren’t technically a free marketing solution, we are offering a 30-day free trial. For those wanting to try a solution at no financial risk, Beambox is an excellent option. We offer longer than the standard 7-day trial, and you’ll have unlimited access to our features.

At Beambox, we offer a top-of-the-range, all-in-one marketing platform. We provide advanced software to boost your marketing campaign, from captive portal designs to an engaging analytics platform.

3. Hownd Wifi Marketing Solutions

Hownd has a slightly different pricing system again. It doesn’t charge users immediately for its services. Instead, you only begin to pay when you receive a customer directly from Hownd marketing. Hownd is ideal for those wanting a low-risk introduction to wifi marketing.

The software works by creating offers that it then distributes and markets. Users set their discount thresholds, and Hownd regularly rolls out promos based on your settings.

The software additionally runs a more traditional marketing system, with analytics from captive portal data. Hownd thinks outside the box, so it’s a great choice if you want more adventurous marketing options. Plus, you won’t be paying any straight-up fees to get started.

3 of the Best WiFi Marketing Solutions for Hotels?

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Here at Beambox, we talk a lot about restaurant wifi marketing. But there’s enormous potential for wifi marketing in hotels as well. This niche in the hospitality industry has some special requirements when it comes to wifi. For instance, an enterprise network is a better idea for hotels.

Many staff will need a network connection to check in guests and make reservations. And since lots of guests arrive and expect wifi, it is wise (and more secure) to run two separate networks.

We’ve got a selection of the top three wifi marketing solutions for hotels. If you are ready for some inspiration, let’s get straight into the best options on the market.

Hotel Link Solutions is an all-in-one software that handles everything from reservations to digital marketing. Running a hotel can be chaotic; chances you have a finger on a different button every hour of the day. And when working in a large team, staying connected on one system is essential.

The digital marketing tool is the highlight when considering wifi marketing solutions. Hotel Link Solutions offers a free consultation to discuss the different features and tailor a package to your business.

2. Nonius Wifi Marketing Solutions

Nonius Solutions is another hotel specialist wifi marketing software. The software contains tools like social wifi and a captive portal to collect demographic details. And should you need it, there’s global 24/7 support to help with maintenance and troubleshooting.

Nonius Solutions is perfect if you want experts in hotel wifi marketing. The software has a fantastic display of case studies and previous successes, which means you can sign up confidently.

3. Social Sign.in

Social Sign.in is a wifi marketing software serving all industries needing a brilliant captive portal-based marketing service. It collects first-party data directly from your guests when they sign into your wifi network. Using this data, you then get a whole analytics dashboard. The software prioritizes boosting customer acquisition, loyalty, and positive guest experience.

Final Thoughts: Wifi Marketing Solutions

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Wifi marketing solutions are a splendid way to free up your time and maximize your business’ marketing potential. With the right solution package, you could double your amount of customers with increased customer loyalty.

You’ll also attract flocks of new customers by reinvesting collected data in other areas like social media and email marketing. Finding a solution package is a step towards rocketing your marketing campaign and boosting business success. With experts at the helm, there is a clear map to success.

A good wifi marketing solution is worth its weight in gold. Whether you want a solution specifically for a hotel or a free option to suit your budget, you’re hopefully inspired. And with experts taking the reins with your marketing campaign, you’ll have more time for the business you enjoy. The best business owners know when and where to delegate.

In need of some extra assistance? At Beambox, we are happy to help. Outsource to us, and let us lead your restaurant on a sparkly new wifi marketing campaign. We are experts in making the most of your internet, so let’s get the ball rolling today.

Beambox offers the best all-in-one wifi marketing platform. We leverage a dynamic approach to connect, capture, and keep more customers. Start your Beambox free trial today, and let us help you maximize your wifi marketing potential.

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