Zenreach: Features, Price, and Alternatives

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Zenreach is a WiFi marketing solution that can significantly benefit your business. However, it is different from what you need.

In this article, you will learn what Zenreach is, how it works, and what you can use it for. Moreover, you will know how it is reviewed online and which alternatives exist.

What Is Zenreach?

Let’s start by defining what Zenreach is. It is a WiFi marketing solution that allows businesses to gather customer data and insights and use that information to drive engagement and sales.

The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California. However, it has been recently acquired by Adentro. In fact, you can now find Zenreach products labeled as Adentro.

Since its launch, Zenreach has helped many businesses improve their customer engagement and sales. However, it has its downsize.

Moreover, the competitive scenario for WiFi marketing software is way more competitive than in 2012. In fact, there are many alternatives available today.

Like other guest WiFi management software, Zenreach can help businesses leverage the WiFi offered to customers in multiple ways.

Which Businesses Is Zenreach For?


Social WiFi hotspots help businesses transform their free WiFi into a marketing tool, and Zenreach has the same purpose.

Zenreach is primarily designed for local businesses that interact with their customers on a regular basis.

Businesses interacting with the public can benefit the most from WiFi marketing software solutions. Instead of simply providing a free WiFi connection at a cost, these solutions allow businesses to gather valuable data and enhance their service.

Examples of businesses that can take advantage of these software solutions are:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Health clubs
  • Cafes
  • Betting shops
  • Pubs
  • Tattoo and piercing studios

If you are offering free WiFi to your customers, there are good chances that you should implement a WiFi marketing solution like Adentro.

How Does Zenreach Work?

According to Adentro’s website, making Zenreach up and running can take up to three days.

  1. Integrate Adentro into your WiFi system. Adentro can be set up by modifying the configurations on your current WiFi router. If you have trouble doing so, Adentro’s support can intervene. Their team makes the process smooth with most clients up and running within three business days.
  2. Gathering data on in-store customers: Like most WiFi marketing solution, Adentro tracks customers who connect to your WiFi. It collects data on customers’ behavior and preferences.
  3. Analyze data and insights: With Zenreach, you can elaborately understand your customer. You can discover visit frequency, dwell time, demographic breakdowns, and more.
  4. Implement data into marketing initiatives: You can use the captured data to improve the results of your marketing campaign. Zenreach also includes marketing automation, like sending emails to first-time visitors.
  5. Measure the impact of your marketing: After you run your campaigns, you can measure conversions driven by your efforts across multiple channels (email, paid ads, etc.).

Let’s now have a look at the most helpful use cases for business owners.

Zenreach: 7 Usecases for Business Owners

Zenreach is a WiFi marketing solution that provides multiple functionalities to its users. In this section, you will read how you can use this WiFi marketing solution to engage with your customers.

It is worth noticing that this is not a comprehensive list of Adentro’s software functionality. Moreover, you might not be interested in all these. However, this list will give you a proper view of exciting ways to use Adentro’s Zenreach.

Usecase #1: Using Zenreach for Email Marketing


One of the most valuable aspects of WiFi marketing software is the ability to run email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a highly effective way to reach customers and can be used to increase customer loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and get more reviews

Zenreach embeds this functionality and allows business owners to create targeted campaigns based on customer preferences and interests.

This possibility is extremely interesting for businesses in the hospitality field. In fact, email marketing for restaurants is still one of the most effective ways to boost sales and encourage repeat business.

Usecase #2: Using Zenreach to Monitor In-Store Traffic

Monitoring in-store traffic is one of the most interesting aspects of Zenreach.

This WiFi marketing solution allows businesses to track and analyze the number of customers visiting their physical location. This happens by tracking customers who connect to the business’s WiFi network. Moreover, it can also identify customers who have previously connected to other merchants in the Adentro network.

These data can be helpful for businesses because they can understand how many customers visit the store and when they visit. In turn, companies can be more effective in making informed decisions about staffing or inventory.

Usecase #3: Using Zenreach to Brand Your WiFi Experience

Zenreach can also be used to build customized WiFi splash pages. A splash page is an internet page where users must insert credentials before accessing the venue’s WiFi.

Users can discover the venue or feel more involved with a customized splash page. Although this functionality is often overlooked, a splash page can help businesses reinforce their brand. Moreover, customers will feel more secure as they know they are connecting to the correct WiFi.

Usecase #4: Using Zenreach to Secure the Network

Zenreach also provides businesses with a few interesting features to secure their network.

The first and most common is authentication. With this solution, businesses can easily set up a captive portal that requires users to authenticate before accessing the WiFi network. This is useful to provide WiFi only to the intended users and not to malicious ones.

Zenreach also implements other security practices that shield the WiFi network, such as encryption. Moreover, this WiFi marketing solution offers the possibility to remember customers, making authentication a one-time effort.

Usecase #5: Using Zenreach to Build a Contact List

Zenreach can help businesses gather contact information of their customers for use in marketing efforts. This contact information can include a customer’s email addresses, phone numbers, and other customized information.

This is done through WiFi splash pages. In other words, when customers connect to the venue’s WiFi network, they may be prompted to provide their contact information in exchange for access to the WiFi. This information can then be added to the business’s contact list.

After a business builds a contact list, it can be used for multiple purposes, such as email marketing, SMS marketing, or creating a lookalike advertising audience.

Usecase #6: Using Zenreach to Transform Data Into Actionable Insights


Another interesting functionality of Zenreach is the capacity to gather data from customers and transform them into actionable insights.

This social WiFi marketing solution provides businesses with a ton of information about their customers’ behavior. For example:

  • visit frequency
  • dwell time
  • peak hours
  • demographics

These data can help businesses understand their customers and improve their marketing strategies. Moreover, these data can also be used to create a better business experience and address customers’ needs more efficiently.

Usecase #7: Using Zenreach to Improve Advertising Returns

Adopting Zenreach as a WiFi marketing software solution can be useful to improve the return from your advertising initiatives. You can use the insights to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. For example, businesses can use customer analytics to design specific campaigns or target geographical areas.

Zenreach also allows businesses to measure the impact of their advertisements on foot traffic. In fact, after you run your ads, you can measure the impact of your effort with specific tools designed to measure in-store conversions (Walk-Throughs).

How Much Does Zenreach Cost?

At the time being is kept a secret how much Zenreach does cost. The specific pricing and features of each plan can vary depending on the needs of the business and the number of locations they have.

Looking online, a figure in the ballpark might be between $100 to $200. However, it can be higher depending on what you require.

Zenreach currently offers two types of plans: Basic and Pro.

The “Basic Plan” is designed for small businesses and includes core features such as customer analytics and marketing automation tools. However, it is worth noticing that a few essential features should be included in the basic plan. For example, you can’t make a “customizable WiFi login portal on this plan.”

The “Pro Plan” includes all the features, is designed for medium-sized businesses, and includes advanced functionalities. For example, advanced analytics or the ability to create a custom splash page.

Zenreach Reviews

If you are interested in learning other people’s opinions on this product, you can find many Zenreach reviews on the internet. Generally speaking, this marketing solution is well-reviewed by its customers, with many business owners satisfied with the product. Some of the most appreciated aspects of Zenreach include:

  • Customer support
  • Quality of the data collected
  • The simplicity of the platform
  • Marketing automation

However, like any product, Adentro’s Zenreach has its cons. The most cited are

  • Price
  • Limited integrations

If you want, you can read and make up your mind.

Overall, Zenreach is considered a good WiFi marketing solution. However, some alternatives might be cheaper and provide everything you need.

Zenreach Alternatives

Since its launch in 2012, many more companies have entered the scene of WiFi marketing solutions for small businesses. Today, many Zenreach alternatives are worth knowing.

When searching for WiFi marketing software it is really important is to find a solution that fits your specific needs, operates seamlessly, and has a fair price.

Most businesses need a WiFi marketing solution to run standard marketing campaigns and easily manage their network.

When selecting a social WiFi hotspot provider, make sure you have the option to use your own hardware and that there are no additional costs. Moreover, you should also pick a solution that can adapt to the growth of your business and integrate with third-party WiFi solutions.

If you are looking for an all-in-one WiFi marketing solution, have a look at Beambox.

Beambox is an all-in-one WiFi marketing solution for small and medium-sized companies. They can help you collect data from your customers and automate marketing activities.

You can also use Beambox to create an effective captive portal to grow your social media following or build a contact list. Moreover, with Beambox, you can secure your network and manage bandwidth allocation to provide a reliable internet connection to all your guests.

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