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Coffee Shop Hashtags: 50 Ideas to Boost Your Business

Marketing 55 minute read 2nd September 2021

Before we get into our favorite coffee shop hashtags (and coffee hashtags), do you know where the hashtag came from?

Well, for one, its official name is Octothorpe. Phone manufacturers added it to telephones in 1963. At that time, it was simply to use up one of the spaces to the side of the zero. Back then, it literally had no function.

Not so anymore. Hashtags are one of the most powerful marketing tools any business has, particularly in the hospitality industry. That’s why it is vital to use them and check which tags are trending each day. Use the right ones to increase your company’s exposure and encourage others to share your content.

Who’d have thought the humble hashtag would become such a household name?

In today’s guide, we reveal our top 50 favorite hashtags for coffee shops. We’ll take you through the top trending hashtags to incorporate into your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter strategy.

Choosing Location Hashtags For Coffee Shops

The whole point of using hashtags for coffee shop marketing is to improve your venue’s online visibility.

It’s for that precise reason that location-based hashtags are so important. They sniff out potential customers who may be - literally - on your doorstep. You could take the most beautiful coffee shop Instagram snap ever. But if you don’t tag it by location, you might as well be shouting into the void.


Examples of Location-based Coffee Shop Hashtags

Picking location-based hashtags for your coffee shop is surprisingly straightforward.

Just select one of the popular hashtags from the lists below and lead in with your venue’s location. So, it might look something like this:

  • #BrooklynCoffeeShop
  • #HoustonCoffeeShops
  • #SacramentoCoffeeCulture

It’s also a good idea to keep your potential customers in mind, and the particular drinks they might be interested in. Those can be combined with your location, too. For instance:

  • #OaklandVegan
  • #DallasIcedCoffee
  • #DCLatte

20 of The Best General Hashtags Coffee Shop

Before you start your Instagram marketing campaigns, you need a solid, tried-and-tested base of hashtags from which to work.

Here are 20 of our current favorite coffee shop-related hashtags for inspiration:

  • 1. #coffeeshopvibes
  • 2. #coffeeshops
  • 3. #coffeeshopsoftheworld
  • 4. #coffeeshoptabletop
  • 5. #coffeeshoplife
  • 6. #coffeeshopcompany
  • 7. #coffeeshoplove
  • 8. #coffeeshopinteriors
  • 9. #cafe
  • 10. #hotcoffee
  • 11. #coldcoffee
  • 12. #coffeeoftheday
  • 13. #coffeeporn
  • 14. #caffeineaddict
  • 15. #ilovecoffee
  • 16. #cafelife
  • 17. #espressoville
  • 18. #coffeegasm
  • 19. #coffeehouse
  • 20. #instacoffee

Our Top 3 General Coffee Shop Hashtags


This authentic, relatable Instagram hashtag is a perfect way to attract customers looking for a cozy cafe vibe.


Check this simple tag for all the inspiration you need to make content for your coffee or tea spot.


Why not put your venue on a global stage? Partner this tag with posts showing what makes your business unique and noteworthy for people all over the world.

10 Photography Hashtags for Coffee Shops

If there’s one thing you need to focus on with Instagram marketing, it’s obviously, photography. Foodie bloggers and influencers love drawing in customers with food photos. The best way to entice your customers is with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pictures of your drinks and snacks.

That’s why you should also pair your coffee hashtags with a few photography-related ones. Here are a few examples for your cafe to try out:

  • 1. #coffeelover
  • 2. #foamart
  • 3. #latteart
  • 4. #coffeeshopphotography
  • 5. #coffeephotography
  • 6. #coffeepic
  • 7. #coffeephoto
  • 8. #coffee
  • 9. #coffeeblog
  • 10. #coffeeshare

Our Top 3 Photography Hashtags for Coffee Shops

1. #Coffeeshopphotography

This one’s simple, straight to the point, and handy. Use this to tag your best photos to increase your exposure.

2. #BaristaLife

Why not show off your staff? Pair a photo of your team hard at work with related hashtags. You’ll gain brand awareness and share the limelight with your hardworking staff.

3. #Latteart

Whether folks admit it or not, a big draw of visiting a local cafe is latte art. Add this tag so other latte art aficionados can find you.

While sticking to the more specific coffee shop tags is excellent, you should also try out coffee hashtags. That way, you ensure you’re reaching everyone interested in coffee. Additionally, if you sell beans at your establishment, you can use coffee hashtags for advertising your products

There are plenty of coffee hashtags for coffee enthusiasts, business owners, and foodie bloggers. Here are a few to get you started:

  • 1. #coffeetime
  • 2. #coffeelover
  • 3. #coffeeinspo
  • 4. #coffeinspiration
  • 5. #coffeinspiration
  • 6. #latte
  • 7. #chai
  • 8. #espresso
  • 9. #tea
  • 10. #freecoffee

Pair Your Coffee Shop Hashtags with WiFi Marketing

We’ve armed you with the most relevant, audience-ready coffee shop hashtags. Now you have a brand new tool in your social media marketing strategy. Have a sign in your restaurant encouraging patrons to post photos of your shop or brews with your custom hashtag. You can easily find and repost their content on your social media pages.

But don’t stop there. To continue boosting your growth and positive customer experiences, consider adding free guest WiFi to your offerings. That way, guests can easily and instantly post about their experience at your cafe with the related hashtags. Plus, having WiFi at your coffee shop encourages people to visit and spend more time at your establishment.

Finally, add free WiFi to your to-do list because you can use it with a powerful marketing tool. You’ll gain valuable customer insights whenever someone logs into your network. All you have to do is use WiFi marketing software like Beambox. Start your Beambox free trial today!

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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