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50 Instagram Hashtags for Coffee Shops

Marketing 52 minute read 2nd September 2021

Who’d have thought the humble hashtag would become such a household name, eh?

It has never been patented, its official name is ‘octothorpe’ and when it was added to telephones in 1963, it was simply to use up one of the spaces to the side of the zero. Back then, it literally had no function.

Not so anymore. In fact, hashtags are one of the most powerful marketing tools any business has, and that’s particularly the case in the hospitality industry.

In today’s guide, we reveal our top 50 favorite Instagram hashtags for coffee shops.

Choosing location hashtags for your coffee shop

The whole point of using hashtags for coffee shop marketing is to improve the visibility of your venue online.

It’s for that precise reason that location-based hashtags are so important. They sniff out potential customers who may be - literally - on your doorstep. In fact, you could take the most beautiful coffee shop Instagram snap in the world, but if it isn’t tagged by location, you might as well be shouting into the ether.

Examples of location-based coffee shop hashtags

Picking location-based hashtags for your coffee shop is actually pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is pick one of the popular hashtags from the lists further below and lead in with your venue’s location. So, it might look something like:

  • #NorthamptonCoffeeShopLife
  • #NorthamptonCoffeeShops
  • #NortahmptonCoffeeShopCorner

It’s also a good idea to keep your potential customers in mind, and the particular drinks they might be interested in. Those can be combined with your location, too. For instance:

  • #NorthantsVegan
  • #NorthantsIcedCoffee
  • #NorthantsFlatWhite

20 of the best general coffee shop hashtags

Before you start your Instagram marketing campaigns, you need a solid, tried-and-tested base of hashtags from which to work.

Here are 20 of our current favorite coffee shop related hashtags to get you started:

  • 1. #coffeeshopvibes
  • 2. #coffeeshops
  • 3. #coffeeshopsoftheworld
  • 4. #coffeeshoptabletop
  • 5. #coffeeshoplife
  • 6. #coffeeshopcompany
  • 7. #coffeeshoplove
  • 8. #coffeeshopinteriors
  • 9. #cafe
  • 10. #hotcoffee
  • 11. #coldcoffee
  • 12. #coffeeoftheday
  • 13. #coffeeporn
  • 14. #caffeineaddict
  • 15. #ilovecoffee
  • 16. #cafelife
  • 17. #espressoville
  • 18. #coffeegasm
  • 19. #coffeehouse
  • 20. #instacoffee

Our top 3 general coffee shop hashtags

#coffeeshopvibes (1,171,609 posts to date)

The more real and relatable, the better!

#coffeeshops (860,780 posts to date)

How can you tempt people into yours with one photo?

#coffeeshopsoftheworld (246,646 posts to date)

Put your venue on a global stage.

10 coffee shop photography hashtags

If there’s one thing you need to focus on with Instagram marketing, it is, obviously, the photography. Good job there are plenty of hashtags to dive into, then!

  • 1. #coffeelover
  • 2. #coffeetime
  • 3. #latteart
  • 4. #coffeeshopphotography
  • 5. #coffeephotography
  • 6. #coffeepic
  • 7. #nomnom
  • 8. #coffee
  • 9. #coffeeblog
  • 10. #coffeeshare

Our top 3 coffee shop photography hashtags

1. #coffeeshopphotography (21,291,628 posts to date)

Ideal for user-generated content!

2. #BaristaLife

Show off your staff!

3. #latteart (33,320,117 posts to date)

It really is an art form, right?

10 coffee shop contest and promotion hashtags

One of the best ways to make the most of Instagram is to run contests. And pretty much the only way to grab your audience’s attention is with a well-timed Instagram snap and hashtag combo.

  • 1. #[yourvenue]win
  • 2. #win
  • 3. #competition
  • 4. #winitwednesday
  • 5. #giveaway
  • 6. #[yourvenue]giveaway
  • 7. #[yourvenue]sweepstakes
  • 8. #[yourvenue]contest
  • 9. #contestentry
  • 10. #freecoffee

Wrap up

Now we’ve armed you with the most relevant, audience-ready coffee shop Instagram hashtags, it’s time to start creating your Instagram strategy. Remember the golden rules - keep your hashtags relevant, simple and use no more than ten per post. And remember to check back here regularly, because this list is forever changing!

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