Are QR Code Generators Safe: Understanding QR Code Safety

Marketing 17 minute read 28th July 2023

QR code generators are such a God send. You can use a code generator to create a black-and-white code that guests can scan. By scanning this code, it takes guests to a page, form, or website of their choice. You can use QR codes to take guests to captive WiFi logins or feedback forms - endless options. But the quick transportation is ideal for redirecting guests hassle-free for both parties. And now, most people are familiar with scanning QR codes. Of course, the real question is, are QR code generators safe?

In our modern digital environment, staying safe online is a widespread concern. But when you open a business, this risk triples. You have to consider keeping staff details secure, business details secure, and customer details secure. You’re suddenly responsible for lots of data, so it’s no wonder that you’re wondering whether QR code generators are safe. In fact, it is actually a wise concern.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand QR code generators and ways of getting the benefits while limiting the risks. With the proper security measures, a QR code generator is fantastic. So it pays to do this extra research.

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What Is a QR Generator?

Before the debate over ‘Are QR code generators safe,’ let’s look at a clear definition. A QR code generator is a tool that randomly produces specific codes. Depending on its link, these code designs take users to a page, file, network, or form of their choosing.

You have complete control over the link. You can use it to fast-track users to complete actions your business would like. For instance, users can join your WiFi network through a captive WiFi portal or leaving feedback. You can also use QR codes to let guests quickly sign up for loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can vary from restaurant loyalty programs or email loyalty programs.

Code generators can be free or cost a small fee. And once you learn about QR code generation, you can use QR code marketing in your business. Having a QR code tells you the number of people that use it, alongside the location and time of the scan. These details are fantastic for measuring foot traffic and monitoring customer engagement with your business.

The two main benefits of QR codes are that they are quick. It makes an otherwise complicated process very convenient. Convenience makes them more likely to act and less likely to demand staff resources for assistance. And secondly, QR codes are brilliant for measuring how customers engage with your business. The analytical element is vital for any successful marketing campaign.

Finally, spotting a QR code is easy. The code is a black-and-white pattern in the shape of a square. To use one, all you do is open your mobile camera and hover it over the QR code. This opens up a little pop-up tab at the bottom of your screen. When you click this, the QR code’s page or file opens.

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How Are QR Codes Generated

To answer the question of are QR code generators safe, we need to answer the ‘How are QR codes generated’. QR codes are static codes and have content encoded in their pattern. So all QR code generators do is embed your link of choice into a code design. Meaning when the person scans the code with their mobile phone camera, their phone interprets the embedded link. After successful interpretation, it transports the person to the correct page or file.

Judging by this process, you can see that the most critical part of QR codes is generation. This encoding of your link needs to be perfect to offer genuine QR code solutions. To successfully encode your links and generate a QR code, generators use the following techniques:

  • Reed-Solomon algorithm

The Reed-Solomon algorithm is an error connection technique. Its job is to add redundancy to the code so mobile phones can scan and reconstruct the original data. This data could be your link to a file, form, or website. The Reed-Solomon algorithm is an essential part of generation that allows successful subsequent scanning.

  • Byte encoding

Byte encoding puts data like text as an image or in different data formats. Typically a byte contains eight bits of digital information and forms a unit of information rather than singular pieces.

  • Kanj encoding

Kanj is another type of special encoding mode and originates from Japan. It relies on symbols rather than sound and text or numerical characters as an ideographic writing method.

Besides these three key steps, you also have encoding for letters and numbers. These encoding modes allow single characters to represent combinations and multiple digits and characters. Think of it as a compression of the original characters.

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Is the QR Code Generator by Bitly Safe

When asking are QR code generators safe, it’s essential to be specific and answer on a generator-by-generator basis. So, is the QR code generator by Bitly safe? As a whole, yes. Absolutely. Bitly is one of the industry’s most reputable QR code generator solutions. As an organized company, it invests a lot in user security. It is much more secure than some free code generators you find online. Here’s why.

Bitly has transparent privacy policies about data protection and a Terms of Service agreement for further information. It also has measures like an Acceptable Use Policy and an option to Report Abuse.

In terms of the security of the links themselves, Bitly uses HTTPS encryption to maximize security. And regarding account security, it recommends strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Bitly ensures that its QR code generator is safe in many ways. There isn’t just one security feature - which makes the security even more watertight.

In short, yes. The Bitly QR code generator is one of the safest code generators in the game. If you are looking for a secure code generator for your business, Bitly is an easy recommendation.

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Are QR Code Generators Safe for Business Security

Business security is always a consideration, whether you want to secure your public WiFi or invest in quality alarms. So it is wise that you’re asking yourself, ‘Are QR code generators safe for business security?’ Responsible use is definitely crucial when it comes to using business QR codes. And by understanding any business security risks, you can manage and limit risks as much as possible.

Whether QR codes are safe for your business depends on how and where you generate them. Hackers can generate QR codes with malicious sites and malware encoded rather than genuine links. This could result in the attack of anyone who scans it. Similarly, a sketchy website could scam you into volunteering valuable information or downloading something malicious. In short, using random QR code generation websites can be high risk.

However, overwhelmingly, the biggest risk of QR codes is exposing your customers to hackers. Since your customers will be scanning the QR code, they will be most at risk. Therefore, QR code solutions are more of a threat to your reputation than your business security.

It will most likely impact your customers rather than you. It is easy to see where the element of weighty responsibility comes in. And as a business, you need to ensure that your QR code practices don’t put customers at risk.

Are QR Code Generators Safe for Customers

QR codes can be high risk for customers. It’s essential to realize the answer to ‘Are QR code generators safe’ for customers’ is in the hands of the business. Customers are much further down the line of QR code generation, scanning the QR codes rather than using generators.

Because customers scan the QR codes, they need to trust that businesses use reputable QR code generators. If a company uses a poor-quality or compromised generator, it’s possible to expose customers to hackers and malware.

So, are QR code generators safe for customers? The answer is mostly. 99% of the time, customers can scan QR codes with no issues at all. But customers can protect themselves with precautions like updating their mobile security before scanning QR codes. And we’d recommend only scanning QR codes that reputable businesses have created.

Customers should always exercise caution when engaging with an unfamiliar QR code. While the risks tend to pay off, you must make educated decisions on whether you trust the code and business.

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Free QR Code Generators: Are QR Code Generators Safe

As we said earlier, the answer to ‘are QR code generators safe’ does vary per generator. And in particular, free QR code generators are notorious for being less trustworthy. Why? Because when creating free tools, people tend to cut corners and not invest as much into security. You can find free WiFi QR code generators everywhere, but that’s not necessarily good.

QR codes can be brilliant. However, QR codes can also encode malicious data, attacking anybody who scans it. Or alternatively, by stealing data - like asking for payment details or email passwords to retrieve your QR code. You need to be savvy when using free code generators. Don’t use websites without padlocks at the search bar’s left, and be skeptical of the steps you’re asked to take.

Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of trial and error to see if the generator is legit and fits your needs. This is why we’d recommend conducting thorough review research to evaluate other people’s experiences before trusting a free generator.

Are free QR code generators safe? In our opinion, as safe as you make them. The safest free QR code generator is the one you’ve spent 15 minutes or more researching and evaluating its reviews.

When using a free QR code generator, use the following checklist:

  • Does this website look legitimate?
  • What do the tool reviews say?
  • Do the reviews look legitimate? Are any reviews identical or left by suspicious names?
  • Is it asking me for personal information like bank details?
  • Is my device up to date with the latest security software and protection?
  • Do I have a breach of security policy for my business?
  • What are my emergency procedures for compromised customer data?
  • Is the downloaded file in the same format it should be in?

Are QR Code Generators Safe, and Are They Worth It?

Are QR generators safe? Yes, as a whole, QR code generators are very safe. Reputation generators offer HTTP encryption and secure websites. And you can use code solutions as an effective way to fast-track customer online engagement.

For instance, you can make signing up for an email loyalty scheme almost instant with a QR code sign-up form. Or make things easier by offering a QR code for a captive WiFi login system. These methods of using QR codes massively reduces how complicated the processes are. And with simpler processes, you’ll spend less time (and money) with staff helping customers over small requests.

A good QR code generator is worth its weight in gold. Investing in a secure code generator is a wonderful investment and worth the research. We highly recommend using QR codes in your business—they help oil the cogs and get processes slicker. Who wouldn’t want to make your and your customers’ lives easier? And when generated responsibly, QR codes are only good news for business and customer security. So, yes, we say they are 100% worth extra screening.

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