How Beambox WiFi Marketing Helps You Build Brand Awareness

Academy 12 minute read 8th August 2022

Brand awareness has a direct impact on sales. Customers want to buy from a brand they know, like and trust so you need to enhance general brand awareness to level up your returns.

There are many methods available that can assist with increasing brand awareness. The most effective strategies use customer data to guide their efforts and create brand awareness campaigns that connect with their audience.

You might be wondering why WiFi marketing is so helpful for capturing customer data and improving brand awareness? Simply put, people are more likely to give you their information if you offer something in return.

Beambox provides a mutually beneficial WiFi marketing solution in which your customers gain free WiFi access, and you effortlessly gather customer data, which you can use and analyze to enhance brand awareness.

Did you know that over 50% of customers spend more in places with free WiFi? The more customers interact with your brand, the more likely they will remember you. And the better their experience, the more positive their impression of you will be.


Initiating contact

When a customer logs into your WiFi using Beambox, you can choose which information is required. It is best to keep things short and sweet. For instance, you might only be planning to contact customers via email, so you won’t require customers to input their phone numbers to access the internet.

You should know that customers (72% of adults in the US) prefer email communication. This preference may be partly because this method allows them to control what messages they see and when.


Beambox WiFi marketing allows you to grow your database. And your growing database gives you access to those that have visited your establishment and will enable you to reach out to them with well-timed and crafted communications, all of which will help improve awareness of your brand.


It’s good to know that brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight. For example, customers might not remember your brand after visiting your business or seeing your company branding when they log in to your free WiFi.

Research shows that it generally takes between 5 and 7 interactions for a customer to recognize your brand.

To improve your brand awareness, you must increase customer exposure to help people recognize and become familiar with your business. You can use the data you collect with Beambox to increase interactions and ensure they become increasingly aware of your brand.

Use data to schedule communication

With Beambox WiFi marketing, you can opt to include a question on birth dates (or birthdays) in the form required for free WiFi access. Beambox can help you transform this data into positive brand awareness with emails sent to congratulate your customers on their birthday. You can even sweeten the deal with a special offer or discount to help them enjoy their day.

Additionally, you are unlikely to get much interaction from customers while they are connecting to your free WiFi. But, once you have their contact information, you can contact them at a later date when they have the time and interest to interact.

Automatic WiFi connection

Beambox can help you set up your system to automatically log customers into your WiFi when they are in range. Beambox will automatically collect and analyze this data to help you understand which customers are regulars, how much time they spend in which location, what offers they redeem, and if customers have not returned.

Your business can use this data to create a more effective outreach campaign. For instance, you may want to send an offer to customers who have not re-visited to entice them back. In addition, you can tweak the emails or offers you send to better resonate with customers. Customizing your campaign will help you achieve better results because it increases visibility and improves impressions of your business.

Social media

There is no escaping the prevalence of social media in today’s society. Recent studies suggest that over 50% of a brand’s reputation comes from online sociability.

You can use social media to enhance visibility and stay present in your customers’ eyes. You can use Beambox’s WiFi marketing solution to capture customers’ social media information during login.


It’s handy to know that most people choose to log in using a form when accessing free WiFi. Many people distrust social media platforms like Facebook after data breaches like the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

You can still provide your information if customers choose not to log in using social media (and many people won’t). You might even want to entice them with a particularly relevant post, perhaps an offer or event, during the WiFi login process.


Beambox knows that personalization matters, both to businesses and consumers. Studies show that 80% of US customers want messages from companies to be personalized. Details like this help make your customers feel like individuals, not just numbers.

People are more likely to read and act if communication is customized to suit them. Personalization comes in many forms. For example, it could mean including their name in an email or contacting them via SMS because that is their preferred method of communication.


The more you can customize your marketing, the more likely people are to interact and take action, and the more positive their impression of your business will be. Once you have customer interest, you can gain their trust and eventually earn yourself a loyal customer. All of this starts with customer data, which Beambox helps you personalize and gather.

Customer reviews

53% of customers read reviews online before they buy. Beambox can help prompt customers to review your business with a Review Automator. This can help you get more 5-star reviews and help spread brand awareness beyond your current customer base.

When a person is browsing online to find something, for instance, a restaurant or cafe in a specific area, they will be more likely to see your business and view it as trustworthy if it has plenty of positive reviews.

You must take care of your brand reputation. You don’t want a negative review to be the first thing your customers see of your brand online. Beambox can help automate the publishing of 5-star reviews while redirecting less positive ones.

Move people along the brand awareness funnel

While most aim to improve sales and ROI with brand awareness, this doesn’t happen automatically.

Before you begin seeing a difference in sales, you will first need to help customers recognize and remember your brand. Once they know your brand, you can start gaining their interest and encourage them to act.

Beambox will help you use data metrics and demographics to target customers and increase their desire for your products or services.

Try Beambox today

If you are interested in capturing customer data and using it to encourage interest in your brand, you should try Beambox.

Beambox WiFi marketing platform is easy to set up and use. It helps provide you with the customer data insights needed to level up awareness of your brand.

You can even try Beambox for free to see if it is right for you. We offer a longer trial period (30 days) to help you decide if this is the perfect WiFi marketing solution.

Sign up for your **free **Beambox 30-day trial today.

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