How to Welcome a New Guest on Their First Visit

Academy 4 minute read 13th April 2022

What are Interactions?

Good question! Let’s start with the basics. Interactions is our platform for sending automated emails to your guests, based on how they interact with your brand.

For example…

  • Send birthday wishes a week before a guests birthday
  • Reward loyal guests a promo code on their 10th visit
  • Retain lost guests who haven’t visited in a while

Beambox knows when your guests are visiting your venue, which enables you to create highly personalised marketing campaigns that increase loyalty.

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With our new template library, launching these marketing strategies takes just a few minutes. Easily activate pre-built strategies to increase repeat business, based on our insights from working with thousands of brands 🌎

Why should you send a new guest email?

First impressions count, which is why sending an email to your newest and fewest is a great way to establish guest loyalty early on in the relationship.

Your guests will love it too. This isn’t your all too typical marketing campaign, that gets chucked in the spam box in a few quick clicks. Instead, it’s a very personal engagement that is triggered by a visit to your venue.

What does that mean? Put simply, it means that you can expect higher levels of engagement. The average email open rate is around 21%, yet Beambox customers using this template average at a 43% open rate.

That’s a whole lot of eyes on your brand and business.


With this template, your guests will receive an email a few hours after their they first visit your venue, as long as they are subscribed to your marketing and have an email on their guest profile.

Test out an incentive

Most brands use the new guest email to send an incentive (think of it like a hook 🎣) that gives the guest a really good reason to come back to your venue.

You don’t have to do this, but, with such a personal engagement it really is a perfect opportunity to maximise repeat business using an incentive.

Here are some ideas..

  • A discount on their next visit only
  • An inclusion to your loyalty program
  • A promo code to use at any point in the future

A small incentive will go a long way in lifetime value if a customer feels recognised and appreciated. Don’t forget to try it out!

How to use the new guest template

With our Interaction template, setting up your new guest email takes just a few minutes.

📽 Use the video at the top of this article to follow us through the process. Alternatively, here are the steps to get started with your birthday Interaction…

  1. Start by heading to ‘Interactions’ in your navigation
  2. Click ‘Create a new Interaction’
  3. Select the new guest template from the template menu
  4. Follow the Interaction steps!

Once launched, you’ll be able to track the success of your new Interactions campaign in real-time using the reporting feature.

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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