Email Opt In Language: The Power of Persuasion

Marketing 15 minute read 3rd May 2024

The language you use is more powerful than you think. Did you know that email opt in language can entirely transform your engagement rates?

It’s incredible to know that your choice of words directly correlates with the power of persuasion your emails hold. If you’re running an email marketing campaign, it goes without saying that opt in language is vital.

Opt in language is driven towards persuading customers to join or engage. This could encourage them to click on a new product, subscribe to a newsletter, or follow you on Instagram. It is essentially a call to action (CTA) but doesn’t necessarily come at the end every time. Opt in language can be something you weave throughout an article.

The valuable thing about learning opt in language is that just tweaking some words drastically increases the success of your strategy. You can notice a difference with just a few seconds of work. All you need to do is structure your emails in a certain way. It’s a bit of a magic formula, and we won’t gate-keep this industry secret.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything about using opt in language to harness the power of persuasion. Give us just 10 minutes, and you’ll be an email marketing pro, ready to tackle an ultimate email marketing strategy.

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What Is Email Opt in Language?

Email opt in language is just how you phrase email wording to ensure that it drives recipient engagement.

For instance, you could use personable prompts to encourage them to take a desirable action. This could include signing up to your email list. It is all about making your email’s writing engaging and effective.

There’s another layer to this, though. To understand it, you need to know how opt-in email marketing works.

Email opt in language relates to two things: a marketing strategy built on consent and language that encourages engagement.

This specific type of email marketing operates on the concept of consent. Instead of bombarding random recipients, you’re inviting engagement. There are two main ways of doing this:

  1. You can cold pitch recipients by sending them emails advertising the opportunity to opt in.
  2. More commonly, you can go in lukewarm once you have the recipient’s email address.

The latter is our top recommendation. This “lukewarm contact” strategy works on the basis that recipients give you their email address. You then just send a follow-up email clarifying that they want to opt in. This “double opt in” strategy builds extra rapport and has better long-term success rates—- they’ve already agreed, after all.

Think of this double opt in strategy as a simple confirmation email. It may look like a guest joining a cafe’s WiFi in the real world. To bypass the cafe’s captive portal system, the guest agrees to subscribe to their newsletter. This then triggers an automatic confirmation email with an opt in form.

When running an email marketing strategy, it pays to use opt in techniques. When using opt in language as part of your strategy to encourage consensual emails, you build trust and mutual respect. And when using opt in language in your copywriting, you get effective engagement results.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Opt In Language

So, now that you understand what opt in language is in email marketing, what about its benefits? How exactly does using this particular wording and consent-focused strategy benefit you?

Well, it ranges from improved conversion rates to incredible customer retention.

Hold fire, though, and we’ll take each benefit in more detail. The more you know about the benefits, the better, as it’ll help you to stay motivated.

1. It Improves Conversion Rates

Opt in language drastically improves your conversion rates. Just think about it: Engaging language that makes you want to invest is bound to be more effective.

And by increasing engagement, you increase the likelihood of transforming a recipient into a customer. That conversion is gold-worthy.

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2. It Helps Customer Retention

Of course, opt in language doesn’t just hook new customers in; it retains existing ones. You could reach out to single-visit or single-purchase customers, persuading them to join a mailing list. Adding opt in language is one extra step that prompts those customers to become repeat customers.

You could reach out with a tantalizing deal or discount. The actual email content is up to you; you know your customers best. That extra point of contact can be the magic touch to transform people into loyal customers.

3. It Helps You Dodge the Spam Box

Using opt in email marketing is really important for gaining adequate consent. You may not realize, but there are some pretty strict rules around marketing emails. Just take the CAN-SPAM Act, for example.

That stipulates all sorts of guidelines that businesses have to comply with.

By offering an opt in form and encouraging that extra step of consent, you protect your business a little more. It also helps you dodge the spam box and actually get read — a goal in its own right.

Furthermore, you should also be up to date with email marketing laws to avoid legal problems.

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4. Language Is Cheap

A huge benefit of investing in opt in language is that it’s cheap, at least when managed independently. You could spend thousands outsourcing this task, but if you can string a few words together, go it alone. This is one of the lowest-cost marketing investments you can make.

What’s more, you still get fantastic results. It is an easy strategy to pick up and fund. Just check out some opt-in example phrases for inspiration.

You can invest in something more worthwhile, like email automation software, with the money you save.

5. It Develops Your Branding

Developing your brand should always be a priority. When someone envisions your business, you should be able to guarantee what images and associations come to their mind. Brand development never really stops; even when you have solid branding, you need consistent reinforcement.

Using opt in language in your email marketing allows you to add a bit of personality. Instead of bleak product descriptions or copy-and-paste-style content, it gives you free rein to add a little flair.

It is a way to organically invest in brand voice. Are you brash and colloquial? Or trustworthy and rooted in statistics? Is there another quality you wish to express entirely through voice?

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4 Top-Tier Email Marketing Opt In Language Examples

When it comes to opt-in language, you’re probably wondering where you can find some great examples. Evaluating your copy and content against other people’s is really important. This is especially true compared to businesses that have seen real email marketing results. You want to see what works, right?

In this section, we’ve found some top-tier email marketing opt in language examples. These are the phrases that work. You can copy them entirely, tweak them, or use them as a launchpad for inspiration.

1. “You’re Almost There”

This phrase is fantastic for prompting recipients to commit and take the plunge instantly. So many people are busy and think, “I’ll do it later.”

However, by reminding recipients they’re “almost there,” you play on a sense of urgency. It makes them feel like they’ll lose progress by leaving to complete it later; they’ve invested.

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2. “See You Soon”

“See you soon” is a casual and friendly phrase. Its colloquial element builds rapport with recipients and assumes further engagement, a subtle yet confident sales technique.

This is an especially popular and effective choice for restaurants and cafes, which are physical locations for customers to visit.

3. “We Only Send Content That Is Useful and Relatable”

Nobody wants to receive spam upon spam of useless content. This promise is reassurance. Reassuring your recipient that you won’t send garbage is always a good start when requesting email list subscriptions.

Collecting newsletter subscriptions or email lists is a great way to set recipients’ minds at ease. Opt in email language doesn’t need to be flowery; it can be simple and reassuring.

4. “We Send a Newsletter With Discounts Every Tuesday”

On the point of being simple and reassuring, why not get specific? If you specifically offer a newsletter service or email list subscription, say exactly what you’re offering. Give it a day. Or a time. And point out what recipients stand to gain —- in this case, discounts.

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Beambox: Utilizing WiFi for Email Strategies

All of this email marketing knowledge is fantastic, and you’ll soon notice a difference in your business success. However, there’s one key point that we need to cover: Where do you actually get this information?

You could invest in a paid email database, paying a third-party data company to receive legitimate email addresses. Of course, there are downsides to this.

Firstly, you aren’t getting consensual data, which is bad for engagement. Secondly, there’s no guarantee you’re targeting the right demographic, as you’re outsourcing the essential marketing job of identifying ideal customers.

A better way to collect email addresses is through independent data collection. All you need to start this is guest WiFi, which you then add a captive portal to.

This captive portal acts like a sieve, collecting email addresses from every customer who tries to join your WiFi. All these email addresses funnel into a database, leaving you with endless marketing contacts that actually care for your business.

Utilizing your WiFi is one of the most effective ways to ensure your email list has the right customers. You’ll know they’re in your area, within your target demographic, and already have a vested interest in your business. Basically, you’re ensuring you’re barking up the right tree.

At Beambox, we provide all-in-one WiFi marketing software, giving businesses a captive portal that syncs with a database. Let’s help you find the right email addresses today. Start your Beambox free trial now and find the perfect way to collect recipients and practice email opt in language.

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