Food Hashtags: How & Why To Use Them

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Hashtags are how to launch your restaurant on social media platforms. And if you are familiar with the food blogger world, you’ve seen the blue clusters at the bottom of posts. So, how exactly do these successful social media users choose their hashtags? Moreover, why do they choose these social media hashtags? What are the most popular food hashtags to use? Should you use the most popular hashtags? This guide will introduce you to the world of hashtags for food bloggers and restaurants.

Food Hashtag Examples

Looking for some quick inspiration? These are some quickfire hashtag examples that you can use for your food business.

  • #healthyfood
  • #deliciousfood
  • #organicfood
  • #Italianfood
  • #Mexicanfood
  • #freshfood
  • #comfortfood
  • #vegetarianfood
  • #lowcaloriefood
  • #kidsfood

Some effective categories to consider are cuisine type, target audience, food type, and dietary type.

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Food Hashtags: Instagram and TikTok Musts

So, what exactly are food hashtags on Instagram and other social media platforms? They are words or phrases attached to the “#” symbol that describe a food-related post. For instance, #italianfood or #polishfoodinlondon. These hashtags act as guidance for social media algorithms and basically highlight your post’s topic.

Similarly, it also offers Instagram, or whatever social media platform you use, a little nudge. It’s like saying, “Hey, do me a favor and rank me for this topic, please.” Consistently using relevant hashtags will help you rank higher and perform better on Instagram. And it will also help you attract more regular visitors from your ideal target demographic.

Typically, you don’t use punctuation and keep the words lowercase. You also have to put them as one single word. Otherwise, the platform will only take the first word as your hashtag. When you complete the hashtags, they will show up as blue.

Looking through social media platforms now, you’ll see most users put hashtags at the bottom of their caption. Alternatively, you can also put them in the comments below if you prefer to keep your captions clean and simple

People also use hashtags for other things, like restaurant or bar hashtags. Cafes are also great for hashtags.

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Why Use Hashtags?

Regarding hashtags, food is one of the best categories to use. This is because people regularly use social media platforms like search engines – to look for nearby restaurants. Or perhaps a food blogger covering their favorite dish or cuisine. Some people even use these hashtags for cooking inspiration.

In short, hashtags are great for helping you to connect your food business with a relevant audience. Think of it as similar to Search Engine Optimization or running a website. It makes you searchable on social media platforms.

Besides this more general benefit, hashtags have numerous other benefits, including:

  • Hashtags help your rankings.

Everyone wants to beat – or be favored by – Instagram and TikTok’s elusive algorithms. Using hashtags helps sites understand your posts and page, putting you into a suitable box. It can start pushing your account to success when it feels confident it understands you.

  • Hashtags give you authority and a brand image.

Lastly, hashtags give you authority over a topic by clearly claiming your niche. Whether you cover Greek food or Dominican cuisine, having hashtags signifies your brand image. Users and social media platforms love this.

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How To Add Hashtags

How do you add hashtags? Well, you now know the main benefits of using hashtags for food and what they are. So, the next step is practical. It is straightforward, so let us just whisk you straight through it.

  • Facebook

When using Facebook, you create a post and enter the # at the bottom of your caption. When you type in a word, it will bring up a long list of terms. You can then click on which phrase you want.

  • Instagram

The process is almost identical on Instagram. You just create a post and click done to reach the part where you enter your caption. You then enter the # key and begin typing in words to prompt a drop-down menu. Select the phrases of choice from the drop-down menu.

  • Tik Tok

Lastly, TikTok is the newest form of popular social media on the block. To enter hashtags on TikTok, just create your post and reach the caption page. You then click your chosen phrases from the drop-down menu.

Final Thoughts: How Easy Is Launching a Hashtag Strategy?

Launching a hashtag strategy is simple. All you need to do is add one step to your social media posting process, which takes less than five minutes. To speed things up, you could keep a hashtag list to copy and paste into posts. But all in all, just know that launching this strategy is a piece of cake. It is quick, easy, and cost-free. It covers the three phrases that every business owner wants to hear.

Social media platforms prompt key phrases through the dropdown menu, making it easier. You can still do hashtag and keyword research, but it isn’t essential. Just pick a mixture of low, mid, and viral hashtags. Targeting longer phrases is an excellent way to niche down with your hashtag campaign.

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