Google Restaurant Reviews: Manage and Grow Your Reputation

Marketing 20 minute read 5th July 2023

Behind each Google restaurant review is a story, a genuine reflection of someone’s dining experience. These reviews carry an authenticity that resonates with potential diners, making them a powerful force in driving revenue. Therefore, it is vital to manage them properly.

But how? This article will guide you through the process of managing Google restaurant reviews. You will also find tips about dealing with fake and negative reviews.

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How to Master Reputation Management for Google Reviews

The first step to mastering reputation management for Google reviews is to understand what review management is. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science! It involves actively managing and shaping your restaurant’s perception through customer feedback on your Google business profile.

Actively monitor your Google restaurant reviews and identify recurring issues in the negative ones. This will help you exceed customer expectations.

Moreover, connecting with your customers and responding to their reviews is fundamental to restaurant reputation management. Think of each online review as a genuine person who took the time to share their experience. Don’t they deserve some attention for their effort?

Therefore, respond promptly to each review, whether positive or negative. In the next section, we’ll talk about negative reviews, but here’s an example reply to the positive ones.

“Thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing our restaurant. We’re delighted to hear that you had a positive experience with us. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to serving you again.”

Do you notice how the above example conveys respect, gratitude, and kindness? Add these to your responses and see the magic happen!

While getting positive reviews is crucial, don’t make the mistake of buying reviews. Apart from severely damaging your online reputation, it can lead to penalties from Google!

Instead, prioritize genuine customer experiences and encourage organic reviews. You’ll learn how to do that later in this article.

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Unleash Your Response Squad To Turn the Tables on Bad Google Reviews

You cannot expect people only to say positive things when you put your restaurant online. You will have negative Google restaurant reviews as well; that’s a guarantee.

While you can’t prevent people from sharing negative feedback, you can deal with them constructively. This will create a positive image in your potential customer’s minds. So, here’s how to deal with bad Google reviews.

Feeling defensive and upset in this situation is natural, but there’s no need to panic or shoot daggers. Take a deep break and maintain composure. Take a moment to understand the customer’s perspective carefully.

Does the accusation make sense? Could it be true? Avoid responding impulsively or letting emotions dictate your reply.

Then, craft polite and professional answers that address the concerns.

For example, “We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We strive to provide the best service possible and apologize for falling short. We would appreciate the opportunity to make things right. Please get in touch with us at [contact information] so we can address your concerns personally.”

See how the above example takes responsibility. This will calm the reviewer down and build credibility.

Moreover, personalize your responses and let them know you value their feedback. Learn from customers’ negative experiences, make improvements, and move on. It’s that simple!

How to Get More Google Reviews and Rule the Online Reputation Kingdom

Earlier, we said you should encourage more reviews to manage your restaurant’s reputation. So, you must be wondering, “How to get more Google reviews,” right? Well, here’s how.

The best thing you can do to encourage Google restaurant reviews is to provide exceptional customer service. When customers leave your restaurant satisfied, they won’t contain their excitement. They will automatically share their experience. No effort required there!

Moreover, don’t be shy to reach out to satisfied customers and kindly ask them to leave a review on Google. However, make the process simple by attaching all the necessary links.

Furthermore, optimize your Google business profile and provide complete information. Share positive reviews on social media, highlighting the reviewers. This will encourage others.

How To Remove Fake Google Reviews and Break Free From the Reputation Destructor

Now that you’ve learned to deal with negative reviews, let’s talk about the fake ones. Yes, you will get those from a competitor, angry former customers, or even a prankster! The good news is you can remove fake reviews from Google.

However, there’s bad news too. Google will only remove reviews that break Google’s terms of service. This includes sharing someone else’s experience and using inappropriate or abusive language.

So, here’s how to remove fake Google reviews:

  1. Sign into your Google My Business account.
  2. Go to the business listing where the fake Google restaurant review exists.
  3. Then locate the specific review.
  4. Click on “Flag as inappropriate.” Google will ask you why you think so. Fill in the information and hit “Report” or “Send.”
  5. Google will review your report and decide whether to remove it.

However, if Google decides against removing it, you can respond to them to show your commitment. Or you can enhance your online presence to get more reviews.

7 Reasons Why You Should Care About Google Restaurant Reviews

Now that you know how to manage your Google restaurant reviews, the next question is, “Should you even care?”

Google reviews are important for hospitality businesses. Ignoring or neglecting these reviews can result in severe damage.

But that’s not all. These reviews give you various benefits. So, in the following sections, we will list seven reasons why you should care about them.

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Reason #1: Google Restaurant Reviews Make the Real Decisions

The first reason is Google restaurant reviews’ ability to influence customer decisions. Most people search for a restaurant on Google before deciding where to eat.

If your restaurant is soaring to the sky with awesome reviews and ratings, they will choose you.

They’re like a friendly foodie guide that’s always at their fingertips and acts as social proof of your excellent service. When potential diners stumble upon positive reviews, they instantly form a delightful image of the place. Do you know what this means? It means more revenue for you!

Reason #2: Rock the Spotlight With Google Restaurant Reviews

The second reason you should worry about Google restaurant reviews is increased visibility. These reviews are vibrant beacons attracting potential customers’ attention in the vast online landscape.

They act like shining stars, illuminating your restaurant’s presence and captivating the curious eyes of food enthusiasts. As these reviews accumulate, they elevate your online visibility, making you stand out amidst the sea of options.

What’s more? Responding to reviews shows Google that your business is active. This is true also for other platforms. The more reviews you respond to, the higher your chances of climbing local review sites rankings.

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Reason #3: Win the Trust Crown With Google Restaurant Reviews

After visibility and revenue, let’s talk about trust. When a customer sees tons of positive Google restaurant reviews, you will get a new customer soon. People trust other people feedback when it comes to deciding where to dine.

The warmth of those positive comments instantly put their mind at ease. They reassure viewers that they are in for a delightful experience.

It’s like having a friend whispering, “This place is amazing. It won’t disappoint you!” This feeling makes them trust your restaurant.

Reason #4: Google Restaurant Reviews Can Act as Teachers

While positive Google restaurant reviews are like a pat on the back from your customers, negative reviews help too. Here’s how.

Negative reviews offer a chance to grow and learn. Maybe it’s a hiccup in the service, a dish that fell short, or a cleanliness concern. However, instead of obsessing over these reviews, look for patterns, identify specific issues, and implement changes. This way, you can improve your restaurant’s operations and let the customers know you care about them.

It is impossible to get only positive reviews. Therefore, learn to turn the negative comments into learning experiences and growth opportunities.

Reason #5: Steal the Competitive Advantage With Google Restaurant Reviews

Who doesn’t want to get ahead of their competitors and leave them way back in the race? Google restaurant reviews can help you achieve this. Especially if you receive them on a consistent base.

First and foremost, these reviews give you insights into customer preferences, feedback, and behaviors. Additionally, they sometimes give insights into your competitors’ businesses. You can read what other restaurants are doing well and what you could do better. This means you can make changes that resonate with your customer sentiment and leave your competition behind.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, your many positive reviews make people choose you over other restaurants.

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Reason #6: Spark Customer Engagement With Google Restaurant Reviews

Earlier, we mentioned that you should respond promptly to each Google restaurant review. Doing so can spark meaningful conversations with your customers and connect with them at a deeper level.

When you thank customers for positive reviews, it gives them a sense of happiness. It makes them feel that they made someone happy. This is a consistent part of strategic customer engagement.

However, showing empathy for negative reviews and trying to solve the problem builds trust and credibility. It shows that you are genuinely interested in your customers’ issues, strengthening the bond further. Therefore, do not overlook these actions. They are simple but go a long way.

Reason #7: Google Restaurant Reviews Help You Build an Online Reputation Fortress

Let’s end this list of reasons you should worry about Google restaurant reviews by summarizing everything. You see, by responding to reviews and enhancing customer engagement, you create a fortress for your online reputation. Your online reputation is extremely important nowadays. Therefore, these actions are like investments in a specific type of digital real estate: your reputation.

This gives you control over what people think about your restaurant. Even if you receive negative feedback from time to time, it will be fine. Your fortress is solid and won’t break.

But you can manage them professionally and limit their effect on customers’ perceptions.

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Is There a Relation Between Google Ads and Google Restaurant Reviews?

Google Ads do not have a direct relation with Google restaurant reviews. However, they connect. Here’s how.

Google Ads helps bring your restaurant into the spotlight, and that matters. It leads to more traffic which can ultimately result in customers leaving reviews on Google.

Moreover, Google Ads can create brand awareness and influence customer perception. Positive ad experiences create a favorable perception, giving customers a higher inclination to leave positive reviews.

Furthermore, you can run targeted Google Ads if you receive negative reviews (or fake ones!). But how can that help? Highlight their strengths, unique offerings, or customer testimonials in those Google Ads.

This will help counterbalance the negative reviews and shape the narrative surrounding your restaurant.

Do Your Customer Know How To Review Your Restaurant on Google? Don’t Overlook the Basics

Managing your Google restaurant reviews is easy when you know the proper techniques. However, sometimes what stops your user from writing a review is ignorance. They simply don’t know how to do it. Therefore, show them how to do it and make it extremely simple.

Show them how to review a restaurant on Google in simple terms and steps. Here is the procedure you can share with them:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and search for the restaurant.
  2. Open the restaurant’s Google listing and click “Write a Review.”
  3. Craft a genuine message
  4. Use the star rating to rate your overall experience at the restaurant.
  5. Consider adding add photos of the restaurant before hitting “Publish” or “Post.”

Remember to be fair, honest, and respectful. If you do email marketing for your restaurant, consider sending a specific email about it.

Does WiFi Marketing Have a Role in Google Restaurant Reviews?

While you need reputation management software, WiFI marketing also has a role in Google restaurant reviews. Here’s how.

With WiFi marketing solutions, you can create a warm and welcoming environment for customers to share feedback. You can prompt them with a friendly captive portal message about feedback as they connect to your WiFi network.

But that’s not all. A WiFi marketing software can seamlessly integrate with popular review platforms.

Moreover, It allows you to curate the feedback you receive carefully. This means you can hold the negative ones and resolve them before publishing. If that sounds interesting to you, try out Beambox for free for thirty days.

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