Guest WiFi Marketing: How It Can Benefit Your Business?

Marketing 11 minute read 14th November 2023

Are you wondering what guest WiFi marketing is and what kind of benefits it offers to businesses?

This guide will show you everything you know about this innovative technology. You’ll learn what WiFi marketing is, its benefits, and what to look for in providers. Let’s start!

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What Is Guest WiFi Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics: what is guest WiFi marketing?

It is an innovative approach that local businesses use to grow their revenues and improve the customer experience. WiFi marketing leverages the free WiFi offered by businesses to engage with customers and promote their brands, products, or services.

The requirements to start with WiFi marketing are:

WiFi marketing software is a specific solution that helps businesses streamline all operations. However, depending on the type and size of your business, you need to find the right solution. You’ll read more about it later in the article.

The business must ensure the safety of the network and compliance with privacy regulations in its jurisdiction. This is why WiFi terms and conditions must be clear and comprehensive to protect the business and the users. Let’s see what are the benefits of WiFi marketing for businesses.

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The Benefits of Guest WiFi Marketing for Your Business

While each business has its own set of features, WiFi marketing platforms can help owners in multiple ways. The following are the most important benefits of guest WiFi marketing for businesses.

  • Valuable Customer Insights - By collecting data, businesses can understand their customers better, leading to effective marketing campaigns.
  • Increased Engagement - With the correct offers displayed on the login portal, businesses can make more sales immediately.
  • Coherent Branding - The branded login portal reinforces the business’s brand image and messaging.
  • Better Safer Browsing - WiFi marketing solutions make it simple to secure the network and manage the bandwidth. This allows users to experience smooth internet at the venue.
  • Growing Social Media Pages - By getting people to connect with their social media, you can prompt them to follow the business page.
  • Building Email Lists - As with social media, businesses can collect email addresses easily. This allows businesses to grow their list for email marketing initiatives.

Depending on the social WiFi hotspot you use, you might find other benefits for the local business. Let’s now explore how the tech works and what are the most effective automation.

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How WiFi Marketing Works

WiFi marketing bases its success on data and automation. It takes the burden of guessing off the marketing strategy. Moreover, it streamlines the most common type of marketing campaigns, freeing time for business owners.

The working of this technology is quite straightforward. When guests connect to the WiFi, they will see a branded captive portal. Here, they will have to sign in with their mobile device or computer. Guest can opt to log in using their email, social media account, or phone number.

Thanks to this procedure, businesses will gather valuable data such as email addresses, demographics, and other relevant information. By collecting customer data, the software will provide helpful insights about the customer profile. Moreover, this data will drive effective promotions and advertising.

Businesses can also integrate their loyalty programs with the WiFi login. For example, guests can earn points for logging into the WiFi. Alternatively, the business can show specific promotions and offers straight in the captive portal.

A very important use case for WiFi marketing is automating reviews and reputation management. You’ll read more about the most helpful marketing automation in the upcoming section.

Most Useful Guest WiFi Marketing Automation for Local Business

Guest WiFi marketing automation will depend on the solution you choose. However, the most important for local businesses are:

  • Better Rate on Reviews Sites - Guest WiFi marketing solutions can prompt users to leave a review during or after their visit. If the feedback is positive, the system guides them to publish it on local review sites like Google or TripAdvisor. If the feedback is negative, the system redirects them to an internal form. This allows the business to address the issue directly before it goes public. This proactive approach helps in managing the business’s online reputation. Moreover, several WiFi marketing solutions come with integrated dashboards that consolidate reviews, feedback, and social media mentions. This eliminates the need to jump between platforms, making reputation management simpler and time-effective.
  • Growing Your Audience Online - When guests log in to the WiFi using their social accounts, businesses can grow their official pages immediately. This increases the business’s social media presence and, in turn, the potential returns for their campaigns. However, WiFi marketing platforms also help collect email addresses and automate campaigns. By growing the online audience on multiple venues, businesses can keep customers engaged and informed.
  • Gathering Customer Data - The WiFi system can gather data like visit frequency, duration of stay, and more. This data, combined with the information provided during login, offers valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. A clear understanding of the consumer profile is necessary to provide an exceptional customer experience. Moreover, it serves effective campaigns.

Along with automation, WiFi marketing solutions help business owners manage and secure the network. For example, by changing the guest WiFi password daily, the risk of abusive users clogging the network is minimal.

What You Need To Look For in a WiFi Marketing Solution for Your Venue

Regarding WiFi marketing solutions, business owners have plenty of choices. However, you have to choose a provider that offers relevant features to your business. It also has to be able to scale with your needs. Sometimes, high-end products offer a variety of advanced features that are irrelevant to small or medium businesses.

Another important aspect to check is the presence of hidden fees or hardware requirements. Some companies offer small entry prices but lock the business for months or years.

If you want a simple and effective guest WiFi marketing solution, try out Beambox. It has all the features mentioned in this article and can scale according to your needs. With Beambox, you can automate your marketing campaigns and manage your WiFi performance with a few clicks.

Beambox has no hidden fees and can integrate with your own hardware and internet system. Over 12,000 businesses are using Beambox to grow their revenues and measure customer loyalty. Do you want to be next? Try it out for free!

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