Guest WiFi Software: Better Experiences for Both Parties

Marketing 9 minute read 10th July 2024

Using guest WiFi software is one of the easiest ways to streamline customer experience. Instead of relying on insecure passwords and laggy internet, you gain little from sharing; guest WiFi changes the game. It allows you to offer your customers a more secure and efficient experience. But it also lets you gain directly from the exchange, boosting marketing prospects through captive portals.

We’ll get into all of this in just a second. Get ready for actionable insights you can steal to rocket your business’ success levels.

For now, though, know that this guide will introduce you to the world of software for guest WiFi. Think definitions, how-tos, budgeting, and more.

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What Is Guest WiFi Software?

Guest WiFi software is a clever technology that helps you gain more control over the internet you share with customers. It works through a captive portal system, temporarily blocking guests from having immediate WiFi access. Instead, they must input whatever details they request into a pop-up webpage form.

This barricade impressively collects details like phone numbers and email addresses and even encourages customer engagement online.

For instance, you could offer a social login system like Facebook WiFi or suggest guests follow your social media accounts. You could even simply ask for demographic details to conduct extensive analytics — that’s useful for things like restaurant marketing segmentation.

Whatever you request from guests, once they comply, they get full access to your WiFi. It’s one of the smartest marketing activities you can indulge in as a business of any size. It’s essentially milking your greatest resource for marketing contacts and results.

Aside from that, running a WiFi network through software also ensures an excellent WiFi experience. It’s safe, easy to navigate, and self-explanatory to join. There’s no need to ask for a password when there’s a captive portal in place. If you want absolute guest satisfaction from their internet experience, choosing software is a great choice.

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Finding Easy-To-Use Guest WiFi Software

When it comes to restaurant marketing, the last thing you want to factor in is complicated software. Running a business is difficult enough already! Luckily, there are a few signs and tricks for finding easy-to-use guest WiFi software.

Here are the top five things to remember when searching for easy and usable software:

  1. Always look for an in-built analytics dashboard and take a look at this beforehand via a free trial or demo. This is the hub of all your analysis and where your results culminate; it must make sense.
  2. Take your time analyzing features and making sure they’ll make your life easier, not harder. For example, they may incorporate automation and cover analysis of interest.
  3. Make sure the software you’re looking at is compatible with existing technology. Ideally, it should also use your preferred connection method, such as an access-code login.
  4. Look at how flexible their subscription or purchase model is. Again, software should be easy to test and drop if necessary.
  5. Check the reviews and see if usability is mentioned as a positive. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so repeated reviews on complex systems are a no-go.

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Top 3 Best Guest WiFi Software Choices

So, let’s get practical. In this section, we’ve carefully picked out the top three best guest WiFi software for you. Remember all those five points when navigating the “window shopping” part of software picking.

Hopefully, this simplified list will make things easier for you. These are all handpicked and personal recommendations.

1. Social WiFi

Social WiFi is on the middle pay end, costing around $50 a month, yet it includes advanced features. It’s perfect for tasks like collecting customer data and is a fine-tuned software with which to approach your business.

The area of specialism for Social WiFi is to get details from a visiting guest, understanding them in-depth afterward. Usually, you can just wave goodbye to visitors, which is great for retention and customer profiling.

2. Hownd

Hownd is another fantastic choice. It offers a no-pay-until-you-get-results model, which lowers the investment risk. If you’re hesitant to jump into WiFi software, Hownd is a great pick. After that, prices start at $49 a month.

It specializes in marketing campaigns but also offers pop-ups and birthday marketing ideas.

3. AI WiFi

AI WiFi is one of the cheapest options at just $5 a month, and a free trial is available. It’s a fascinating blend of artificial intelligence (AI) WiFi techniques and classic portal strategies like analytics.

However, you get some cool additions, including the chance to monetize your WiFi immediately. AI WiFi lets you partner with other companies to run digital ads, making money while investing in captive portals. It’s a good choice for guest wi-fi software.

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In short, for popular guest WiFi software, you should budget between $40 and $200 a month. On average, this likely sits around the $40-70 mark, especially for smaller businesses. WiFi software won’t be your largest expense, but it’s still worth sitting down and crunching your budget. It’s best to know what you can afford in the long term.

Requesting custom features becomes more expensive. We advise you to find software that already has the features you want. You’ve got to be savvy about guest WiFi management.

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Beambox: The Power of Guest WiFi

It’s amazing what a connected device on guest WiFi can do. It can provide you with email addresses, phone numbers, honest feedback, and even social media followers. All you need to do is get people to join your WiFi network, and guest software will take off.

Here at Beambox, we offer an all-in-one WiFi marketing platform at a competitive rate to help you revolutionize your business. Let us take care of the captive portal, and you focus on initially getting people over your threshold.

Start your Beambox free trial today and start a more effective journey alongside guest WiFi software!

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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