Hospitality WiFi: A Luxury and a Necessity

Marketing 17 minute read 22nd August 2023

Hotel internet service is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. From room service to conference room connectivity, hospitality WiFi has become a necessity in hotel management. WiFi connectivity is a great amenity appreciable to both business and leisure travelers. According to statistics, 90% of travelers choose hotels with the best WiFi service. They consider WiFi, their travel companion and expect excellent guest internet access in every hospitality industry.

Many hotels have understood this demand, and they have gone above and beyond when providing hotel internet services. They acquire those internet service plans that fulfill the demands of their guests and meet their wireless network needs.

Continue reading to get a better understanding of how hospitality WiFi meets the needs of guests and the hotel itself.

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Benefits of Hotel Internet Service

Providing WiFi in hotels and other hospitality establishments has numerous benefits that cannot be ignored. The advantages it offers depends on the type of guest. Is it a traveler looking to spend a couple of nights, a family on vacation or business people?

Here is a list of some of the benefits of hotel internet service:

  • WiFi allows guests to use smartphones, laptops, and other devices, making their stay more enjoyable.
  • Online entertainment, like streaming movies and football matches, is accessible with reliable WiFi.
  • Most businesspeople need to attend virtual meetings and gain access to business-related documents.
  • A fast and reliable WiFi network has become increasingly important to guests when choosing a resort or hotel.
  • Guests rely on the internet for multiple activities, from staying connected with family and friends to checking email.
  • WiFi helps the guests access local information, find restaurants, shopping malls, and other sources of holiday activities.
  • Even if everything about your guest’s stay is good, poor WiFi will lessen their chances of returning. The ease of hospitality WiFi will make a powerful impression on your clients.

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WiFi Networking Uses for Hospitality

Reliable WiFi is not only an advantage for your guests but also for your entire hospitality business. WiFi helps you run your business efficiently while making it a memorable guest experience. It also eases the work environment for your employees. Proper use of WiFi can improve every aspect of your hotel. Each of your hotel’s access points requires fast and reliable WiFi, and you will need to consider the different locations.

Hospitality WiFi for CCTV

A security system is essential for your hotel premises to create a safe and secure environment. Consider the best security measures for your hospitality business. There are several benefits to installing surveillance cameras on hotel premises. They help identify suspicious activities, theft, and vandalism. WiFi-connected surveillance cameras must be visible throughout your hotel, indoors and outdoors. Guests and employees feel safe with the security of the CCTV. The sole purpose of installing the cameras should be the safety of the guests, not to invade their privacy.

Guest Internet Access in Rooms

The main priority should be the guest rooms because this is where the guests spend most of their time. Guests expect to have reliable and high-speed internet access in their rooms for both work and leisure purposes. Providing seamless and secure hotel internet service enhances the memorable guest experience and satisfaction during their stay.

Hospitality WiFi Indoors and outdoors

WiFi is needed indoors for front office staff to track room bookings and hotel clients waiting in the hotel lobby. Outdoor WiFi access is for guests lounging near the swimming pool or strolling in the hotel garden.

Remote Check-in With Hospitality WiFi

WiFi makes it easier for guests to check in remotely. They can even locate their suites, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities with the help of guest internet access. Remote check-in allows guests to skip the front desk and go straight to their rooms. This enhances convenience and reduces wait times.

Housekeeping and Porter Hospitality

With the help of WiFi devices, the housekeeper knows in advance about the arrival of the guests. The housekeeper makes sure the rooms are ready for check-in. Moreover, guests can use the hospitality WiFi to call for housekeeping or porters.

Conference and Event Spaces

Conference and event spaces require high-speed internet service plans, allowing seamless connectivity during meetings and presentations. This enables guests to access online resources, collaborate with remote participants, and share information effortlessly. The availability of guest internet access in these spaces allows attendees to stay connected and productive throughout their events.

Hospitality WiFi for Cloud-based Management

Cloud-based hospitality software is important for hotels for security reasons. It allows for secure storage and management of guest information, ensuring that sensitive data is safe from unauthorized access.

A good cloud management platform will help you track and monitor usage and performance in a structured cloud application. Cloud management software enables and automates the movements and workloads among private and public clouds. This tool makes multi-cloud management very efficient.

Cloud management platforms manage applications, content, and data. The software enables hotels to update and integrate new features. This improves operational efficiency and enhances the overall memorable guest experience.

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Is Public WiFi Safe To Use?

Now we come to WiFi safety issues. Is the hospitality WiFi you are providing your guests safe? If it is easy to set up open WiFi, it is also easy for hackers to hack wireless networks. The need for your guests has never been greater. Encrypt and protect your hospitality WiFi. Some of the best ways to keep your guest’s internet access safe are:

  1. Keep guest WiFi separate.
  2. Make guest WiFi easy to use.
  3. Make guest passwords simple and easy to access.
  4. Enforce proper use rules for using hospitality WiFi.
  5. The network computers should have security software installed.
  6. Change the WiFi password regularly.

You must know how to improve hotel WiFi. It’s not only the guests who need to access the internet at the property. Keeping your staff happy and safe is your responsibility. For security reasons, make your employees wear wireless security panic buttons. This hi-tech system allows employees to instantly and silently call for help in an emergency.

WiFi Networking Solutions for Hospitality

Free and fast WiFi is essential for many reasons in the hospitality business. The better the internet service plan, the more time business travelers spend at your hotel. One significant technology that impacts the hospitality business is internet connectivity. Wireless network solutions are evolving with the improvement of wireless networking. There are many options on the market with innovative features. To ensure that your hospitality WiFi is the best, get the best WiFi networking solutions for hospitality. These networking solutions should work better for your connectivity needs with an on-demand bandwidth increase.

The best companies for hospitality Wi-Fi solutions are:

Hospitality WiFi: Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is an award-winning cloud-based hospitality software. Cloudbeds is one of the leading management system providers. It is easy-to-setup software that makes hotel management easy. The cloud-based hotel management software is reliable and steadfast. It combines solutions for guest acquisition, reservation management, operational efficiency, and guest engagement in a single system. It helps you manage your property on one platform. Cloudbeds software includes everything you need to run your day-to-day hotel operations. The platform provides everything you need to operate your hospitality WiFi.

Hospitality WiFi: RoomRacoons HMS

RoomRacoon ranks high in hotel management software. The All-in-One Hotel Management System is property management software with built-in features. RoomRacoon empowers hoteliers with software that integrates many control operations on one platform. With the help of its property management dashboard, RoomRacoon automates your front and back desk operations flawlessly. It gives you access to all the tools you need at your fingertips, from online booking to billing and payments.

Hospitality WiFi: Little Hotelier

The Little Hotelier meets the needs of small hotels’ internet service. This hotel software makes it easy to manage your property. The platform allows you to save valuable time by simplifying everything in one place. It gives a future vision of reservations on the calendar. The front desk manager system is easy to use. It provides prompt notifications about the arrival of guests, room availability, and cancellations, if any. The Little Hotelier makes online payments quickly. The reporting capability of the back-end desk helps extract management information on the spot.

Hospitality WiFi: Web Titan Cloud

Web Titan Cloud provides easy-to-install and easy-to-manage email and web filtering solutions. This system offers an online security system that keeps you and your guests online activities secure. Web filtering should be a part of every hotel’s hospitality WiFi implementation. It blocks access to any malware or phishing sites. It blocks pornography and other inappropriate content, making the guest’s internet access family-friendly. It also helps users avoid engaging in illegal activities.

Hospitality WiFi: Hop Software

Hop Software is an affordable management system that simplifies the basic daily tasks of a business. It meets the needs of various properties, including guest houses, independent hotels, and hotel groups. It is the backbone of your operation, capable of keeping track of bookings, promotions, and maintenance schedules. Hop Software is a fast, simple, and cost-effective property management system. ### Hospitality WiFi: Air Angel Air Angel software provides a private network and manages separate conference networks. It sets up a new residence in seconds and implements WiFi through easy-to-use dashboards. Air Angel integrates your loyalty programs with guest internet access.

Hospitality WiFi: Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise is part of Charter Communications, Inc. It gives businesses safe and secure access to information on private networks or in public crowds. Spectrum Enterprise offers scalable solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring reliable connectivity and data protection. With advanced security features, the hospitality industry can confidently access and share information without compromising their network’s integrity.

Hospitality WiFi: Beambox

Beambox focuses on keeping customers happy by providing them with the best guest WiFi experience. By employing the services of Beambox, the company offers an all-in-one marketing platform. Hotels don’t have to worry about keeping their guests entertained. Beambox creates a memorable guest experience by keeping guests happy during their current stay and also looking to the future.

With Beambox hospitality WiFi, hotels can easily collect guest data and personalize their marketing efforts. This ensures that guests receive targeted promotions and offers. This not only enhances the overall guest experience but also helps hotels build long-term customer loyalty and increase revenue. Start your Beambox free trial today and start growing your business.

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