How To Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Marketing 14 minute read 4th December 2023

Attracting customers to your restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, any restaurant owner can boost their customer base to new levels of success. It just requires one skill - learning how to attract new customers to your restaurant.

There are many ways to do this, from social media marketing to loyalty programs and special events. Running events is actually one of the best ways to boost your business in the restaurant industry. You could even launch a special dish there. And you should definitely invite influencers and customers.

As you can see, there’s much room for creativity when attracting new customers. The key is collecting all the different ideas and deciding which ones best work for you and your customer base. Perhaps all you need is to encourage some high-quality online reviews.

In this guide, we’ll help you get to grips with how to boost your restaurant’s customers. It can seem daunting to increase your customer numbers and attract new faces. And if you reach a plateau, it is tricky to motivate yourself to improve.

Fear not, though; with these simple snippets of information and inspiration, you’ll be well on your way. If you play your cards right, you could be attracting double your numbers in a matter of days. These are the vital details to know if you will attract new customers to your restaurant.

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Restaurant Ideas to Attract Customers

So, how do you attract more customers to your restaurant? What are the best restaurant ideas to attract customers? The general answer is simple: improve your business and brand awareness.

These two factors are the most influential in boosting your business. Improving what you offer gives people a reason to visit, while brand awareness lets them know they can. However, let’s look at how you can attract more customers. These are the top restaurant ideas for attracting customers.

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Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is pretty damn vital. Without an excellent brand reputation, your business is essentially nothing. This is especially the case in the restaurant industry, which requires enormous trust levels for things like hygiene and sanitation. But it also relates to things like service and atmosphere. People must trust that they’ll have a good time and justify spending their money.

An excellent way to measure your existing brand reputation is through online reviews. The more positive online reviews you have, the better your reputation. Invite more reviews, and the increase in brand reputability will boost your numbers.

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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is also crucial when boosting customer numbers. After all, how are people meant to find you if they don’t know you exist? Awareness is absolutely vital. The best way to boost awareness is through social media marketing, but there are plenty of other strategies. Things like a functional website and Google My Business account are also vital.

Luckily, brand awareness is easy to build. All you need to do is set up a few passive awareness boosters - like a website and Google My Business account. Then, you invest in long-term strategies like social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Improved Services

You should really be considering how to improve your services. For instance, if a considerable proportion of your customer demographic is vegan but you only offer two vegan dishes.

Obviously, this won’t be going down well. You need to up your vegan menu idea, and if you decide to add six more dishes to your menu, you’ll soon see your customer loyalty grow. Furthermore, these customers are then more likely to market your website on your behalf organically. Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best forms of marketing, without a doubt.

Relationships in the Community

Finally, relationships in the community should absolutely be a consideration. Why? Because they connect you to existing customer bases. And by tapping into other customer bases that already exist, you can fast-track your growth. There’ll be no need to grow your community from scratch. You can just hijack other people’s.

Furthermore, as much as this sounds like modern-day restaurant piracy, it benefits all businesses. Networking is just as vital for restaurants as it is for individuals. By connecting with other businesses, you may score cheaper goods, marketing, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Amazing, right? Who knows, perhaps there is a winery just across the road that would love to partner with you. (And maybe they could use some Winery marketing tips, too!)

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How To Attract Customers to Your Restaurant on a Budget

So you now know all about attracting customers to your restaurant and the three main factors to consider. But what about how to attract customers to your restaurant on a budget? That certainly adds a different dynamic to the situation. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t attract new customers.

However, it may mean you can’t afford the flashiest special events and marketing. RIP to hiring Taylor Swift to run an open mic night. Basically, you have to get creative and savvy. Attracting customers to your restaurant on a budget is actually great fun for the creatives out there. Take a look at this inspiration; you’ll love it.

  • You might be able to run an event, but how can you cut costs? Can you reduce profit margins by running the event out of hours and asking family and friends to help? You never know who might be happy to lend a hand. You could also partner with local businesses to sponsor specific aspects, like drinks.
  • Certain things don’t cost - like setting up a Google My Business. Therefore, you should maximize your effort in setting up free marketing. We’d suggest picking one social media channel to focus on, too, reducing the cost of your time and allowing maximum efficiency.
  • Partnering with local businesses is a fabulous way to boost your local customer base. You can network and appeal to an existing community of customers in your area through partnerships. Who knows, you might even get free products.
  • Utilize your WiFi! This one is one that many people overlook, but you should absolutely utilize WiFi. Your WiFi is one of your greatest tools, and chances are you are already paying for it. You can use WiFi marketing, like captive portals, to collect marketing contact lists and encourage online reviews.

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Final Thoughts: How To Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant Quickly

Finally, how do you attract new customers to your restaurant quickly? Well, truth be told, you’ll attract more customers as soon as you start any of these techniques. It is easy to start and easy to see quick progress. This is especially the case if your main issue is brand awareness.

You’ll see results after just a bit of visibility. Having people just know about your business is how you’ll get the best results. So, focus on growing the number of potential customers who know, understand, and resonate with your restaurant and its values.

By far, the quickest idea, though, is through events. Events are a great way to quickly get people to your restaurant, giving them an instant reason to cross the threshold. You’ve also got the allure of your event to help persuade people to visit, not just your restaurant itself.

As great as your restaurant is, nothing beats the draw of a fun and exclusive event. If you want instantly high numbers, run an event - just remember you’ll have to market it intensely. Events are a short and sweet campaign to boost numbers and introduce new faces quickly.

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