Vegan Restaurant Menu Ideas To Keep Them Coming Back

Marketing 18 minute read 2nd August 2023

Veganism is trending all over the internet. People are coming up with delicious, instant, and unique ideas for vegan recipes for both personal and commercial use. The competition is intimidating, yet you want to try your fate in the vegan restaurant business? For that, you need refreshing Vegan Restaurant Menu Ideas.

With these ideas, customers will pick you whenever they crave something vegan, regardless of your investment.

This article will reveal vegan menu ideas for restaurants and substitutions that taste just as good. Discover the next trend in the vegan restaurant business.

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Keto Vegan Meal Ideas That Melt the Fat Away!

Many restaurant menu examples include specific keto and vegan meals. However, you can incorporate them together in simple dishes. If you’re looking for inspiration, the following vegan restaurant menu ideas incorporating keto ingredients will be your guide.

Start by substituting noodles and pasta loaded with carbohydrates for keto vegetables. Zucchini is the most appropriate and famous for this purpose. You can shred it in many shapes and sizes to give the effect of noodles. It may not taste exactly like noodles, but it is very satisfying.

Moreover, you can use cauliflower for making burger buns or go for sticky sesame cauliflower as an appetizer. Mushrooms, sweet potato, avocado, and tofu can also bring delight to your customers’ tables without inviting carbohydrates.

Furthermore, lettuce wraps, zucchini pizza, and eggless keto bread rolls are other mouthwatering recipes without a pinch of animal fat. We will get back to these recipes in the proceeding section. But first, let’s look at a comprehensive overview of other keto vegan meal ideas.

When starting a restaurant for vegans, you must fill your pantry with almond flour, flax seeds, coconut flour, and nuts. These secret ingredients are crucial for keto vegan consumers, individuals with gluten intolerance, vegetarians, and anyone up to losing weight.

Starting from scratch and knowing the fundamental ingredients will be the sole step to building a successful vegan keto restaurant.

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A 4-Course Vegan Meal for a Fancy Menu Without the Animal Bite

After discussing keto recipes, here’s a simple 4-course vegan meal to help you build vegan restaurant menu ideas. You can add or remove ingredients according to your requirement. Moreover, promote your menu ideas with restaurant advertising to get the most out of it. If people don’t know, your creativity will go to waste.

For a starter, choose a skinny Virgin Margarita. It is a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. This drink is limy with simple syrup, lime wedges, juice, and water. You can also add a hint of mint for an enhanced flavor. Nevertheless, you can use other simple vegan elements to create cocktails of your liking.

For an appetizer, you can try Broccoli Almond Soup. It’s the creamiest keto vegan soup that can increase your appetite with its taste and aroma. However, you must use fresh broccoli for an enriched taste.

Moving on to the main course, try Keto Cauliflower Tacos. Use almond tortillas for the base. Fill them with fried or grilled cauliflower with a drizzle of jalapeno and an avocado lime sauce.

The other main course can also be the keto zucchini pizza. This pizza uses zucchini for most of its preparation, eliminating the use of dairy.

And let’s remember dessert. The vegan custard is a rich and delicious recipe, and it is quite easy to prepare. The ingredients are custard powder, castor sugar, and coconut milk. You can serve this custard with strawberries or a slice of any vegan cake.

That’s all from the vegan meal. However, do your due diligence while developing any recipe but consider the strategy. Remember, a vegan table must be presentable and flavorful.

Less Is (Usually) More: 7 Ingredient Vegan Recipes

From a retail point of view, any recipe that takes less time and has fewer ingredients is more suitable. So, here are three 7 ingredient vegan recipes for an efficient startup.

  1. Quinoa Spanish Rice: This recipe is great for lunch or dinner as it’s quickly prepared and saves time and energy. The seven ingredients you need are bell pepper, onion, olive oil, and quinoa. Add garlic, tomato paste, and vegetable broth for a burst of flavors. You can also sprinkle oregano optionally.
  2. Grilled vegetable kabobs: This is one of the most famous vegan dinner recipes. It is savory to look at and takes 30 minutes to prepare. You can use kielbasa sausage for added flavor. Other ingredients include red onion, bell pepper, olive oil, dijon, and zucchini. Simply cut into small BBQ pieces, skewer them, and grill. Vegan menu ideas for restaurants do not need to be complicated.
  3. Tofu Scramble: This is a fantastic choice to add to the breakfast menu. Heat the skillet and crumble the tofu with a fork or hand. Add olive oil and cook for three minutes. But don’t forget to season it with oregano, garlic powder, or turmeric.

These great recipes will shape your vegan restaurant menu ideas and make them tastier and cheaper. Plus, if they taste good, you might get more reviews that mention how delicious these meals were.

Vegan Restaurant Menu Ideas: 6 Substitutions That Work as Good as the Real Thing

By 2025, a quarter of the population will be vegetarians and vegans. If you don’t incorporate vegan meals into your restaurant’s menu, you will be missing out by then.

However, replacing a traditional recipe, spice, or seasoning is often challenging. This is especially true if you don’t have a prior understanding of vegan or keto recipes. Yet, this article can increase your command and introduce you to new substitutes for revised vegan restaurant menu ideas. Moreover, these items are usually cheap. Therefore, they can help you control food costs in your restaurant.

Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #1: Nutritional Yeast Makes the Best Cheese

The first one on our list is nutritional yeast. It also goes by a second name, “nooch.” It is from the Brewer yeast family but has an entirely different use. It is one of the vital ingredients for vegan eaters. The cheesy taste is the highlight of this product, but it also has the utmost nutritional value. Here’s how you can use it.

Blend nutritional yeast with nuts, vegetables containing starch, and beans for a creamy flavor. Then add this creamy sauce to multiple vegan recipes, such as potato cheese sticks and vegan mac and cheese.

Moreover, nutritional yeast can serve as a sauce in many vegan burgers. Other substitutes for nutritional yeast for your vegan restaurant menu ideas are White Miso paste, Yeast Extract, and Coconut Aminos. These substitutes are helpful if you are out of nutritional yeast in your restaurant.

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Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #2: Lentil Patties Can Leave Beef Behind

Next, we have lentil patties which are vegan substitutes for beef. Americans and Asians have always used lentils with other ingredients to make delicious recipes. The lentil patties replace beef in cauliflower bun burgers and chicken in cheese chicken sandwiches.

Moreover, soaked and ground lentils make excellent lentil balls. You can add these lentil balls to soups and zucchini noodles. When served with nutritional yeast and rosemary leaves, it tastes like spaghetti and meatballs.

The taste will remain the same whether you grill, air fry, shallow fry, or bake them. Baked lentil patties served with tomato sauce create one excellent platter. Add it to your vegan restaurant menu idea list and witness the appreciation.

Another vegan ingredient of significant nutritional value is lettuce. Its uses are endless, from salads to wraps, but they are generally familiar in wraps. You can use Tofu crumbles in the wraps and create one great recipe.

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Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #3: Who Knew Nuts Could Give Milk?

Nuts turned into milk opens the door for developing many desserts that suit a vegan restaurant menu idea. Cashews, almonds, oats, and coconut are best in making vegan puddings, custards, cakes, and many more sweet courses.

What’s more, these nutty milks are lighter and fresh. You can make a separate menu of shakes, smoothies, and vegan ice creams for people with a sweet tooth.

However, soy milk is of particular importance in this regard. Soaking soybean overnight and blending it with the same water produces soymilk. It has its rank in a large portion of the vegan diet. It has more protein and healthy polyunsaturated fats to keep your customers fit.

Moreover, soy milk is a vegan baking ideal to make up for whole milk. Also, soy milk coffee and latte are common among vegan eaters. Therefore, it should be a staple ingredient in your vegan restaurant.

Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #4: Not Only Chickens, Chickpeas Can Give Eggs Too!

After lentils, nuts, and nutritional yeast, we have Aquafaba, a vegan egg white. It is a magical ingredient that will not let you miss eggs. Chickpea egg whites are an integral component for making vegan meringue and macaroons.

Moreover, it gives the same creamy and stiff peaky consistency in the meringue as the original egg whites. With chickpea egg whites, you can even add meringue pie and scrambled egg whites to your vegan restaurant menu ideas.

Another great use of Aquafaba is vegan whipped cream. It is possible to make by beating chickpea whites with a mixer on high speed. Adding a few tablespoons of caster sugar in powder form brings the right taste. You can also garnish a fresh cocktail with creamy Aquafaba.

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Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #5: Tofu Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Tofu replaced chicken in a vegetarian diet decades ago. Every recipe incorporating chicken can utilize tofu as a substitute in the vegan world. It’s a staple for vegan dinner recipes. Let’s start with Tofu Salad. Stir fry tofu and add a bunch of vegetables. Also, add a few drops of vinegar. It tastes divine when served with a pinch of Italian herbs.

It’s a great recipe to add to your vegan restaurant menu ideas. The best part? It will attract people on their weight loss journey. Isn’t it great to make room for everyone? But it isn’t necessary that you use this recipe. There are other perfect tofu dishes to greet your customer in the dining room. There seems to be a word order problem here.

Moreover, vegan eaters always like a spin of nontraditional elements. The examples of restaurant menus that these people savor the most are tofu pizza, baked tofu, and grilled tofu. Again, tofu is a versatile ingredient as it has limitless uses if only you know how to create a recipe.

Tofu also wins over chicken in nutritional value as it has an abundance of macromolecules such as zinc and magnesium. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of heart disease, supports bones, and decreases the chances of cancer.

Vegan Restaurant Menu Idea #6: Maple Syrup Is a Sweet Rescuer

Lastly, we have maple syrup on this list. It is no longer just a pancake seasoning. It’s a natural sweetener and is part of a variety of desserts. It is a replacement for sugar in baking products. The cakes made with maple syrup have a more appetizing aroma.

Moreover, maple syrup makes strawberry and banana muffins and pumpkin scones more stable and delicious.

It also has health benefits compared to sugar. People who avoid added sugars in their desserts without compromising flavor prefer maple syrup. You must include maple syrup recipes in your vegan restaurant menu idea checklist to provide a whole vegan experience.

What Is the Best Way To Implement These Vegan Restaurant Menu Ideas?

Incorporating vegan restaurant menu ideas is tricky, but it’s doable if you learn the science of vegan recipes. The recipes can be straightforward but never comprise the use of high-quality ingredients. From tofu to a pinch of lime, you can combine anything to make an impactful recipe for the menu. Learn and practice the recipes before adding them to the table.

Recipes mentioned above take no time to cook and are more practical candidates for your restaurant.

A flexible budget is also vital because vegan recipes require raw materials. Therefore you must go through the cost of each ingredient individually. Lastly, update your menu after six months and advertise it properly. Inventing something new will give you an edge over competitors.

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