How To Create a Google Review Link and Grow Your Rating

Marketing 14 minute read 8th November 2023

If you want to get more reviews, the first step is to make it easy for customers to express their feedback. This is why learning how to create a Google review link is crucial. It makes the task extremely simple for customers.

As many business owners know, getting good reviews on Google is essential. It pushes you up on local searches and attracts customers. A bad rating, instead, might cancel your business.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a link for Google reviews. Moreover, you will learn tips to get more reviews and tech that can help you automate the process.

Let’s get started!

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If you want to create a Google review link, you must create or claim Your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Start by visiting the Google My Business website. This is where you can manage the online presence of your business across Google, including Search and Maps. If you already have a Google account, sign in. If not, you’ll need to create one.

Once logged in, you’ll have to search for your business by name and address. This step ensures you don’t create a duplicate listing if one already exists. If your business appears in the search results, it means there’s already a listing for it. In this case, click on your business name and claim it. If your business doesn’t appear, you can add it by providing details like business name, location, and category.

Before being able to manage your business presence on Google, you need to verify the ownership of the business. The most common method is by postcard. Google will send a postcard to the business address you provided, containing a unique verification code. This can take up to two weeks to arrive. Once received, log back into your GMB account and enter the code. In some cases, phone or email verification might be available, but this is less common.

After verifying your business, you should optimize your listing. This will ensure that the direct link to your page will be effective in driving more reviews.

The steps you read so far are necessary to create direct review links. So, let’s jump into the procedure.

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There are a variety of methods to create a direct Google review link. However, the simplest one is the following:

  1. Start by searching for your business name on Google. This should bring up your Google My Business listing in the search results.
  2. In your business listing, you’ll see an option that says ‘Write a Review.’ Click on it.
  3. Once you click on ‘Write a Review,’ a review box will pop up. At this point, go to the address bar of your browser and copy the entire URL. This is the direct link that will lead customers straight to the review box for your business.
  4. The review URL you copied might be long and not very user-friendly. Consider shortening it with a service like Bitly.
  5. Now that you have your direct review link, you can share it with your customers. Consider adding it to your email signatures, invoices, bills, or business cards. The easier it is for customers to access the share review form, the more likely they are to leave a review.

By providing a direct link, you’re simplifying the review process for your customers. This, in turn, can lead to more reviews for your business. However, there’s more than that if you want to grow your rating and online reputation.

How To Optimize Your Listing on Google

To get the most out of the visits driven by your direct link, you must optimize your Google Business profile. Fundamentally, there are three things you must do:

  1. Be comprehensive. Fill out all the sections in your GMB dashboard. This includes business hours, phone numbers, website links, services offered, and other basic information. It is important that you choose the most accurate category for your business. This helps Google determine which searches your business should appear in. Also, don’t forget to add a brief description of your business. The more details you provide, the easier it is to stand out and attract potential customers. Moreover, this might help you rank on Maps.
  2. Show your business. Visuals attract customers. Upload clear photos of your venue, products, or any other relevant images. This gives potential customers a visual insight into your business.
  3. Add attributes. Depending on your business type, Google might offer you the option to add attributes. For example, you might mention stuff like “wheelchair accessible” or “free Wi-Fi.” These attributes might be relevant to your customer profile; therefore, ensure you mention all of them.

However, optimizing your listing and creating a direct Google review link is not enough to rank high. Don’t worry, though. The following sections will show you how to get more Google reviews and how to curate your online reputation.

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The 3 Best Tips To Get More Reviews

While making it easy for your customers to write a review, this won’t ensure they will actually do. Therefore, you should actively nudge your customers to take the time to review your business.

The first rule to get more reviews is to ask for them. Embed your direct link in a marketing QRcode and ask your customers to scan and review your business. Consider also training your staff to ask for them. At the end of the day, asking is the best way to get more reviews. The only downside is that it will take time. Moreover, asking sometimes is not possible.

Another important thing to do is to answer all your reviews. When people see your answer to customer reviews, they are more likely to write about their experience. That is exactly what you need. However, you must also answer negative reviews. This help user gets the full picture of a customer’s negative feedback. Moreover, it gives you the chance to appear professional. Online, you can find great responses to negative reviews. Learning from these can help you figure out how to deal with (or remove) negative reviews. Remember, though, that reviews are telling you how your customers feel. Therefore, take all feedback seriously and address any issue that keeps popping up.

The last tip to get more reviews is the simplest one. Let people love you. If you provide exceptional service, people will naturally review your business. Customer data collection can help gather the sentiment of your customers.

Remember, getting online reviews might take time. Nonetheless, it is a part of your business you can’t overlook. If you want to automate the process, WiFi marketing solutions can come in handy. They automate asking for reviews and prevent negative ones from going online.

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Curating Your Online Reputation: Crash Course for Business Owners

The most important thing to understand here is that curating your online reputation is not only about reviews. It is the entire picture of your business. Therefore, if you want to stand out, there are many actions that are relevant, and you should not neglect them.

  1. Ensure your business’s logo, colors, and overall marketing materials are consistent across all online platforms. This helps in creating a recognizable and trustworthy brand image.
  2. Regularly share updates and relevant content on your business’s social media profiles. Engaging with your audience and sharing valuable content can positively position your business in your niche.
  3. Make sure your business information is accurate and up-to-date on all the most relevant review platforms.
  4. Whether positive or negative, always respond to reviews. Managing online reviews is essential. Also, use a consistent tone that aligns with your brand’s voice.
  5. Ensure the customer experience is consistent, whether they interact with your business online or offline. This includes the feel of your website, the tone of your communications, and the quality of your products or services.
  6. Being aware of industry trends and shifts allows you to adapt and position your business favorably. Therefore, stay up-to-date with trends going on in your industry.

Remember, your online reputation is the entire picture of your business. Every interaction, piece of content, review, and feedback associated with your business on the internet is important. By actively managing and curating these elements, you can ensure that the perception of your business is positive and accurate.

Why You Should Use Tech To Grow Your Reputation Online

While creating a direct link is simple and helpful, it is not enough. There are more things to do to stand out on the market and outperform your competitors. Manual methods work fine, but they are cumbersome and consume a lot of time. This is why most businesses nowadays use some piece of technology. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your time, let the software do the hard work.

Beambox is a WiFi marketing platform that over 12,000 venues are using to grow their business. You won’t need to learn how to create a Google review link because the software will handle everything.

Beambox sends your customers prompts to write a review about your business while they are visiting your venue. This is when they are the most receptive and likely to write feedback. Moreover, if the feedback is negative, the reviews turn into an intern form that you can address promptly. In other words, you get more positive reviews online, and your rating will grow. However, there’s much more than that. Do you want to try out Beambox for free? Start your thirty-day free trial now!

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