How To Get More Reviews on Amazon

Marketing 21 minute read 1st December 2022

If you want to learn how to get more reviews on Amazon, this is the right place.

Here you will find a set of best practices and strategies that can help you attract more reviews and scale up your business on Amazon.

Let’s start.

The Benefits of Getting More Reviews on Amazon

First and foremost, getting more reviews on Amazon is critical for your success on this platform. Although Amazon is known for being one of the largest e-commerce on planet earth, it still collects a large number of queries for a specific product.

In other words, Amazon can be considered a product-based search engine that shows its users the products that best match a specific query.

Generally speaking, reviews play a critical role in the online reputation of a brand and its ranking on a specific platform. This is true for Amazon sellers as well. The more reviews a product has received, the higher the chance to rank higher for a specific query.

However, even if reviews are crucial, they are not the only factor that matters.

Factors That Get Your Product Ranking Higher on Amazon

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To get your product ranking higher on Amazon, you need to understand which aspects are considered by the platform’s algorithm and how you can take advantage of them.

Amazon uses a particular algorithm called Amazon’s Product Search Algorithm (A9). This algorithm first pulls all the pertinent results from their listings, then sorts them according to their relevance.

The most important factor to climb up your ranking are:

  • Customer reviews
  • Answered questions
  • Image size and quality
  • Price
  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Product listing completeness
  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Features description
  • Specifications
  • Appropriate category
  • In-stock rate
  • Order processing speed

Just like with Google reviews, it is likely that there are other factors that Amazon’s algorithm uses to create its unique ranking. These factors are not fully disclosed to prevent exploitation from users.

However, you can be sure that if your customers are happy with what they buy, the algorithm will somehow understand it and rank your product higher.

The Secret To Getting More Product Reviews on Amazon

The secret to getting more product reviews on Amazon is almost apparent; selling more. The more items you sell, the more chances you have to get more reviews on Amazon.

However, this aspect is so important that Amazon includes it among the ranking factors on its platform. It’s the so-called Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and reflects how well an item is selling on Amazon.

Apart from selling a great product, one of the most important activities to sell more on Amazon is to create a fantastic listing. This comprehends a set of elements that must always be included:

  • Create a comprehensive detailed description.
  • Use high-quality pictures
  • Use a variety of pictures that shows the product in use, as well as static pictures
  • Provide the technical details of the products (dimension, weight, tech specifics, etc.)
  • Answer to existing FAQ questions
  • Take advantage of the Amazon Prime program
  • Try to include special offers with the item (e.g. free subscription with third-party services)

If you sell more, you will rank higher and get more reviews. Is a virtuous cycle. Let’s now dive into the best practices to get more reviews on Amazon.

12 Best Practices To Get More Reviews on Amazon

Now that it’s clear what factors are relevant to climb up your ranking on Amazon, let’s get into what kind of practices you can start to get more reviews on Amazon.

Following is a list of 12 practices that will help you receive more customer reviews on Amazon. You don’t need to use all of them. Pick the one that best suits your product and your business.

Practice #1 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Use the “Request a Review” Button

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To simplify the process of asking for a review, Amazon offers a feature for this specific task; the “request a review” button. This button can be found in your Seller Central dashboard.

By clicking this button you will ask for a product review, through the Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging system. However, you can not customize the request. Nonetheless, using this feature is still recommended to get more reviews on Amazon.

Practice #2 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Amazon Vine Program

To get more reviews on Amazon you can take advantage of the Amazon Vine Program.

The Amazon Vine Program aims to provide an unbiased, honest opinion of products to help customers make an informed purchase decision.

To be eligible for an Amazon Vine Product review, manufacturers must apply and be approved by Amazon. Once approved, they will send the product to Amazon who will then choose which Vine Voice will review it. The entire process is free of charge and provides manufacturers with valuable feedback about their products.

This method is excellent if you are launching products that are new to the market or have received a recent update.

Practice #3 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Customized After-sale Emails

Sometimes, there are same on any review site. Just like Google, Tripadvisor or Facebook, the simplest way to get more reviews on Amazon is to ask directly your customers with a customized email.

After a user purchases your item, you should send an email thanking the user for choosing your brand and asking to leave a review about your item. Setting up a personalized after-sale email doesn’t take much time and can bring your listing a decent flow of reviews.

Unfortunately, though, Amazon does not allow you to get the email of users who purchased your product. Therefore, you’ve got to find alternative ways to get their contact (some tips on this later).

Practice #4 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Send Reminders

Although asking for a review is a good practice, often is not enough.

In fact, people might lose enthusiasm or forget about it. Therefore, to get more reviews on Amazon you might need to send a few after-sale reminders (possibly with a few days of difference in between).

Remember that you don’t want to sound like a spammer, therefore, try to limit your requests to no more than 2 reminders.

Moreover, the set of emails you are going to send needs to be engaging enough to motivate the user and embed a direct link to the product page.

Sending reminders to users who bought your products can enormously increase the number of reviews you can get on Amazon. Do not overlook this practice.

Practice #5 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Mitigate Negative Reviews

Contrary to Google and other review sites, Amazon does not allow sellers to answer reviews. However, Amazon allows sellers to contact customers who left a bad review.

If your product receives a 1,2 or 3 stars rating, you will be able to contact the user with a templated email. You will have the option to offer a refund or ask for more information.

While this practice does not directly get you more reviews on Amazon, it can affect the rating of your product, thus affecting how many people will buy your products and, in turn, the number of reviews you get.

Practice #6 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Create a Community

Amazon sellers often overlook the value of having a community on the most popular social media. Instead, creating a following on platforms like Facebook or Instagram can go a long way for you in your journey as an Amazon seller.

A community of users loyal to your brand has many advantages. You can be directly in touch with them, you can ask for reviews, you can offer little discounts to try your product, and more.

Therefore, if you want to get the most out of Amazon, you need to consider the power of creating a solid brand and a passionate community of users.

If you do so, getting more reviews on Amazon will be much simpler because your followers will be your most passionate advocates, and they will naturally support your brand.

Practice #7 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Use Product Inserts

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A useful practice to get more reviews on Amazon that only a few sellers do is adding product inserts to their items.

Product inserts are a sort of thank-you note that users will find within the packaging.

A clever way of using a product insert is to thank your customer for the purchase AND ask for a review. Moreover, you can add a QR code that leads the users straight to the product page and simplify the entire process.

Additionally, If you create a customized message and not something that sounds like a template, you will be surprised at how many users will leave a review.

As product inserts are quite uncommon, they will help you stand out from the crowd.

Practice #8 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Use a Review Automator

Sometimes, asking customers to leave a review could be time-consuming.

That’s where a Review Automator comes in. A Review Automator is a tool that helps you get more reviews by automating the entire process.

These tools are intuitive to use and offer analytics to monitor your results. However, they are not free. Thus, you got to evaluate if it is worth getting one.

There are many software solutions specifically built to get more reviews. These are a few valuable products to check:

  • Beambox
  • Egrow
  • Junglescout
  • Zonguru

If you already have a large customer base, it might be worth getting started with one of them.

Practice #9 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Use Manychat Bots

Manychat is a tool that allows you to create and manage Facebook Messenger bots. With Manychat, you can engage with your customers and prospects in a more personalized way.

A large number of Amazon sellers are using Manychat to get more reviews on Amazon. However, the process to set up the bot is tricky and requires you to use four platforms: Amazon, Facebook, Zonpage, and, of course, Manychat.

In a nutshell, you first reconstruct a list of users on Facebook, through the data you have on Amazon (name, address, etc.).

Then, you try to get in touch (through ads) with those users and start a conversation.

If everything works well, you can get started with other marketing activities: growing your social media pages, offering a discount to boost sales, and asking for a review.

Manychat can automate tons of tasks but, considering the number of platforms you need to use and the total cost of using all of them, this method for getting more reviews on Amazon should be considered only when you are ready to scale up your business.

Practice #10 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Give Out Discounts

Steep discounts are the oldest methods to get more reviews on Amazon. A discount can boost your sales and attract more reviews, especially if you are launching a new product.

However, you’ve got to do some proper math to ensure that you are profitable

Practice #11 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Use Ads

Another method to get more reviews on Amazon is to leverage paid advertising. There are a few reasons why advertising can grant you more reviews.

First, you can drive traffic on your Amazon page and increase the chance to sell more.

However, you can do better than that. You can create a specific landing page to collect users’ emails and then use those contact later in other ways (launching new products, asking for reviews, etc.)

Amazon does not allow you to get your customers’ email, therefore, by using ads cleverly you can get traffic, sales, and contacts that can help your brand to succeed.

Practice #12 To Get More Reviews on Amazon: Launch to Your True Fan First

A good practice to get more reviews on Amazon is to launch a new product to a small group of users, with the request to try it out and review it.

To do so, however, you need to have an email list of contacts that you can leverage to get the first vital sales of your product.

Moreover, this method signal to Amazon that your product is selling quickly and this can be a huge advantage. Many experts consider sales velocity a hidden signal that the Amazon algorithm considers displaying products on its pages.

Setting Realistic Expectations Is the Secret Sauce To Getting More Good Reviews on Amazon

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The practices you read above can help you receive more reviews and boost the rating of your products on Amazon. However, the most important thing to get more good reviews on Amazon is creating proper expectations.

Sometimes Amazon Vendors try to describe their product as something that can fix any problem and deliver the best experience possible. While this approach can pay in the short term, it cannot last in the long run.

If you want your business to grow and last on Amazon, you should never try to oversell your products or promise something that can not be achieved. That is the recipe for attracting negative reviews that will damage your reputation.

Therefore, be sure to create a wonderful listing but DO NOT overpromise. If expectations are realistic, getting more reviews on Amazon will be natural.

Simple and Actionable Tips To Get More Book Reviews on Amazon

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To get more book reviews on Amazon you can apply all the methods listed above, with some tweaks.

As users will possibly read your book you might want to implement review requests throughout the book.

These requests, however, need to adapt to the kind of book you are writing. Every author typically dedicates one of the last pages to asking people for a review.

Moreover, it is also important to use your social media pages to create buzz around your book and ask your followers to share their thoughts with a review after they have read it.

How To Get More Reviews on Your Amazon Listing

As you read so far, there are many actions that one can do to get more reviews on Amazon.

The last piece of advice to get more reviews on your Amazon listing is to implement the best practices mentioned above and care of your users.

There are no shortcuts to being successful on Amazon, and trying to trick Amazon’s algorithm can have severe consequences (your account can be suspended or deleted).

Therefore play by the rule and try to give your customers the best product possible, providing comprehensive information and setting clear expectations.

If you care about your users, you will be successful.

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