Intelligent WiFi: The Latest Tool for Speedy WiFi

Marketing 9 minute read 22nd March 2024

When you run a WiFi network, you want fantastic network performance. Nobody wants WiFi that lags and sends Zoom calls so pixelated they look like a digital jigsaw. And no customer wants the false hope of a WiFi connection. You can just imagine their disappointment when they see their Instagram will not load any time soon. And that’s where intelligent WiFi comes in.

As AI has taken over our daily business and society, one major positive advancement has occurred. It’s the fix for bad WiFi. It monitors your WiFi quality in real-time, predicting patterns and dead spots. Understanding and utilizing your WiFi better is a wonderful tool for a network user.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the power of intelligent WiFi. Get ready for serious insights into using this latest power tool!

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What Is Intelligent WiFi?

Intelligent WiFi is a tool designed to boost your WiFi experience radically. It works on the premise that the more you understand about patterns and performance, the better you can handle it. But instead of just troubleshooting and providing this information, the technology is also self-optimizing.

So, what is intelligent WiFi? It’s a WiFi tool that optimizes itself while keeping you in the loop with handy insights.

Many companies use this new tool, including Samsung with its mobiles and Virgin Media with its boosters and broadband pods. It is really helpful, as it creates a more reliable WiFi experience.

Its advanced features also limit the amount of support contact that customers need. Essentially, it creates products built with its support system. How fantastic is that?

You can look for products with built-in intelligent WiFi. This is really useful on personal devices like mobile phones, but also for things like boosters for business WiFi. This tool can drastically improve personal browsing and a customer browsing experience.

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Top 3 Benefits: Intelligent WiFi’s Best Benefits

This WiFi tool has three main benefits: reliability, reduced support seeking, and customer happiness and satisfaction. We’ll unpack each of those so that you can see how intelligent WiFi’s benefits can improve your business.

1. It Makes WiFi More Reliable

This tool helps to boost the reliability of your WiFi. By monitoring performance analysis and self-optimizing, it reduces low-performance patches. You’ll be able to access faster speeds more reliably as your WiFi receives constant monitoring and adjustment. It’s a great way to raise your WiFi through the ratings.

This reliability is better for your connected device, as it gets a consistent performance level. This is ideal for stress-free personal use. But this is more valuable for guest WiFi for businesses; it eliminates customer complaints and relaxes business owners. More on that later.

2. It Reduces Time Spent Seeking Support

A huge bonus of using this WiFi tool is that it drastically reduces the time you have to seek support. Seeking support itself is not awful; that’s why you have support services, after all. Your service provider has a whole team dedicated to this purpose.

However, when the issues are easy to fix, why bother? A tool that self-optimizes your WiFi means that only the major issues escalate to human support services.

This is better for the support team, which can focus on the more demanding tasks and provide better service. This is also better for you, especially if you run a business. Time is money; reducing time spent seeking support means more time for other valuable tasks.

By opting in for this tool, you are saving everyone’s time and saving yourself money. After all, your time is valuable, and seeking support can take up work hours.

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3. It Means You Know Your Customers Are Happy

Knowing your customers are happy is a vital part of running any business. When you use this intelligent tool for WiFi, you know that AI has its eye on the ball. Knowing that technology handles your customers’ WiFi experience, you can relax a little.

This tool can pick up anything from poor WiFi signals to dead spots. It really approaches WiFi with a fine-toothed comb. You’ll still get alerts and suggestions for improvements, but it will also handle 90% of small adjustments alone.

Running a business means a lot of juggling, so knowing there’s something else concentrating on keeping customers happy is reassuring. Forget WiFi-related complaints; this tool fixes things before customers even flag them.

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Beambox: How To Utilize WiFi Better as a Business

Now you know about this latest WiFi tool, you’re probably wondering how else you can utilize WiFi better. If you run a business, you know how attached customers are to positive WiFi experiences.

In restaurants alone, 74% of customers want WiFi. So why not take advantage of this enormous demand and make offering WiFi work for you?

This is where we come in. At Beambox, we run an all-in-one WiFi marketing platform to make guest WiFi work for you.

We utilize a cutting-edge captive portal system to stop customers in their tracks as they go to join your network. Before they get free rein, they must fill out your design’s web page form.

You could collect anything from email addresses to boost customer loyalty or reviews to boost reputation. With a captive portal system, you make guest WiFi a mutually beneficial exchange.

What’s more, captive portals strengthen your brand image and the perceived security of your network — building trust in your business. It’s a win-win.

Start your Beambox free trial today and make offering guest WiFi work for you. Intelligent WiFi and a tremendous captive portal are the dream team for building business success through WiFi.

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