Is Cliqly Email Marketing Legit: An Honest Evaluation

Marketing 13 minute read 22nd September 2023

Is Cliqly email marketing legit? It is a wise question to ask. So many scams are drifting around promising business success, many of which fake positive reviews. So it is good that you are questioning the email marketing platform Cliqly. It’s good news; Cliqly is a legitimate software. If you are looking to invest in the realm of email marketing, this is one of the best software. You should know some things, though, so we want to give you an honest evaluation.

Cliqly is quite a high-risk way of investing in email marketing campaigns. It pays to be aware of that so you don’t lose substantial money. You should consider the terms and conditions carefully to avoid losing out on potential earnings. Cliqly is something you should always keep your eyes wide open for when interacting.

In this guide, we will closely examine Cliqly. We will weigh the pros and cons and see how Cliqly compares to its competitors. Looking beyond the positive reviews and analyzing real user experiences is essential.

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Is Cliqly a Scam?

Is Cliqly a scam? We wouldn’t go as far as to say it is a scam, and it likely wouldn’t set off a scam detector. You can attract real traffic from Cliqly’s email lists. And all email campaigns are a fabulous way of attracting potential customers from our target audience. The real issue is how Cliqly is run. Cliqly works like a pyramid scheme, meaning it promises the businesses sending emails huge payouts.

Cliqly provides businesses with pre-written and pre-approved email templates, plus a built-in email list of potential customers. There are then rewards to earn on the number of emails from businesses that get open from the recipient. You get 5,000 initial emails free, and then you have to upgrade - which is where things get a little iffy.

The phrase’ pyramid scheme’ sets off alarm bells for people, as most associate it with low payments and poor quality. These systems typically pressure you to pay upfront fees and subscriptions and provide very few payoffs. You can see amongst hundreds of thousands of reviews that individuals using Cliqly have lost their initial upgrade investments. There are also tons of fine print hoops to jump through, like earning a set weekly amount to access earnings.

Cliqly is not an outright scam. However, it is a slippery slope. It offers short-term solutions in the way of quick payouts. Still, in the long term, you are better at creating your payouts organically. The fact that Cliqly has a referral program also means you’ll have a hassle dealing with people ‘encouraging’ you to upgrade. Expect constant contact from different people in the pyramid scheme trying to snag their referral commissions. When so many incredible email marketing software are on the scene, it doesn’t seem worth the downfalls.

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What Email Marketing Is Similar to Cliqly?

There are tons of email marketing platforms out there. However, most of these email marketing platforms and software charge a subscription fee, so Cliqly’s business model is unique. Cliqly is standalone on the market if you are looking for a pyramid-style payout. But with that said, many of its competitors offer similar benefits like email templates but with none of the risks. Its competitors also have much less of a gambling element, which is a little healthier for some people.

Many would prefer to pay a subscription fee or an annual sum. If so, looking at what email marketing is similar to Cliqly is wise. These are the top competitors to keep in mind:

  • MailChimp

MailChimp is the largest competitor that Cliqly has. MailChimp uses a subscription payment system and offers many of the same email marketing benefits. You can access pre-written and pre-approved email templates and quickly amass real traffic. It even gives you predictive segmentation and top-notch automation to increase customer loyalty.

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another leading Cliqly competitor. This email marketing platform uses both email and social media marketing. It is a good choice if you want an egg in both baskets. It also offers many marketing automation features and prides itself on being easy to use. You should look at Constant Contact if you fancy trying something safer than Clichy yet less mainstream than MailChimp.

  • MailJet

Lastly, MailJet is a brilliant option if you want a free plan. Its free program offers you up to 6,000 monthly emails - great value for money. It also has impressive customer service, with 24/7 access to customer support.

Can You Really Make Money With Cliqly?

So, can you really make money with Cliqly? Yes, you can make money with Cliqly. However, how much money you earn versus how much you lose is a gamble. You’ll have to pay close attention to the software’s terms and conditions. You should also not have an addictive personality and seek advice from a financial advisor if unsure. There are lots of ways to make money through email campaigns. So don’t fool yourself by thinking Cliqly is the only way.

Cliqly involves a lot of investment - and that’s whether you earn any money or lose it. Remember that the money you invest is lost. And it is a high-risk form of email marketing when you have more reliable options. The risk is yours, and it might pay off. But that’s precisely what it is: a risk. There’s no guarantee that you’ll lose or earn money using Cliqly.

What Do User Reviews Say About Cliqly?

It is hard to gauge precisely what user reviews say about Cliqly. The email marketing platform either has hundreds of positive reviews or hundreds of negative reviews. There isn’t much middle ground. Some users claim they’ve had great financial success from email campaigns. In contrast, others claim that they’ve lost substantial figures and even mention lawsuits. Cliqly seems a lot like Marmite - you love it or hate it.

If you haven’t already, take the time to read through some of the Cliqly reviews. This way, you can see the variety of reviews and make an informed decision. It is always important to proceed cautiously when software attracts such a mix of reviews. To get as honest a reflection as possible, browse different review platforms. This way, you get as big a mix as possible, increasing the reliability of your findings.

It is important also to realize that some of the positive reviews do read as fake. If this is true, it can cause legal issues further down the line. Many positive reviews are likely also from people who are part of the referral scheme. Use your gut to distinguish between fake and biased reviews.

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Final Thoughts: Is Cliqly Email Marketing Legit?

Yes, Cliqly is legit. It’s an email marketing platform that rewards business owners for sending emails by paying them cash rewards per email opened. Of course, there’s some exaggeration about the profit you can make from Cliqly. Like any ‘get rich quick scheme’, you should lower expectations and keep skeptical glasses when interacting with such businesses. Will it make you a quick buck? Maybe. The best way to navigate Cliqly is to be wary of hefty upgrade fees. If it catches your eye, try the free emails first and see how you get on. The pre-written and pre-approved email templates are a huge bonus. It could be a good way of getting you to start email campaigns.

One important thing is that if you have an addictive personality or like gambling, Cliqly is not for you. It is one of those slippery slopes, and the intermittent reinforcement of random payouts can get addictive. As you probably know from the psychology of customer loyalty, intermittent reinforcement is the strongest. This means it can create addictions that are very challenging to break. Always be mindful of your finances; if in doubt, speak to a business advisor. You should always be careful when spending large amounts of money online, with a high risk of losing it.

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