How to Use WiFi Marketing to Grow Your Venue

Growing Guest Loyalty With Marketing Automation

Academy 3 minute read 30th September 2021

Episode #3: Growing Guest Loyalty With Marketing Automation

Event-driven marketing gives venues a competitive edge that is simply unaccessible to most businesses

In Episode #3 learn how to:

  • ✅ Send one-time email and SMS campaigns, to all of your guests or a specific segments with the Blasts feature.
  • ✅ Send triggered email and SMS messages based on a specific event, such as a guests first visit, with the Interactions feature.
  • ✅ Use Interactions to automatically send birthday promotions to your guests, in advance of their birthday
  • ✅ Use the Beambox drag and drop email designer to rapidly put together powerful and personalised emails
  • ✅ Save templates of your email designs
  • ✅ Create merge tags to add personalised fields, such as name, birthday, number of visits and more

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1. How To Capture Marketing Data Using Your WiFi
2. Using Segments To Take Control Of Your Marketing Database
3. Grow Guest Loyalty With Marketing Automation (you are here 📌)
4. Using Review Automator To Get More 5-star Reviews

Automation doesn’t mean complex

Automation happens in many of the tools and pieces of software you use on a daily basis that you probably don’t realise. With Beambox we’ve made marketing automation part of the process so you have a very clear picture of what’s going on.

Let’s take a very common example that a lot of our existing customers use: The Birthday Email 🎂

Step 1: The customer joins your WiFi network and imputs their details that you request to get connected, including date of birth

Step 2: The customers details are securely stored in your Beambox database and are accessible to you at any time.

Step 3: You have an Interaction in your account that sends customers that are 7 days away from their birthday an email inviting them to your venue for a discounted product or service to celebrate

Step 4: 7 Days out from the customers Birthday, the interaction is automatically triggered and the email is sent out to the customer.

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Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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