Photo Booth Advertising Ideas: Snappy Success

Marketing 11 minute read 8th January 2024

A photo booth experience is something most people have had at some point. Think funny outfits and poses with your friends—the ultimate recipe for light-hearted fun. Of course, there’s great value in investing in booths as a business owner, especially when attracting new customers. There are so many photo booth advertising ideas for you to choose from!

In this guide, we’ll give you a full rundown of how you can utilize photo booths to transform your business. You’ll have everything you need to know. So, without further ado, let’s turn you into a photo booth expert—this is exciting stuff!

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What Is a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is a small, box-like space where you get your picture taken. These are useful for formal events, like capturing your passport pictures. However, they’re also fun for group pictures at parties, weddings, and other special events.

A common thing for people to do in photo booths is to dress up and take silly pictures with their friends. Half the joy comes from the convenience of having your photographs printed out instantly. You’ll just have to walk out of the booth and collect your strip of photos from outside.

A photo booth can come in almost any shape or size. For example, it might be a literal booth. These are typically around 7 feet tall and have a seat, bright lights, and a curtain to draw while taking photos. It can also fit into most venues. It is an indoor service, so you’ll need to find some suitable floor space for it.

On the other hand, a photo booth might just refer to a designated section at a party with a backdrop, camera, and printer set up. These can be used indoors or outdoors, and you can modify their layout and size any way you want.

You can find formal photo booths in supermarkets, where they bring in extra revenue by generating passport photos. While at recreational events, people usually put them in the corner of a room, next to a dress-up box.

Photo booths are great for generating passive income, building rapport, and creating positive event associations. Simply having a photo booth at your event or venue is fun and exciting enough to interest customers. However, we recommend taking extra steps to make your photo booth not just beneficial for your customers, but for your business too.

Photo booths are an easy way to connect with your target audience and attract potential clients through pure fun. For example, you can prepare dress-up outfits with your brand logos. Or add a custom printed frame on all the photos with your business’ name.

With a photo booth, let your creativity take over and see how this investment pays off!

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Event Photo Booth Ideas

Are you ready to explore our best event photo booth ideas? Good for you. This is the most creative and exciting part of the process!

Whether you are a professional event planner or a novice business owner, owning a photo booth is always a blast.

Even though owning a photo booth will make your business more interesting as it is, you can also opt to add more fun. Here are 3 ways to increase the entertainment for your customers while they take their pictures in your photo booth:

Get Your Customers to Dress Up

Dress-up photo booths are the most popular idea and ideal if you want to be traditional. They can involve anything from cowboy hats to branded clothes. You could get sponsorship reimbursement if it is the latter, so plan wisely.

If you want to try this idea, the planning and setup is simple. You just need to hire or buy the photo booth. Then, get a dress-up box or ask if the booth company provides one. Finally, fill your dress-up box with different props for your customers to choose from. Fun and simple—what more could you want?

There’s a reason dress-up photo booths are so popular. It is highly effective and bound to get guests involved at your event. Who doesn’t like dressing up? Indulge your guests in their inner child, and you won’t go wrong!

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Make Life Colorful Using Fluorescence

This idea takes some extra planning, but pull it off correctly, and you’ll have fantastic results.

You can use a glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent theme for your photo booth. This is far less traditional than the dress-up option, and you can tailor it to fit your business.

You could use glow sticks, fluorescent paint, special color-change lightbulbs, and more.

You may need to look into specific types of photo booths for this. So, spend some extra planning time researching this as an option.

Run Fun Competitions

Another photo booth idea is to incorporate some sort of competition into it.

This is good if you want to drive photo booth involvement and guest participation. You could reward the ‘best shoot.’ Or, perhaps, run a lucky draw raffle where people participate through booth pictures, which they put in a big hat. Get creative—there are tons of options!

Running a competition is a fun way to keep your customers involved with your business. Furthermore, you can partner with local businesses to invite them to donate prizes in exchange for exposure.

This is great for running a low-budget competition. Similarly, it also provides a great networking opportunity in your local community. Partnering with local businesses is also a brilliant way to ensure your event marketing idea succeeds. It reduces risk with profit margins, acts as a networking tool, and gets better access to marketing. The other business will be spreading your news through word-of-mouth as well.

We’ve given you three of the best photo booth ideas, but it doesn’t mean you have to choose the best one. You can take it all the way and go for all three of these ideas. This way, your customers will get to dress up, take colorful pictures, and enter your competition. Going with all three of these ideas will surely bring more attention to your business.

Now that you have the best photo booth ideas, you should know how much money you should save for it. Read on to learn more!

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How Much To Budget for Photo Booth Advertising Ideas

So, are you ready to hire your photo booth? Let’s unpack the most important aspect of all—budget. How much should you budget for a photo booth rental?

The average rental cost is around $100 an hour, totaling about $500 for a standard event. If you want to buy rather than rent, you can multiply this by at least 10.

The average cost to buy a photo booth is $5,000. Either way, you’ll have to budget carefully for a photo booth campaign. It is an excellent addition to your ongoing income or marketing strategy. However, it can be a sizeable upfront fee—especially for small businesses.

Therefore, if you are splurging on more expensive marketing, like photo booths, balancing out your campaign costs is essential.

Photo booths are always a joy to have as they capture your customers’ fun moments. They are also a good idea for a source of passive income if you use them as a passport-picture-capturing service. You can also take marketing to the next level by using your company logo and details as a watermark on the pictures!

At Beambox, captive portals and WiFi marketing are our bread and butter. We can get you set up in no time. Photo booth advertising ideas are just the beginning! Once you organize your booth, you should make a start on other forms of marketing. Photo booth advertising and captive portals combine to make one hell of a campaign strategy. Start your Beambox free trial today!

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