Point of Sale Marketing - How To Get More Sales

Marketing 16 minute read 13th October 2023

Are you looking for ways to improve your point-of-sale marketing strategies? In this article, we’ll share the POS marketing techniques that work for some of the top retail stores. Therefore, you can hit the ground running and turn casual visitors into buyers.

Furthermore, we’ll help you avoid popular pitfalls by sharing the top things to avoid. This will help improve your marketing campaigns and get the most out of each display. Most physical stores should have a comprehensive POS marketing strategy, and we’re here to help.

Finally, read all the way to the end of the article to see how we can help improve your business. Here at Beambox, we offer a way of keeping your customers happier while visiting your physical location.

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What Is Retail Point of Sale Marketing?

Retail point-of-sale marketing is the process of marketing products to customers during a transaction. For example, when standing in line at the grocery store, you might have seen chewing gum next to the counter. This is retail point-of-sale marketing in action, and it’s highly effective when the right products are chosen.

These are also usually impulse purchases. That’s because customers may not actively look for those products but decide to buy them anyway. These types of products are usually low-cost or have an ongoing promotion.

For example, a customer may have missed an ongoing promotion for a product they are interested in buying. However, after having noticed the promotion in line, they may choose to purchase.

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Top Benefits Point of Sales Marketing

Are you not sure if the point of sales marketing is a good match for your physical store? Then, consider the benefits we’ll reveal in this section. This should give you some food for thought to help you decide.

  • More sales: You may see the sales shoot through the roof for the products you decide to promote. This is great to help sell slow-moving stock or allow popular products to fly off the shelves. Track the success of your marketing campaigns using analytics software to determine the progress for yourself.
  • Customer satisfaction: Your customers will appreciate the information provided by the marketing material. It can help them find the best deals instead of hunting throughout the store. This is especially true for customers who mostly go to stores for promotions.
  • Beat the competition: You can increase the number of customers who choose your store compared to competitors. Therefore, with a few well-placed POS marketing materials, you can get more footfall.
  • Introduce new products: You can bring attention to new types of products with marketing material. Is there a product that you believe should get more attention? Then, launch a marketing campaign and watch the sales grow. Customers may choose to buy those products again after the sale ends.

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Top Strategies for Improving Point of Sale Marketing

Are you struggling with your point of sales marketing strategies? Then, read this section to the end for insight into how to take your POS marketing to the next level. We’ll reveal the tips used by some of the biggest retail stores in the world. These stores develop strategies based on testing, and you can take advantage of what they’ve learned.

Get the Right Point of Sale Marketing Materials

It’s essential to have an arsenal of point-of-sale marketing materials to deploy in creative ways. In most cases, it’s the materials that attract users to have a closer look at the offer. Attention-grabbing materials are the best strategy, and here are some of the top ones you should consider:

  • Digital advertising screens: These are a great way to showcase products that are more complicated. For example, you can use digital advertising screens when showing off new homes. This allows users to use the screen to navigate different rooms and visualize the home.
  • Leaflet displays: You’ll see many stores having leaflet displays at the point of entry. These are usually filled with the current ongoing promotions. It allows customers to flick through the leaflet to find the top offers instead of going through the store. This is especially effective in hyperstores since there’s a lot of floor space to cover.
  • Shelf talkers and barkers: These are the signs you see placed on shelves that draw customer attention to discounts. This can include 50% or buy 1 get one free offers. Hence, shoppers can quickly find the promotions when looking at the shelf at a glance.
  • Pavement signs: You can use pavement signs if you want to draw in the local foot traffic to your store. Restaurants and cafes usually use pavement signs to share the meals of the day.
  • Poster holders: Use poster holders if you have a large store and want to draw attention at a distance. You can add these on countertops, wall displays, floor-standing sign holders, and overhead hanging signs. Using the right poster can help increase marketing customer engagement.

Review Analytics Data

It’s important to track information about your POS marketing activity with analytics data. This includes things like number of units sold and when the transactions are taking place. Therefore, you can determine how long to run specific marketing campaigns to make the most money.

Also, you can review information about what type of display materials lead to the most sales. By comparing the data, you can figure out what marketing to invest to generate sales. There are a lot of different analytics software tools out there. Choose one and understand the features in detail to gather more info on customer loyalty analytics.

Testing and Optimization

Building upon the advice in the previous section, it’s a good idea to test ideas to improve sales. You can try moving the marketing material to different spots on the shop floor. Also, you can change small aspects of the marketing material, such as the size or color. Every bit helps to increase the retail foot traffic.

A/B split testing should be ongoing to find what works best for your physical location. However, make sure that you have the marketing material up long enough to make meaningful conclusions.

Review Competitor Ideas

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of established strategies. It’s a good starting point if you’re inexperienced with point-of-sales marketing. For example, you can walk around competitor stores and take notes - even a few photos.

Ideally, review the marketing strategies of several competitors and come up with a version of your own. After all, creating a unique spin on the current marketing strategies works best. That’s because customers who are exposed to the same marketing material develop ad blindness. Hence, a new marketing strategy may lead to the best results.

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Point of Sale Display Marketing Things To Avoid

To avoid making big mistakes with your POS marketing, read this section to the end. We’ll share the top things to avoid so that your point-of-sale display marketing is optimized. Think of this as a checklist that you can keep coming back to.

Don’t Run Promotions on Niche Items

You only have limited space to market products in and around your cash register or checkout counter. Therefore, you need to advertise popular mainstream items that most customers would consider. In grocery stores, this might be popular soda drinks like Coca-Cola.

However, when promoting niche items, you risk only generating a small number of extra sales. Hence, you’ll waste the display marketing spot since it would have performed better with mainstream products.

Avoid Running Promotions for Too Long

Some customers love variety when coming to a store. Therefore, you should avoid running the same promotions for too long. Also, when the same promotions are up for too long, ad blindness can creep in.

You can have a look at the data in your marketing software to determine the ideal time to run promotions. Ideally, you should switch the marketing to other products when the sales start dropping off.

Don’t Run Promotions for Missing Inventory

Are you running POS marketing for a product that has run out of stock? Then, you need to quickly get more inventory in stock or remove the marketing material. That’s because customer satisfaction levels will be low when they see marketing but no products.

In the future, they may begin to ignore marketing material since they were let down in the past. Hence, your marketing software should have an alert for these unwanted scenarios. When stock has run out for a POS marketing product, the right employees must be notified.

Choosing the Target Audience for POS Marketing

To improve the effectiveness of your point of sales marketing strategies, you’ll need to consider the target audience. In this section, we’ll provide different considerations to make to help align the marketing with your customers.

  • Demographics: Identify the demographics of the customers who walk into your store. This allows you to match the products to their preferences better. You’ll need to discover information such as average age, gender, annual salary, education level, and more.
  • Surveys: You can learn more about your customers by getting them to complete a survey. The quality of the answers will depend on the quality of your questions. You can provide rewards for filling out the driver to increase the engagement rate. This can include loyalty points or free samples.
  • Target specific customers: You’ll need to accept that some marketing campaigns will only apply to specific customers. Hence, you should double down when targeting specific customers. These campaigns will be more effective instead of keeping them broad. Customers love it when they can look at marketing material and identify that it’s for them.

Point of Sale Marketing - Is It Worth Adding to Your Store?

To conclude, adding POS marketing to your physical stores is a great way to increase sales. It’s also consumer-friendly since it allows customers to learn about promotions quickly. It means they don’t need to walk around your store looking for deals.

The vast amount of different point-of-sale marketing material you can implement means you can get creative. You can match the perfect marketing campaign to your store and product range. Start experimenting and watch your sales number increase to new heights.

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