Reviews Not Showing Up on Google: Common Reasons and Fixes

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It looks like reviews not showing up on Google have become a common issue for many businesses. Positive and genuine feedback has now become a lifeline for most businesses. This is because their success depends on glowing customer feedback and a five-star rating.

According to statistics, 88% of people trust online reviews when making a purchasing decision. However, it can be frustrating for businesses when their positive reviews don’t show up on Google. This could potentially impact their reputation and hinder potential customers from choosing their products or services.

Businesses need to address this issue and ensure that their positive feedback is visible to their online audience. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon and propose solutions to address the possible problem.

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What Are Google Reviews?

The user-generated comments and ratings posted by individuals who have interacted with a business are Google reviews. Potential customers can use these evaluations to gain insightful knowledge and information. It will help them decide whether to do business with a particular company or visit a specific location. Local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and numerous other institutions, often have Google Reviews.

Users can post genuine feedback and assess products with a star rating between 1 and 5. These reviews are available on Google My Business, Google Maps, and search engine results pages (SERPs) for a business profile.

Individuals acknowledge excellent customer service, give details about their experiences, and offer suggestions for improvement using Google Reviews. They contain the experiences of people, sharing details on the caliber of the products or services and other business-related factors. Users can also post images to go with their reviews, showcasing a visual representation of their experience.

Google Reviews are very important for a company’s online reputation because they might affect its exposure and legitimacy. For this reason, a review not showing up on Google is a pressing concern for any business, especially eateries. Restaurants strive to manage and grow their businesses using Google reviews.

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Why Are Some Google Reviews Not Showing Up?

68% of customers will leave a review if businesses ask them to do so. Businesses should request this. In this way, they can show the experience of people to serve as a basis for decision-making for potential customers.

But out of the 68% genuine feedback posted, not all of them appear on the business profile. This has led to businesses asking questions such as, “Why are some Google Reviews not showing up?”

Online reviews have a significant impact on consumers’ decisions. For this reason, it is vital to encounter this perplexing issue of reviews not showing up on Google. Here are some reasons why a Google business listing may not display some reviews:

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #1: Review Filtering and Moderation

Google uses a complex system to filter and edit reviews to preserve the accuracy of the data presented. Algorithms and human moderators assess reviews and cull out those that are against Google’s rules. They filter out or delete reviews on business profiles containing abusive language or personal attacks. To prevent genuine feedback from being unintentionally marked or blocked, businesses and individuals must abide by Google’s rules.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #2: Review Platform and Verification

Google gathers reviews from a variety of sources, including independent review websites. Reviews on external platforms can take time to appear on a Google business profile. This delay occurs due to the time it takes for algorithms to crawl and index the information from these platforms. Additionally, Google employs a verification process to ensure the authenticity of reviews, which may cause delays in their appearance.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #3: Personalized and Geographic Filters

Google uses geographic and personalized filters to give consumers search results based on their location and choices. This may have an impact on a review not showing up on Google. It may prioritize reviews left by locals over others. Depending on a user’s location or search preferences, a review may not show up.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #4: Technical Updates and Bugs

A review not showing up on Google could be because of upgrades or technological issues. Like any other digital platform, Google is susceptible to such factors. This could result in delays or the momentary deletion of Google reviews.

Aside from the bugs that may arise, Google updates its algorithms and guidelines frequently. These changes may influence which testimonials show up on a business profile. Keeping track of such updates and ensuring compliance with new regulations can help maintain the visibility of reviews.

When it comes to including URLs and links in reviews, Google has rigid rules. Reviews with URLs are subject to immediate removal. This is because Google believes reviews that contain URLs are likely spam. It only wants genuine feedback to appear on business profiles. Contact the consumer and request that they modify their comment to remove the link before Google takes it down.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #6: Fake Reviews on Google

Reviews from anonymous accounts without a name, photo, or other information have a high chance of being fraudulent Google reviews. When a business buys Google reviews, it frequently results in the submission of false testimonials.

When this happens, the majority of these evaluations are from bots using fictitious profiles. Therefore, purchasing reviews for your company could cause serious issues with its online presence. It may result in the deletion of your Google Business Profile.

Reviews Not Showing Up On Google Reason #7: Google Reviews Are Currently Inactive

Google may temporarily suspend reviews of Google Business Profiles when traffic is excessive, and there aren’t enough working team members. For instance, Google temporarily blocked feedback at the beginning of the Covid-19 global health crisis. It’s normal for testimonials to disappear under such circumstances. Customers won’t be able to post new reviews, and businesses won’t be able to reply to any.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google Reason #8: The Reviewer’s Account Is Currently Inactive

A previous review might vanish if a customer cancels their personal Google account. All of the user’s data, including their reviews, will no longer be visible on a Google Business Profile when this occurs. This can happen for two reasons:

  1. If the customer deletes their Google account.
  2. If the customer violates Google’s policies, leading to account suspension.

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Why Is My Review Not Showing Up on Google?

Did you write a review on Google and later find out that your feedback is not showing anywhere? Maybe you must have done something wrong. Did you follow the Google guidelines?

If you are asking yourself, “Why is my review not showing up on Google?” here are possible reasons.

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Your Review Not Showing Up on Google Reason #1: Guidelines or Violations

Google has guidelines and policies in place to ensure that reviews are authentic and appropriate. Google’s review moderation system may flag and remove your genuine feedback if it violates any of these rules. Such as if it contains offensive language, makes personal attacks, or contains promotional content.

Here are some suggestions for a good review of a business profile:

  1. Good reviews go into depth about the experience of people, noting things like the product’s quality, customer service, etc.

  2. They provide potential customers with insightful information that goes beyond generalizations.

  3. Good reviews are genuine feedback and present a fair assessment of the business, discussing both positive and negative aspects.

  4. They provide a balanced perspective, giving potential customers a well-rounded understanding of the individual’s experience.

On the other side, negative Google reviews frequently display the traits listed below:

  1. Poor evaluations frequently lack specifics and fail to explain why bad encounters occurred. They can just say that the encounter was unpleasant without going into further detail.

  2. Negative reviews may include offensive language or personal attacks to communicate their displeasure. Such reviews are not helpful.

  3. Reviews that don’t represent the company reasonably and contain personal biases or unrelated factors.

  4. Negative Google reviews focus on irrelevant aspects or intentionally misrepresent the experience.

Your Review Not Showing Up on Google Reason #2: Filtered Reviews

Is your review spam? Google uses an algorithm to filter out potentially fake or spammy reviews. Sometimes, genuine feedback may end up in this filter and not appear publicly. This can happen:

  • If your review is too short or lacks detail.
  • If there are multiple reviews originating from the same IP address.

Your Review Not Showing Up on Google Reason #3: Location Restrictions

Are your reviews not showing up at specific locations? Some business profiles have location-based restrictions on reviews. If you’re reviewing a company in a different country or region, your feedback may not be visible.

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Solutions on How To Fix Reviews Not Showing Up on Google

If your reviews are not showing up on Google, there are several steps you can take to address the issue.

First, ensure your reviews adhere to Google’s guidelines and policies, avoiding spam or offensive content. Next, provide detailed and informative reviews that offer valuable insights to potential customers.

Avoid vague or baseless complaints and focus on specific aspects of your experience. Additionally, strive for a balanced and unbiased assessment, discussing positive and negative aspects.

Follow Google’s Rules

To make sure your reviews adhere to Google’s regulations, examine their community and content policies. Avoid any infractions that could remove reviews, such as abusive language, personal attacks, or spamming content.

Encourage your customers to post genuine feedback regarding their interactions with the business and ask them to follow Google’s regulations. By promoting genuine feedback, you can help create a more accurate representation of the business for potential customers. This will also contribute to a more trustworthy and reliable review system on Google.

Maintain a Steady Stream of Reviews

Aim to consistently receive reviews over time rather than in rapid surges. This can trigger Google’s suspicion and lead to reviews not showing up on Google. To maintain a steady stream of reviews, implement customer engagement strategies to encourage customers to leave feedback. By doing this, you’ll make it easier for Google to recognize and display genuine reviews in a natural flow.

Engage With Existing Reviews

Whether they are positive or negative, respond to the reviews you have on your Google business profile. Engaging with reviews demonstrates to potential customers that you appreciate their input and fosters a sense of trust.

Verify Your Google My Business Listing

Verify your business’s status on Google My Business. Verification enhances the credibility of your business and may help with the visibility of reviews. Duplicate Google business profiles are a major issue because they frequently confuse customers. Remove duplicates as soon as you can.

Try to claim any unverified profiles if you do discover duplicates for your company. Contact the support staff if there are any business profiles you are unable to claim or if the problem continues.

Track Google Updates and Make Adjustments

Keep informed of any adjustments to Google’s review-related algorithms or rules. Check the guidelines frequently and adjust your review generation tactics as necessary. You may better match your procedures with Google’s requirements by staying informed of updates.

Share Customer Reviews

Showcase your favorable evaluations on the website and social media channels. You can also display Google reviews on your business premises using digital signage. As a result, even if your evaluations do not appear immediately on Google, potential customers can still see them.

Contact Google Support

If you have followed the above steps and are still experiencing issues, consider reaching out to Google Support for assistance. They can provide insights and help troubleshoot why reviews are not showing up on Google.

Contact information for Google Support is available on the Google My Business Help Center or the Google Support website.

Reviews Not Showing Up on Google: Final Thoughts

It can be upsetting to discover that reviews are not showing up on Google. However, knowing the causes of this problem can help put your mind at ease. Businesses and individuals can boost the likelihood that their reviews will appear by following Google’s criteria.

Staying up-to-date with Google’s policies and being aware of technical glitches or updates will help you understand the review ecosystem. By doing so, businesses can enhance their online reputation and build trust with potential customers, ultimately driving growth and success. Remember that it’s crucial to be patient and give Google’s algorithms some time to process, verify, and index reviews.

By following these solutions, you can increase the chances of your reviews appearing on Google.

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