Why Google Reviews are Important for Your Hospitality Business

Customers 9 minute read 11th July 2022

Online reviews are the central pillar of any online business. They can sway the customer to take action or not. It depends on how good your online reviews portray your business.

However, how valuable is a Google review to you or your business?

In case you have never thought about it, listen up. Do you know that 90% of customers always read the review pages before visiting them? 93% use online reviews to confirm the authenticity of a business?


You might think it does not apply to you or your business; think again. If you run an online operation, you must have a Google ID to remain relevant.

Google is the world’s number one search engine. Your position at the top or bottom can be the difference in your business or your online presence. The more reviews (good ones) you have on Google, the more visibility and ROI your business gains.

If you ask us a Google review is a vital pillar to any successful business.

What is a Google Review?

A review, whether on Google or an online site, is a free and honest account by a customer. It details their experience on your website.

Google reviews are linked to the search engine, Google business listings, and Google Maps.

A Google review allows the customer to find your business and learn more from their past customers.

Why you need Google Reviews for your business?

There are countless benefits to a simple Google review. When customers leave a Google review for your business, you rank higher on search engines. So what do you benefit from getting a Google review?

More Leads to your business: In a 2019 BrightLocal survey, 91% of consumers within 18 -34 years trust an online review like words from the lips of a trusted friend. This is huge as the more people value the authenticity of your business, the likelihood that you will get more customers.


Additionally, the more leads you get equal more reviews the customer leaves. This means Google searchers engage with your business as more people find it.

More lead equals more purchases: it is a known fact that people will buy from brands that have a review page before making a sale. In fact, one statistic reveals that consumers will read at least 4 reviews before making a purchase.

More reviews mean high rank: when Google search engine notices that your business gets frequent positive reviews or visits, your start to rank higher on its search engine. This is also referred to as local SEO ranking and is welcomed by Google.

Now that you know the benefits, the next step is getting these reviews on your page.

How to get Google Reviews?

According to TrustPilot, 62% of customers will not buy from a seller/brand without online reviews. However, Google ranks your online performance by the number of new customers that visit your site and leave a review.


The question is how to get Google reviews on your page. It is not magic, but by following simple Google rules. You must adhere to them too. Read and understand Google’s terms of service.

Google has strict terms of service when dealing with customers, especially when collecting reviews from clients. One such rule is never to accept or reward customers for rewards.

Additionally, other conditions must be met, whether the review is positive or negative. You can read more of Google’s terms of service to know more.

You must have a Google My Business profile!

This says it all. If you must get Google reviews, you must have a verified GMB account that places your business on the map. When customers can find your business on Google, it is easy for them to leave a review about your business.

Aside from the above, ensure customers leave a review using the following strategies.

  • Prompt customers that visit your site to leave a review of their experience. Create a Google review link shortcut for your business that customers can easily click on to leave a review.
  • Create a dedicated landing page that encourages customers to visit your page and drop a review after using your services.
  • Have a good internet service provider like Beambox. This ensures a seamless browsing experience, which will attract more leads.
  • Use email, text messages, or calls to inform customers that have visited your website about leaving a review.
  • If you deal with vendors and suppliers, have them leave a review on your Google My Business page. If you have more than one website, link all the pages and highlight the review link. This will prompt customers to leave a review.

Why Google Reviews are significant for you local business?

Customers use Google when searching for local businesses. Google reviews give you access to appear in the search engine.

It boosts your local business ranking and visibility. It is also a cost-effective way of advertising. Customers trust businesses registered with Google and reviews are an effective way to invite customers to your business.

It builds business credibility. Quality reviews, whether good or bad, are good for your business. We say bad review because you are human, and mistakes are inevitable.

However, you must learn to address bad reviews as they will attract more customers.

Do I need a 5-star rating on Google?

If you are lucky to have the perfect customer relations that deliver a 5-star rating, it is awesome. A less than 5-star rating will not destroy your ranking if you do the right thing.

You must boost your customer engagement! Have a respectful way of handling negative reviews by showing empathy and love.


If you have not been using Google reviews, this is your time to change your perception and get your business on the map.

If you have Google reviews but want to have more, set the bar for the highest by boosting your service delivery to your customers and a great wifi is one of the smartest ways to get this done which is one of the amazing services that we offer at Beambox.

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