White Label WiFi Marketing: An Effective Solution That Guarantees Results

Marketing 15 minute read 6th February 2023

White label wifi marketing is the answer to a busy business owner’s prayers. Chances are, you already know utilizing your wifi network boosts marketing (if not, see how wifi marketing boosts your revenue). You can invest in hundreds of different strategies. These could include using a captive portal wifi network to collect key demographics and your contact details. However, it’s one thing to know the benefits of wifi marketing. It is another thing to have the time to put it into practice. And this is where white label wifi marketing comes in.

White label wifi marketing is when a business outsources its wifi marketing strategy to a specialist company with white label wifi services. Many digital agencies provide white-label services and utilize digital marketing materials to grow the business. So, white-label marketing means outsourcing your marketing to experts. Interested in hearing more? This guide will provide everything you need to know about white label wifi marketing - from what it is, its benefits, and how to find a reputable company.

White Label WiFi Marketing: What Is White Labeling in Marketing?

white label wifi marketing

White labeling means a business has outsourced its marketing to a specialist company. The business chooses to hire someone other than staff to complete the task in-house or carry out the campaign themselves. Instead, the business finds an entirely separate business to lead its marketing campaign.

In white label wifi marketing, the company assists with wifi routers, managing data through a portal dashboard, or devising tailored strategies. Each company offers different white label wifi services, though. So business owners must shop for the package that best suits their business and its needs.

When it comes to wifi marketing, white label marketing has many draws. Business owners may invest in white label wifi marketing because they want their strategy to be expert-led. It also saves the business owner time. Without outsourcing, they would have to take time to develop their wifi marketing skills and carry out the campaign themselves.

Even hiring a new staff member to handle wifi marketing is problematic. Hiring new staff requires more resources when screening individual candidates than choosing from large specialist companies. White label wifi marketing is a solution for busy business owners wanting to take the next step in their savvy wifi campaign.

What Is White Labeling vs. Private Labeling?

Here’s where we get to the fine details. Private labeling usually refers to businesses handling products rather than marketing services. However, this can occasionally relate to wifi marketing - so we’ll take a quick look.

Private labeling is when businesses outsource a product for production but sell it under their company name. White labeling is more general, and businesses outsource to a company that provides the same product to multiple companies. In white labeling, there is a non-exclusive relationship between the two companies.

With white label wifi marketing, the outsourcing company receives tried and tested services. They repeat what you call a ‘winning formula’ for many clients. Whereas, if you had private label wifi marketing, the strategy would only be for your company. In theory, you could have someone create a unique system to manage your wifi marketing. Still, the chances of this happening are slim.

Why Use a White Label Marketing Platform?

white label wifi marketing

There are many reasons to use a white label wifi marketing platform. Mainly, white label wifi marketing demands less time and skills than businesses trying to carry out the strategy themselves. The restaurant owner or another staff member could spend hours studying and learning about wifi marketing. Learning new skills can be a worthwhile investment. However, these hours detract from standard working hours and potentially jeopardize the effectiveness of other duties. Since managing a wifi marketing strategy is an ongoing responsibility, these lost hours could eventually impact business operations. Not to mention the time that could be lost to trial and error - because learning isn’t just an upwards curve, is it?

White label wifi marketing is fantastic because it’s carried out by experts in the field. You are guaranteed an effective strategy if you find a reputable and capable company (which is easy by scanning past client reviews). This marketing strategy is implemented immediately to full effect.

One alternative to investing in white label wifi marketing is to hire a staff member to join the business and control the marketing strategy. This approach has its benefits. For instance, you still get an expert-led approach to wifi marketing. The major downside is that the business owner may still find themselves managing and overseeing the strategy. Plus, there are greater costs in funding a member of staff as opposed to outsourcing. This includes the hiring process, which can be long and stressful when sifting through candidates to find one that suits your business objectives.

Of course, a final benefit of white label marketing is that it’s deductible as a business expense. Rather than completing the hours yourself, you can outsource wifi marketing, which becomes a tax-deductible expense.

White Label WiFi Marketing Solutions

white label wifi marketing

So, what are some white label marketing solutions? This section will detail some of the most reputable white-label companies. But not only are these some of the most reputable wifi marketing solutions, but they also come with a free trial. Let’s narrow down your search.

White Label WiFi Marketing Solutions: Free Trials

Free white label wifi marketing is hard to find. But if you’d like to take advantage of a free trial, these agencies offer the chance to ‘try before you buy.’ You can make an account, experience using the dashboard, and see the results. Only after this point do you decide if you want to invest with a payment.

  • Beambox

Beambox offers a free 30-day trial of our all-in-one wifi marketing tool. They can help you with automated demographic insights and review prompts. They can also publish positive reviews on your website. We have no set-up costs either - you can take your time to decide whether we are for you at no expense.

  • Social Wifi

Social Wifi is another fantastic wifi marketing company. They offer a 14-day free trial period, allowing you to get a taster of the software before you buy. You can provide social media logins to collect extra data, get demographic insights, and collect reviews.

White Label WiFi Marketing: Common FAQs

white label wifi marketing

Now that we’ve covered all the essential information about white label wifi marketing, what about some commonly asked questions? As we mentioned, wifi marketing is an ongoing venture. It makes sense to include an FAQ section in a comprehensive guide.

Let’s run over the top questions.

White Label WiFi Marketing Dashboard: How Much Does White Labeling Cost?

White labeling costs vary depending on the company and how involved you want to be. Do you want to be able to access data through a white-label dashboard and still take a hands-on role? Budget anywhere from $20-150 a month. Also, keep in mind that any companies charge onboarding fees, for example, a $500 one-off payment. This type of white label wifi marketing is more of a subscription to use specialist services and access 24/7 support. You’ll benefit from automated services and expert guidance.

If you want to work with a company that handles your wifi marketing entirely, then expect prices to at least triple. Prices are also higher if you pay per hour rather than a monthly subscription.

Finally, as a quick word on free white label wifi marketing subscriptions, they are rarely free. Most involve paying for services once you’ve set up. Free trials are a great way to access the dashboard and see if the service works for you. But they can be misleading.

White labeling is definitely legal. As a broad term used across the business, there can be instances where it is unethical. For example, when retailing cheaply produced products for a much higher price. However, these difficulties don’t relate to white label wifi marketing, which focuses more on software than physical products. White label wifi marketing is more of a service than a production industry.

Finding White Label WiFi Marketing: How Do I Find a White Label Company?

The best way to find a white-label company is through word of mouth. You will typically hear others in your industry discussing particular businesses. Just ask about their experiences with the company and whether they’d recommend them. And if you need more time to get that in person, find reviews online. You can evaluate which companies are getting results and have a high customer satisfaction rate.

Final Thoughts: White Label Wifi Marketing

white label wifi marketing

White label wifi marketing is a surefire solution for many business owners. By the nature of the restaurant industry, time and energy are precious. You are more than capable of studying and mastering wifi marketing. However, you must weigh the costs and benefits of doing so. White label wifi marketing doesn’t need to be expensive either; you can find a subscription service that automates your marketing starting at $20 a month. Here at Beambox, we discuss the benefits of wifi marketing a lot. But when utilizing wifi marketing, outsourcing can be the most effective step in immediately getting the benefits for your business.

Now that you have a solid understanding of white label wifi marketing, hopefully, you feel informed to take that step. It takes less than an hour to research and choose a white label marketing agency and get the ball rolling.

Do you need extra guidance? Researching different companies sounds daunting. Here at Beambox, we are happy to help. You can outsource your wifi marketing as we offer white label wifi marketing services. Beambox has the best all-in-one wifi marketing platform. We leverage a dynamic approach to connect, capture, and keep more customers. Start your Beambox free trial today, and let us help you maximize your wifi marketing potential.

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