Will 5G Replace WiFi: The Honest Truth

Marketing 9 minute read 2nd July 2024

Earlier in its development, there was a stir around whether 5G would replace WiFi. By now, it’s safe to say that isn’t the case. The two provide almost entirely different services: an unlicensed and licensed \technology solution. Honestly speaking, will 5G replace WiFi? No.

However, that statement has some caveats. While the two aren’t currently competing, each flourishes in individual conditions.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all about WiFi and 5G, detailing the pros and cons. This means no unnecessary research for you! Here’s what you need to understand!

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What Is 5G WiFi?

5G is the latest form of cellular network technology. The fifth generation of wireless technology allows users to connect almost anywhere at any time. It is more capable and speedy than its predecessors (1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G).

Rather than being unlicensed, such as with WiFi, carriers pay for licenses for 5G. They can then offer it to customers at their discretion, building base stations to spread coverage.

That will hopefully answer the technical question of what is 5G WiFi. But what does 5G mean from a real-life perspective?

This means that when you are in public without a WiFi network or cable internet, you can use 5G mobile networks instead. Also, depending on your carrier plan, you can use 5G at home. You can access the latest licensed cellular technology.

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Top 2 Benefits of 5G

As we’ve already mentioned, we highly doubt that 5G will replace WiFi. You use the two in totally different environments. However, it’s essential to understand how 5G holds its own in the debate. What exactly makes it so special that it can even compete against WiFi?

Check out these top two benefits of 5G.

1. It’s Faster

Did you know you can download a movie up to 500 times faster on 5G than on 4G? As the latest data model, 5G is undeniably much faster than other mobile data options.

This is your best shot at a great user experience (UX) if you’re out and about without WiFi. That speed is great to fall back on when you really need it. Similarly, it could be a solution if you currently struggle with WiFi coverage at home or professionally.

2. It’s Reliable

Unlike other generations, 5G is super reliable. Again, this makes it a prime choice for things like video streaming and general reliance on cellular technology. Everyone loves reliability, and 5G is as good as technology gets.

One of the best things about 5G is that it offers equivalent, if not more, stability than WiFi. Talk about living life in easy mode. Again, it could be an option if you need help with current WiFi reliability.

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Will 5G Replace WiFi? The Difference Between 5G and WiFi

The real difference is that the two are different forms of network technology. However, we can go deeper than that to answer the question, “Will 5G replace WiF?”. Here’s the difference between 5G and WiFi; get ready to mull over our top two differentiators.

5G Relies on Licensing, WiFi Doesn’t Require a License

5G requires carriers to purchase licenses, while WiFi is free. This financial difference is the main thing to consider, and it definitely affects customers.

For instance, 5G relies on expensive new base stations, while WiFi providers deliver low-cost routers to our doors. It requires a lot less new infrastructure.

5G Has a Stronger Signal With Less Chance of Interference

Another critical thing to know is that 5G has a stronger signal with a lesser chance of interference. With WiFi, even your neighbor being on the same band can cause hiccups. This is important for things like a corporate network.

However, it’s worth noting that you can improve the signal through the WiFi radio frequency. For instance, by switching devices between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands (the two offer different user experiences). Will WiFi be replaced by 5G? Despite performing quicker, no, 5G won’t replace it. It’s much more likely to be useful as a solution rather than a standard expectation. But it’s worth considering as a “put a plaster on it” solution style.

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Is 5G Better Than WiFi?

Strictly speaking, yes. 5G is great in areas with tons of people (like concerts and sporting venues) and spaced-out venues. Basically, wherever WiFi is slow or unreliable, 5G is worth considering.

That said, WiFi is low-maintenance to start with, and if you have no issues, it’s absolutely fine to continue using it. There’s no immediate right answer to the question, “Is 5G better than WiFi?”. It depends on what you want.

Will 5G Replace Home WiFi?

5G won’t widely replace home WiFi. It could be worth switching if the user has severe issues with their WiFi and meant-to-be-connected devices. However, as a general rule, most people handle everything fine, just relying on WiFi.

Will 5G replace home WiFi? Maybe for some, but it won’t be a mass decision — at least for the time being. Nobody knows the future of WiFi for sure.

Will 5G Replace Broadband?

5G options are popping up as the best broadband options for this year. We wouldn’t concentrate on the question of “Will 5G replace broadband?” but instead ask how you’ll benefit. Does your broadband need a boost? This is more of an individual debate than a widespread one.

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Beambox: The WiFi Strategy To Stay

One thing is for sure: WiFi, in some form or other, is here to stay. A solid WiFi strategy is essential whether you run a personal or corporate network.

Captive portals can offer added support for individual residences and collect valuable marketing contacts for corporations. Let’s rewind a bit, though: What are captive portals?

Captive portals are a type of WiFi strategy that triggers a web page pop-up wherever a guest tries to join. To fully access your WiFi, the user must input details of your choice into a form. If on a personal network, you could make this a CAPTCHA. On a corporate network, you could ask for email addresses and phone numbers for marketing purposes.

At Beambox, our all-in-one WiFi marketing software proves that no matter what, captive portals are worth the investment.

Start your Beambox free trial today, and forget the question, “Will 5G replace WiFi?” You’ll see bucketloads of more success by focusing on captive portals instead!

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