Adentro Cost: Is It Worth It? Everything You Need To Know

Marketing 14 minute read 17th February 2023

If you are looking for a WiFI marketing solution, you likely heard of Adentro. However, Adentro’s cost is generally unknown. Although this information is essential, you will not find it openly stated on their website. Therefore, you must scavenge for information online to make up your mind.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Adentro’s cost, including information about the company, the product offered, and its subscription plans. Let’s get started.

Adentro Company Overview

Before looking at Adentro’s cost, it is helpful to have a basic view of the company.

Adentro is a WiFi marketing platform that helps businesses reach and engage customers. They provide advanced software that connects to the venue’s free WiFi and allows a business to run WiFi marketing activities and initiatives.

Adentro company is incorporated in San Francisco (since 2012) and operates worldwide. The company was previously known as Zenreach. However, according to their CEO, the change is more of a name change. Adentro today offers more features to their customers and has keen attention to the security of their platform and data.

Adentro’s customers operate mostly in four industries:

  • Food & beverage
  • Retail
  • Shopping centers
  • Entertainment/Recreation

Adentro products are typically easy to use and do not require IT skills to get a handle on them. With their products, businesses can leverage various functionality to create custom marketing strategies, reinforce brand loyalty and encourage sales.

Businesses can also send targeted offers to customers when they connect to their free WiFI. Moreover, their guest WiFi management software collects customer information to create powerful insights and reports about customers. Therefore, businesses can have a more detailed view of their customer base and make more informed decisions about their marketing initiatives.

Let’s now have a look at the main products that come with Adentro.

Adentro Cost: Overview of the Main Product and Its Features

adentro cost

Adentro’s cost will depend mostly on the product and how many features you need.

The company mostly offers WiFi marketing software that helps businesses to engage with customers, collect data and measure the results of their marketing initiatives.

However, the product is packed with various features that make it different from similar solutions. These are the most important features of Adentro’s WiFi marketing solution:

  • Branded WiFi-You can customize the access to your WiFi with your brand identity’s element (logo, font, etc.)
  • Smart Audience for Ads-Adentro gathers information from users who connect to your WiFi so you can segment and create a similar audience to target with ads.
  • Email Marketing Automation-If you build a list of contacts with your customized splash page, you can then run email marketing campaigns
  • Walk-Through Rate-This feature allows you to track your marketing initiatives’ results precisely. You can measure how many paid customers your marketing attracts.
  • Network Advertising-Adentro allows you to advertise your business within its network of more than 50M users.
  • Audience Optimization-Adentro helps you optimize your audience for your ads and create lookalike audiences on the main advertising platform like Facebook.
  • Insights and Analytics-Insights and reports will help you better understand your real customers. With this information, you can improve the experience at your venue and refine your marketing initiatives.

These and other minor features make Adentro a reliable solution for business owners who made their WiFi free and want to leverage it.

Let’s now enter into the Adentro cost details, starting with its pricing structure.

Adentro Pricing Structure

adentro cost

According to Adentro’s website, the company offers two types of subscriptions; Basic and Pro+. As you will see next, the difference between these two plans is relevant if you consider subscribing to their solution.

Unfortunately, Adentro does not clearly state how much each subscription plan costs. However, they clearly target small businesses, chains, and companies with bigger needs. Therefore, you can reasonably assume that Adentro’s cost for at least the basic plan is affordable for any type of business.

Adentro pricing is on a per-location basis, and depending on the payment structure, you can receive discounts or special offers. Additionally, you can request a free demo before committing to any plan.

Let’s now dive deeper into Adentro’s plans.

Adentro Cost of the Basic Plan

The company’s website does not state the adentro’s cost for the basic plan. According to some online adentro reviews, the subscription for the basic plan starts at $35 a month. However, this information should not be taken as official and might not be precise. For a precise quote, you should enquire Adentro.

The basic plan comprehends a few interesting features, although there are limits to its use.

This is what you get with the basic plan:

  • Branded Hotspot
  • Contact Database
  • Basic Foot Traffic Analytics
  • Database Export
  • Contact Enrichment
  • Email Marketing and Walk-Through Attribution (Up to 5000 per month per location)
  • Network Advertising

However, there are a few interesting features that are missing. For example, you cannot customize your captive portal with the basic plan. This is probably the most important element for collecting contacts and reinforcing your brand identity.

Moreover, the basic plan does not include reputation management tools. This implies that your online web reputation has to be managed manually on every website.

Lastly, there’s no integration with Walk-Through attribution on Ads. This means that you won’t be able to measure the return on your ads with precision without a pro+ plan.

All in all, Adentro’s basic plan includes interesting features. Nonetheless, the best component of Adentro’s WiFi marketing solution is available only for Pro+ users.

Adentro Cost of the Pro+ Plan

The company’s website does not state the Adentro’s cost for the Pro+ plan. Moreover, there are no Adentro reviews stating the price of the plan. The subscription cost will likely change depending on the user’s particular need and how many locations will integrate it.

The basic plan comprehends a few interesting features, although there are limits to its use.

This is what you get with the Pro+ plan:

  • Branded Hotspot
  • Contact Database
  • Custom Foot Traffic Analytics
  • Database Export
  • Contact Enrichment
  • Email Marketing and Walk-Through Attribution (unlimited)
  • Network Advertising
  • Customizable splash page
  • Customizable SSID
  • Web Pixel (for integration with Ads platform)
  • Reputation management tools
  • Support Desk Access
  • POS integration
  • Walk through attribution on Ads
  • Dedicated account manager

As you can see, the Pro plan is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses with a complete suite of tools to grow their business. Being able to track precisely how many users visit your venue after being exposed to your ads is definitely a fantastic feature.

Moreover, the Pro+ plan simplifies your online reputation management. This can save you a lot of time because you don’t need to constantly monitor local review sites to manage what people say about your venue.

However, as Adentro’s cost for this plan is unknown, it is hard to establish whether it is convenient.

Is Adentro’s Cost Competitive?

Adentro’s cost is likely competitive. In fact, many users claim to have succeeded in using Adentro’s WiFi marketing solution. However, making a judgment without trying the solution first is impossible.

Moreover, since 2012, the landscape of WiFi marketing providers has changed completely. Today, many market alternatives are available to satisfy any specific business. Additionally, between the Pro plan and the Basic plan, there is a huge difference that you should evaluate seriously.

As usual, business owners should first think of what they plan to use rather than just picking a brand. Moreover, it is always important to verify any hidden costs. For example, a few WiFi marketing solutions require you to purchase specific hardware to run their software. Other companies instead offer WiFi marketing solution that integrates with most internet providers.

Conclusion on Adentro’s Cost

Adentro might be the perfect solution if you decide to invest heavily in ads, as you can measure the results of your effort. However, to fully measure the success of your initiative, you need the Pro plan. Unfortunately, you have to do some research to find out Adentro’s cost for this plan. You might also need a personalized offer from the company to make up your mind.

As far as WiFi marketing goes, a few relevant features are available only on the pro+ plan. Moreover, these are often available with other providers.

If you want to offer a branded WiFi marketing experience while gathering insights and running marketing campaigns, other software can help you.

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