Captive Portal Assist: Authenticating Guest WiFi Made Easy

Marketing 15 minute read 27th April 2023

Implementing security protocols like captive portals is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to your public network. But accessing them through a browser can become tiresome for users. This, and VPN disconnection, may refrain certain users from connecting to your network. Captive portal assist can come in handy here.

Businesses can get this software feature from a few VPN providers. Otherwise, they can implement other measures that work similarly. This article will show you everything you need to know about captive portal assist.

What Is Captive Portal Assist?

captive portal assist

A captive portal is a web page requiring users to authenticate themselves before accessing public WiFi networks. A captive portal assist makes this authentication process seamless by automating it. Without this software feature, users must open a browser and manually access the public network’s captive portal.

This feature is not the actual captive portal. It lets a user enter the login credentials in a popup. Then It sends the data automatically to the captive portal. Additionally, some captive portal apps disconnect the VPN. This might be frustrating for privacy concerned users.

Instead, the captive portal assist feature sends data to the portal directly. Users won’t need to access the authentication web page.

How Does Captive Portal Assist Work?

A captive portal assist provides an easy and seamless way of authenticating a user for internet access. It works in the following way:

  1. The user tries to access a public WiFi network.
  2. This software feature detects the captive portal where the user has to provide credentials.
  3. It shows him a notification and asks for login permission.
  4. Meanwhile, other online activities with VPN protection continue to work in the background.
  5. A splash page with a login screen will appear if you click on the message.
  6. After successful login, users can start using the public WiFi, and the VPN will also protect this connection.
  7. It may ask the user if he wants to save the login data for future use. If the user agrees, he won’t have to repeat this process. It will detect the captive portal and automatically submit login credentials from the saved data.

Are There Any Alternatives To Captive Portal Assist?

captive portal assist

There are a few alternatives to captive portal assist that simplify the process of authenticating users on WiFi networks with captive portals. One option is to use a mobile app that can detect captive portals. After detection, this app provides a convenient interface for entering login credentials.

You can also use this app to allow users to store their credentials for future use. This makes it easier for users to connect to your guest WiFi network in the future. Another alternative is to use a web login portal. This portal doesn’t require users to enter their credentials every time they connect to the internet. Instead, users can create an account and store their credentials in the portal.

To increase the security of your network, instead, you can purchase a VPN separately. Then incorporate it into your network infrastructure.

Firewalls and security appliances also help protect internet networks. They block malicious traffic and prevent unauthorized access. Using WiFi marketing software can also be a solution as they embed the most effective security features. For example, guest WiFi access control, usage analytics, and security management.

What Benefits Do a Captive Portal Assist Provide?

61% of people feel safe using public WiFi. This shows that people are unaware of the risk posed by public WiFi. So, it is up to business owners to implement security measures. You need to set up a captive portal to authenticate users. However, privacy concerned users don’t want their VPN to disconnect while accessing the captive portal.

That’s where a captive portal assist comes in. This feature mediates between your user and your WiFi’s captive portal. Let’s take a look at the three main benefits.

Captive Portal Assist Benefit #1: Simplified Authentication Process

One of the primary benefits of using a captive portal assist is that it simplifies user authentication. The traditional process of logging in can be inconvenient. This is because it requires users to open a web browser, navigate to the portal page, enter their credentials, and accept conditions.

Integrating this software feature into your network infrastructure simplifies this process. It automatically detects and notifies users about the captive portal. Users can enter their login credentials here instead of switching to a browser.

Captive Portal Assist Benefit #2: Improved Security

captive portal assist

Another benefit of captive portal assist is the improved security for users and networks. Traditional captive portals might be vulnerable to phishing attacks. This is where an attacker can create a fake login page and trick users into entering their login credentials.

This can compromise sensitive user data and potentially give the attacker access to the network. Since this feature simplifies and automates the authentication process, redirection to a fake login page is less likely. It also verifies the authenticity of the captive portal. Moreover, it doesn’t cause the user’s VPN to disconnect.

Captive Portal Assist Benefit #3: Enhanced User Experience

Providing a streamlined authentication process with captive portal assist will provide a positive experience to the users. This simplified process reduces the friction that users often experience when connecting to public WiFi networks.

It minimizes the amount of time and effort required on their part. Moreover, letting users save login data makes future logins easier for them. This is crucial as a business as it can leave the user coming for more and potentially becoming a regular.

What Is a VPN?

As we mentioned VPN earlier, let’s talk about what it is. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It is an online service that encrypts and secures a user’s internet connection. It also masks their IP addresses and physical locations. VPNs work by routing a user’s internet traffic through a private server.

People commonly use VPNs for privacy and security purposes. Users should only access public WiFi with a VPN, as this protects their data. It also gives better privacy.

As a business owner, you might incorporate VPN in your public network. This saves your users from the hustle of connecting to their VPN each time they want to access your network. A VPN and captive portal assist can work together to provide a smoother and more secure user experience. However, integrating a VPN in your network on a router level might require IT skills.

Is Captive Portal Assist Enough To Keep Your Network Safe?

No, a captive portal assist is not enough to keep the network safe. While it automates authentication and prevents VPN from disconnecting, there are more critical security measures to consider. One important measure is to use a strong password for the network.

Choose a password that is at least eight characters long. It should include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It is also important to change the password regularly to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, you should change the password frequently.

This can be time consuming, though, so using a guest WiFi management software that does it for you is the best solution.

Another important measure is to keep the network software and firmware up to date. This avoids vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. It is also important to separate your guest and primary network. Your guests’ devices may contain malware or malicious code. Interconnection between the two networks may spread the virus to your primary network.

Another important measure is to set up firewall rules. They can block unauthorized access to your network based on specific factors. These factors include IP addresses, time limits, MAC addresses, etc.

How To Keep Your WiFi Network Safe?

captive portal assist

Public WiFi allows you to enjoy the perks of WiFi marketing, but it poses great security risks. So, as a business owner, you must take measures to keep your network safe. While a captive portal assist may be useful for automation, it is not enough for your network’s security. Here are some of the measures you can take to increase security:

  1. Use a VPN: One of the most common ways to keep your network safe is to install a VPN. It encrypts the transmitted data to protect sensitive information from hackers.
  2. Update Software Regularly: Update the router software to protect against the latest threats. This will ensure that your network has the latest security patches.
  3. Use a Guest Network: Create a separate guest network on the router and isolate it from your primary network. This will prevent users from accessing your internal data. Apart from security, it will prevent network congestion and overload.
  4. Restrict Access: Set up restrictions on your network to prevent users from accessing certain websites or downloading certain types of files.
  5. Use a Strong Password: Create a strong password with at least eight characters. These characters should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Moreover, update your password regularly. This will prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your network even if they know the previous password.
  6. Implement a Captive Portal: Require users to authenticate themselves using a custom splash page before accessing your WiFI. This will ensure that only authorized users have access to your network.

Is Simplifying Authentication to Your Free WiFi Enough?

A captive portal assist simplifies access to your internet. It improves your guests’ experience as they don’t have to switch to a captive portal to authenticate themselves. Moreover, this feature keeps your guests safe because it doesn’t disconnect their VPN.

However, these solutions are not for free. Moreover, there are more essential security measures to implement to keep your network safe.

If you want to make the most out of the free internet connection you offer to your customers, consider a WiFi marketing solution. It embeds the most critical network security features and allows you to automate marketing strategies.

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