CDP Restaurant Systems: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Marketing 11 minute read 20th December 2023

A customer data platform (CDP) restaurant system is one of the best things you can invest in. Think of it as a binder of all the valuable and enriched guest record details. A data platform for your restaurant’s customers keeps everything in one place for easy use. You can always segment this information for marketing campaigns, but having it all together is more efficient than having single guest records in different places.

For instance, keep all your social media marketing details next to your SMS campaigns and loyalty program details. It is vital to have all this information handy, especially when transforming your guest experience and scaling profit.

Furthermore, by digitizing it, you are spreading access across devices and locations. You’ll have a blueprint for all your marketing and business decisions to refer to from any time and any place.

This guide’ll introduce you to everything you need to know before investing in a CDP system. This is a vital tool and an incredible platform to get results quickly. You’ll boost customer experiences, get excellent reviews, and see profit growth in no time. Ready? Check it out.

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CDP Meaning in Restaurants

First things first: What does CDP mean in restaurants? CDP, in this context, just stands for customer data platform.

This online platform stores relevant data for a restaurant’s customer base. It’s like a contact directory but with added demographic information. Once you set one up, it’s the only marketing list you’ll ever need. Customer data collection is vital to marketing and is valuable for restaurants. It helps you target customers with relevant email marketing and make big decisions about dishes and sell-out events.

Having a CDP is excellent because it keeps you super organized. It also saves the hassle of scrambling and collecting customer details from different places. Furthermore, it adds a blanket of security for those worried about data protection rules. You’ll have all your valuable data under one umbrella so that you can focus on more effective protection. You’ll likely be investing in software for your CDP, too, which means they will handle a lot of data protection.

You get customer data platforms by using software and purchasing ready-to-go packages. This software sets up the whole thing for you and automates many processes. Otherwise, you can set up your collection.

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Top 5 Benefits of a Restaurant CDP

There are so many benefits of a restaurant CDP. As a whole, we know that it is a great organizational tool and a stepping stone in your marketing journey. It will help you get more out of your marketing efforts. Marketing is vital, but burnout is real. That is the underlying benefit of a restaurant CDP. It relieves pressure and automates where possible.

With that said, let’s take a more in-depth look at restaurant CDPs and their ultimate benefits.

1. More Efficient Marketing

This is a big one. By adding a restaurant CDP to your campaign, you are boosting your efficiency. You aren’t searching on a million different platforms for contact details. Everything is together, neatly, and efficiently. Your marketing is slick rather than spread out and chaotic.

2. Increased Revenue

Increasing revenue is every business’ goal. Who doesn’t want to improve their bottom line? This is why having a CDP is so brilliant. An excellent data platform will boost your revenue potential by accelerating your marketing. By increasing and organizing your marketing better, you facilitate more of it. This means more people get to see your restaurant and its products, so you get more revenue.

3. More Personalized Marketing

You personalize marketing by better understanding your customers through data storage and optimal analysis. Your marketing will be much more targeted, which, in turn, will be more effective. This means you get better results and a better relationship with your customers, who, in turn, feel more heard. It is a total win, win. A CDP is a one-way ticket to better connect with your customers.

4. Improves Data Protection Compliance

A CDP means you are more likely to comply with data protection laws and provide better security to your customers. We’d highly recommend investing in a CDP for this reason alone. CDPs must follow a certain level of data protection for legal reasons.

This will also foster a sense of trust between you and your customers. As a restaurant owner, you know that this is vital. So, set up a data platform and alleviate protection concerns with improved privacy systems.

5. Better Team Communication

Finally, having a CDP improves team communication. Whoever you want to access this information in your team will be able to. That is part of the beauty of this software. A CDP sets you up for success by placing these valuable details in a secure yet accessible place.

You can work with a remote or even international team on your marketing. And you’ll be able to access marketing information even when certain staff members are out of office.

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Who Uses CDPs?

CDPs are most popular amongst restaurants that run successful marketing campaigns. Why is this? Because these are the companies that take customer data collection seriously. If you collect enough data, you’ll need a storage solution. So, these are the most popular users of CDPs.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are all super large companies. Small businesses can use - and do use - data platforms for their customers, too. Digital marketing is vital for small companies.

The only caveat is larger companies tend to be the ones who’ve scaled after success, so they have more contacts. Everyone can use data platforms, and in short, if you are investing in data collection, it’s a wise move. It can also be helpful across all different industries — not just restaurants. You can find CDPs in hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and more.

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Final Thoughts: What To Budget for CDP Restuarant Systems

How much you should budget for a CDP depends on whether you invest in software or go alone. If you go it alone, you’ll still need some sort of platform to organize the data. So, you’ll need to factor in subscription fees and any necessary data protection costs. Set aside $100-250 a year for this, plus the admin time to sort through and continually organize data. To invest in ready-to-go software, you should budget around $1,000 to $3,000 annually. This will vary depending on the features you add and which company you choose.

As you can see, there’s much room for variation here. You can keep things cheaper if you want to, but you must sacrifice time. Are you wondering where Beambox comes into this? Well, it is actually simple.

Beambox is an all-in-one marketing platform with a knack for passively gaining your customer details. Customer data collection doesn’t need to be difficult, especially when you use our handy tools like captive portals for WiFi logins. A captive portal system requires customers to input their details to access your guest’s WiFi — ethical leverage. These details then funnel straight into our CDP, ready for marketing.

Our WiFi and email marketing platform is brilliant for passively building your marketing prospects, providing WiFi while adding to your CDP restaurant system. You don’t need to pay the world either, and if you want a low-risk investment, try us for free and start your Beambox free trial now!

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