Hotel Internet Services: How To Get the Most Out of Them

Marketing 10 minute read 11th April 2024

In the hospitality industry, staying ahead means offering more than just a comfortable stay. While the overall customer experience depends on many factors, serious hotels now have to provide a solid WiFi experience to customers. That’s why hotel internet services stand as a pillar for venues that want to be successful.

Nonetheless, most hospitality businesses do not leverage their internet connection. They only use it to let customers connect and browse the internet.

In this article, you will learn what online services your hotel should offer and four ways to leverage your WiFi. Additionally, you’ll discover security tips to create a safe connection for guests.

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Hotel Internet Services: What They Are and Why They Matter to Your Business

Hotel internet services include more than providing guests with WiFi access. They integrate deeply into the hospitality experience you provide. The most common internet services for hotels are:

  • High-speed guest WiFi
  • Guest login portal
  • In-room entertainment services
  • Digital concierge services
  • Business center services
  • Event and conference services
  • Mobile check-in/check-out
  • Internet kiosks
  • VoIP services
  • Smart room automation

Online connectivity directly influences guest satisfaction and, by extension, hotel reputation. Think of slow-speed connection or complex guest login processes. Bad reviews often mention these in the hotel industry.

On the other hand, a seamless online experience enhances the guest experience, encouraging positive reviews and higher CLV.

However, you do not need to integrate all these hotel technologies into your commercial venues overnight. You can start by implementing guest WiFi management software and adding features over time.

Let’s now explore the best ways to leverage your hotel WiFi.

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4 Ways To Leverage Guest WiFi in Any Hospitality Business

Guest WiFi is more than offering an internet connection. This tool allows you to improve the customer experience and get better marketing results.

There are multiple ways to use your hospitality WiFi to drive revenues. However, a few strategies stood the test of time. Implementing these strategies can turn your guest’s WiFi into more than just an internet service. It becomes a fantastic tool for enhancing the guest experience, setting you apart in the industry.

Let’s have a look at them.

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1. Get More Reviews

Getting positive reviews is probably the most important aspect for businesses in the hospitality field. Encouraging guests to post positive feedback on local review sites is crucial. However, it can be time-consuming to ask for reviews. Additionally, satisfied guests often forget to review.

You can facilitate this process by using your WiFi network. One way is to customize your guest login portal to prompt guests to review their stay. Alternatively, you can use WiFi marketing solutions to send automated prompts that ask guests to share their reviews.

2. Collect Customer Data

With every guest login, there’s an opportunity to collect customer data that can drive your marketing strategies and guest experiences. The first step is creating an enticing captive portal with forms to collect the desired data. However, you must ensure your guests accept your WiFi’s ToS.

3. Offer Personalized Services

Another way to use the hotel’s internet to improve the guest experience is by using digital concierge services to transform the guest experience. By implementing this, your guests can access a wide range of services without needing physical interaction. For example:

  • Booking spa treatments
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Requesting room service
  • Booking tours
  • Obtaining local tourist information

By integrating these services into your hotel’s WiFi portal or mobile app, you can significantly improve your venue experience.

Additionally, digital concierge services allow you to collect guest preferences and feedback in real-time. This will help you to tailor services that match their interests and needs.

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4. Reinforce Your Branding

Your brand is everything. It encapsulates everything you stand for and resonates with customers. That’s why it should always be present, regardless of your offering.

Your WiFi network offers a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand. The first step is to customize the guest login page. Include your hotel’s logo, colors, and wording.

The captive portal is also a space to highlight amenities, upcoming events, or special offers. When used smartly, a WiFi login page strengthens your brand presence and informs guests about what you offer.

Security Best Practices for Guest WiFi

No conversation about guest WiFi is complete without mentioning security best practices. WiFi offers opportunities to generate more revenue and improve your online experience.

However, you must keep your connection safe and prevent cyberattacks that can damage you.

WiFi security is a broad topic. However, you have to ensure not to be a low-hanging fruit for hackers. These are the best practices to create a safe connection:

  • Use separate networks for guests and hotel operations to protect sensitive data.
  • Employ WiFi security protocols like WPA2 or WPA3.
  • Keep all network equipment and software updated.
  • Implement a secure authentication process for guests.
  • Monitor the network for suspicious activities.
  • Regularly update the WiFi network’s password to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Consider setting up a VPN on the router to encrypt all traffic on the network.

By adopting these practices, you can offer hotel internet services while protecting your business from cyber threats.

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