Mobile POS System: Creating Speedy Customer Sales

Marketing 16 minute read 18th August 2023

Speedy sales are one of the most essential things for any business - small or large. A slick POS system boosts your customer experience and improves your business’ efficiency. Having advanced tools like sales systems also improves face-to-face customer interactions for physical businesses. You don’t want to lead customers en masse to a tiny checkout counter when you could collect table payment. And similarly, you don’t wish to have queues of restless customers waiting for a laggy payment processor. It doesn’t take much to see just how important a mobile POS system is for your business.

Investing in one may seem daunting at first, but built-in payment processing is a Godsend for light-speed retail. You need to be crystal clear about a mobile POS definition. You also need to know which systems to pick and how to navigate things like monthly software costs. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using a mobile point of sale system.

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What Is a Mobile POS System?

So, what is a mobile POS system? In short, it’s a special payment processing tool that allows you to take payments anywhere using mobile devices. These advanced tools transform your mobile device into a mobile reader that can collect payments from bank cards. The impact is enormous – liberating you from the confinements of a traditional cash register.

A mobile POS is typically quicker than a POS terminal running on more advanced technology. So, to summarize, mobile POS are transformative sales systems that utilize your mobile device to create lightspeed payment processing. You are free from movement and technological limitations, boosting customer experience and business efficiency.

You create a mobile POS by downloading special software. This software enables built-in payment processing and transforms your device into a mobile reader and payment taker. There are tons of different software options. Each software has various factors to consider, like monthly software costs versus flat rates. And things like whether setup costs are complimentary or whether software offers custom plan options. While the mobile POS definition is simple enough, there are many nuances regarding its practical side.

It is important to note that most mobile devices are compatible with and suitable for mobile POS. However, each software option can have its own compatibility limitations. It is essential to check this when screening and deciding between different software.

But know that you should be able to consistently run a mobile POS with a relatively modern and functional device. It’s one of the most flexible sales systems on the market. So if you’re struggling to find a payment processing option, put mobile POS at the top of your list.

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Why Use a Mobile POS System for Small Business Ventures

It is easy to see why you would have mobile POS systems for large businesses. But what about using a mobile POS system for small business ventures? Having that efficiency is vital for larger businesses when dealing with high customer turnover numbers. The last thing you need with many customers and foot traffic is to be scrambling over a tiny checkout counter. But does it still matter when it comes to small businesses, who see less of this stress and fewer customers? The answer is an absolute yes. And these are the top reasons you should definitely use a mobile POS for your small business.

  • Mobile POS is efficient

Efficiency matters for all businesses, especially small ones. Chances are, you have fewer staff members, and our staff can’t be in two places simultaneously. This means that your payment processing needs to be efficient and streamlined.

  • Table payments build customer relationships

Being able to take table payments is a huge advantage for small businesses. It allows for an intimate moment to build customer/business relationships. You can use this time to ask for customer feedback and conduct friendly chats to boost customer loyalty. Table payments have many benefits, but above all, they create a relaxing and friendly environment. This is ideal for small businesses that thrive off close relationships with a close-knit group of loyal customers.

  • Mobile POS can be low cost

If you choose software wisely, mobile POS can be a lower-risk investment. Rather than buying expensive equipment upfront, you can just use your mobile and commit to a small flat rate fee. Some POS systems are even free. This is valuable for small businesses - every penny helps, especially when just starting out.

What Are the Best Mobile POS Systems

By now you see that having a fantastic mobile POS can be a game changer. So let’s take the next steps and look at the best mobile POS systems. These are the top systems to consider - from free tools to the latest software technology.

  • Loyverse

If you are on a budget, Loyverse is where it’s at. The free tool lets you transform your mobile phone, manage inventory, and get analytics. It is easily one of the top software options in the mobile POS industry, but also very budget-friendly.

  • Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a top option if you want a more complex payment tool specifically for retail purposes. This option has reporting features and provides your mobile with built-in payment processing software. Cutting-edge and retail-specific, this is one of the top on-the-go POS systems.

  • Lightspeed Restaurant

Similarly, Lightspeed Restaurant is one of the best options for the restaurant industry. An umbrella product, this software also offers reporting features and built-in payment processing. This is a brilliant choice if you want advanced mobile POS for your restaurant.

  • Square

Get ready for another incredible payment system. Square transforms your mobile device. It is zero cost and all reward. For those not wanting to make a huge commitment or sign up for monthly software costs, it’s a great solution.

As you can see, there are plenty of free mobile POS solutions. We’d advise you to start your journey with a free POS system, only switching if you want an industry-specific option.

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Can Mobile Hotspots Be Used With POS Systems

Can mobile hotspots be used with POS systems? In short, yes, you can absolutely use a mobile hotspot with POS systems. You can use standard WiFi or connect to a mobile hotspot. This is especially useful if you want more flexibility in using POS systems in remote locations. For instance, if you have a stall set up at a festival, chances are you won’t have WiFi. With a mobile POS system, you can use mobile data instead - perhaps even purchasing an unlimited package beforehand.

It is important to note that using mobile hotspots with POS systems does incur costs. It works precisely like hot-spotting a friend from your mobile device. So you’ll need to plan ahead by purchasing a mobile device package with data inclusions. It also might be worth investing in unlimited data if you rely on hotspots long-term. Keeping tabs on data allowance and usage can be a hassle, so unlimited packages provide peace of mind.

As a whole, though, using a mobile hotspot is one of the best POS solutions. It perfectly combines with the flexibility of mobile POS systems to allow even more flexibility around location. If you can take payments anywhere, you have creative power in your business strategies.

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5 Essential Things To Know About Using Mobile POS System

So, what exactly should you expect with mobile POS systems? You should know these five essential things when embarking on this exciting business journey.

1. A Mobile POS System Doesn’t Have To Cost the World

We have already covered free software options in the best POS system section above, but it’s worth reiterating. Mobile POS systems do not have to cost the world. So many free options don’t even ask for setup costs, let alone a monthly subscription.

It is easy to avoid purchasing mobile POS because you feel like it will be a substantial financial hit. We are excited to emphasize that this isn’t the case - mobile POS can suit every budget.

2. Mobile POS Systems Aren’t Just for Large Businesses

Similarly, mobile POS systems aren’t just for large businesses. Sure, they help reduce stress and make managing large volumes of customers more effective. However, they also hugely benefit small businesses. Getting that one on one table payment time is intimate and intensely valuable for relationship-reliant small businesses.

3. Mobile POS Can Use Mobile Hotspot or WiFi

Mobile POS doesn’t just use WiFi. You can also use a mobile hotspot because you are using a mobile device. This is an incredible feature because it provides even more freedom over where you can take payments. With WiFi, you are reliant on being near your WiFi router. With mobile hotspots, you can be almost anywhere in the world and still get a connection. This is ideal for things like festivals, outdoor stalls, and outdoor dining areas.

4. Mobile POS Reduces Checkout Times

Because mobile POS systems are more efficient, they reduce checkout times. These sale systems rapidly process payments without reliance on WiFi or restriction to a checkout counter. Reducing checkout times is a vast green flag for many reasons - including keeping your customers happy. There are many ways to increase checkout speed, but a mobile POS is a leading choice.

5. A Mobile POS System Can Enhance Security

Mobile POS software can also enhance the security of your payment process. Reputable software comes with in-built security features that software owners regularly update. You’ll have continuously improved security features to ensure the safest experience for you and your customers. Rather than buying a one-off machine, mobile POS lets you invest in a product under constant updates.

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Is a Mobile POS System Worth It?

There’s lots to talk about, and as far as taking payments go, mobile POS is an industry golden child. But are mobile POS systems worthwhile? Should you invest? It is easy to rattle through all these benefits and facts, but sometimes a straight answer is best. A mobile POS system is 100% worthwhile for any business type and size.

Regardless of whether you see four or 400 customers a day, a mobile POS will boost efficiency, safety, and experience. As we conclude this article, we want you to know that investing in a mobile POS is worth it. It is a great business decision for individuals – so you can confidently move forward. And if you still feel a bit unsure, then start with a free software option.

Mobile POS can quickly develop into other strategies, including POS advertising. For things like restaurant marketing, having a restaurant mobile POS system is incredible. So be aware that investing in POS software is just a tiny step in an exciting path of business opportunities. Do you want some extra help with managing a mobile POS system? At Beambox, we are always happy to assist you with marketing and managing your business. As experts in WiFi marketing and improving business, we can help you in your exciting journey toward success.

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