Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Core Ideas and Strategies

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The food business is competitive and one of the hardest to break into. One can find food eateries of different types and sizes anywhere. Making marketing plans for restaurants is crucial but an uphill task. Marketing plans are industry-specific and highlight a variety of action plans. Restaurant marketing aims to promote a dining establishment and its mouthwatering cuisine. An effective marketing plan can help you reach out to many potential customers. This is why marketing plans are crucial to a restaurant’s success. It helps your business acquire new customers and keep your revenue from declining.

Creating a comprehensive, consistent, well-thought-out, and achievable market plan is a better tactic than jumping heedlessly into the restaurant business. Plan a marketing strategy to help you reach your restaurant business goals. If you are not sure where to begin, this article will give you an overview of marketing plans for restaurants.

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What Is a Marketing Plan?

First, let’s understand what marketing plans for restaurants are. A marketing plan is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve focus and align your aims to reach your objectives. The best strategy is to make a marketing plan within your budget. Marketing plans are about setting clear goals about what you want to achieve. Your marketing plan outlines your marketing strategy. It will help you target potential customers and keep your restaurant business competitive. A marketing strategy is to reach out to your customers, make them your clients, and turn them into repeat customers. Include restaurant branding guidelines in your marketing plan. It is an excellent strategy to monitor your restaurant’s and staff’s performance.

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How To Make a Marketing Plan for a Restaurant

Now that you know what a marketing plan is, let’s discuss how to make a marketing plan for a restaurant. Every new restaurant needs to have a marketing plan. First, grab a pen and paper, or you can jump onto your computer if you are tech-savvy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write marketing plans for restaurants of any type.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Establish Goals

This is the primary part of any marketing plan; you can operate your business properly with realistic goals. Ask yourself, What is the central theme of your restaurant, and what do you want to achieve? For example, if you want people to come for lunch, you should focus on a marketing campaign for that time.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Marketing Analysis

A marketing analysis is crucial to developing effective marketing plans for restaurants. It involves researching the target market, analyzing competitors, and identifying opportunities and challenges. By understanding the needs of your potential customers, you can tailor your marketing strategies to attract and retain them.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Promotion Strategies

After identifying your goals and analyzing the market, the next step is identifying the various promotional channels. You can use a mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics to advertise your eatery, such as:

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Sample Marketing Plan for Restaurants (PDF)

Depending on the size of your business, your marketing plans will vary. Your plan may focus merely on social media advertising. However, it could be a long-term plan, which would require designing a comprehensive marketing strategy. If that is the case, you need a restaurant marketing plan template. It will include the basic questions and considerations that you need to address, such as:

  • Mission statement
  • Goals
  • Target audience
  • Competitive analysis
  • Budget allocation
  • Specific marketing tactics and channels

Want to make your life easier? Use Beambox’s Sample Marketing Plan For Restaurants PDF template! It will save you time and effort by providing a ready-made format to customize according to market changes.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: Budget

Whatever marketing plans for restaurants you deploy, you must set aside a reasonable monthly budget. Allocating funds strategically will ensure that you can effectively reach your target audience and maximize your return on investment.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants: KPI

After launching a campaign, you need to measure the success of your marketing efforts. It is important to establish key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can include metrics such as:

  • Customer acquisition rate
  • Website Traffic
  • Social media engagement
  • Revenue generated from marketing campaigns

By tracking and analyzing these KPIs, you can make data-driven decisions and adjustments to your marketing strategies for optimal results.

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What Are the Five Ps of Marketing?

Marketing is a vast field, and there are many grounds to cover. For this reason, marketers need to focus on the core fields of marketing when preparing marketing plans for restaurants. The five essential elements and focal points of good marketing strategies are known as the five Ps of marketing.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • People
  • Promotion

Marketing Plans for Restaurants #1: Product

The product of a restaurant is not its building; it is the food and drinks you offer your customers. The success of a restaurant depends on the dishes served in your dining establishment. The meal servings must be fresh to avoid any risk of food poisoning. Check food products promptly at delivery. The staff in charge of the food must follow the safety guidelines for handling the food correctly. Store the food carefully at the required temperature.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants #2: Price

The price factor in marketing plans for restaurants must align with the business’s profit goals and offer a market-competitive price. It must reflect the value of the food and what the guests are willing to pay.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants #3: Place

The location of your restaurant massively affects the success of your business. A good location can do wonders for your business. It serves as a marketing tool and makes it easier for you to deliver orders.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants #4: People

Understanding your guests is crucial. Make friendly relations with them and try to know their likes and dislikes for long-term satisfaction. Create a buyer’s persona (age, income, habits, etc.) representing your ideal customer profile. Creating a customer profile helps judge your food business’s performance at different stage levels. Involve your customers in loyalty programs.

Marketing Plans for Restaurants #5: Promotion

Promotions refer to boosting your restaurant’s profile. All marketing plans for restaurants aim for online promotions to help people discover your restaurant. Offer loyalty programs, create a hashtag and offer a prize for the best review. Get a food truck and attend all the food events in your area. Reward returning guests with something they consider valuable. Following today’s trending style, set up a selfie spot with your restaurant’s logo in the background. Advertise offline and online.

The five Ps of marketing will help guide your restaurant marketing solution. By practicing the five Ps of marketing, you can be sure you are on the right track.

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9 Forms of Digital Marketing Plans for Restaurants

A digital marketing strategy is essential to keeping up with the food business. An effective digital plan for a small restaurant can establish your brand and take your business to a new level. Do not depend only on word of mouth; if you don’t do digital marketing, you are in for a loss.

Let’s discuss the different forms of digital marketing plans for restaurants.


You need an interactive website where people can read about you and your services. Choose a website-building platform. A CMS website is easier to use. It is a software application that enables you to create, edit, publish, and store digital content. It lets you build your website without technical know-how, so you do not need code knowledge.

Build an easy-to-navigate website with adequate information about your food business. Create a blog on your website featuring upcoming events, cooking tutorials, recipes, and a menu. Post appealing images of your venue, food, and drink. Optimize your website for search engines, allowing potential customers to find you online without any hindrance. Search engine optimization (SEO) will bring more visibility to your business.

Your website has to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Make sure your customers can access your website anytime, anywhere. The stronger the impression your website makes, the more popularity you will gain.

Social Media Marketing Plans for Restaurants

Social media marketing plans for restaurants generally include posting on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube. It can put your restaurant in front of thousands of potential customers. When running ads on social media platforms, ensure the ad targeting is relevant, clear, and concise. Add email links to your social media accounts. Post delicious food images and mention your restaurant’s signature meals and drinks on your social media and website. Go for restaurant video marketing to boost organic traffic.

Google Business Profile

Before interacting with your potential customers, have a Google business profile. Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Google’s engine helps promote your business through things like Google My Business, organic listings, and Google Ads. Creating a business profile and listing your business on Google is free. It also lets you choose what information you want visible and what information you want hidden. You can set up Google Alert to notify you when your business appears online. Once you create an account, you will have access to several services. Some of them are

  • Search tools
  • Communication and publishing tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Advertising services
  • Statistic tools
  • Map-related products
  • Business-orientated products

Once you log into your Google account in your browser, you can access all these services.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers numerous marketing advantages for businesses. Your Google business profile information will also show up on Google Maps. It helps viewers see relevant details about your business, such as:

  • Business description
  • Contact information and address
  • Hours of operation
  • Photo and images
  • Business reviews
  • Updates and posts

Restaurant Directories

Marketing plans for restaurants should involve listing the restaurant online in various business directories. It can help you build brand awareness. When you are on the directory list, it is easier for potential customers to find you. Many diners search for a new place to dine; ensure you are on as many relevant directories as possible.

Mobile App

Build a mobile app for your restaurant business. Most restaurant businesses offer mobile apps for customers to order online for deliveries and takeout. This app also helps restaurants manage their peak hours effectively. With the help of branded apps, you can also streamline the process of ordering and delivery. A smooth and friendly mobile experience will promote a positive experience for your customers.

SMS Marketing Plans for Restaurants

Marketing plans for restaurants must include SMS marketing. It is a powerful tool for restaurants. The can keep their potential customers informed about new items on the menu and the latest price of their products. SMS can boost customer loyalty and help bring in more potential customers. SMS is a cost-effective way of communicating with customers that can improve your return on investment. Messaging customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, and public holidays is a friendly gesture.

Email Marketing Plans for Restaurants

Send regular emails to customers who have subscribed to your email newsletter. Create an automated marketing flow for delivering your messages. Remembering your ROI when going for an email marketing strategy is essential for your revenues. To avoid your email appearing in spam, include only the customers who have subscribed to your website and write relevant content. Your email must look professional to make a good impression on your customers.

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Marketing Company

Marketing objectives are essential to helping a restaurant achieve its goal. Boosting customer loyalty increases sales and improves customer satisfaction. The success or failure of a restaurant depends on the proper execution of marketing strategies. You can attract a broad audience using digital marketing. With the growth of technology and globalization, every business must use digital marketing.

However, it may prove difficult for business owners to turn their attention to every aspect of marketing. For this reason, it is important to hire a company that has the expertise and resources.

Marketing plans for restaurants must include hiring a company specializing in marketing, such as Beambox. With Beambox’s all-in-one marketing platform, they can optimize the restaurant’s online presence and measure the success of marketing campaigns. They also have a way to capture valuable customer data using guest WiFi. Learn more and start growing your business.

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