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Marketing 11 minute read 15th May 2024

Smart WiFi is like using the internet in HD. It optimizes and personalizes the guest’s WiFi experience using a series of boosters. Wherever your users are on your property, it redirects signals to find them the best and quickest WiFi possible. Smart WiFi marketing is the future of reliable internet services, tailoring services to each user. It can even adjust frequency bands to better match individual users’ needs.

When choosing a WiFi network, you want the best option for your business. This personalization means you don’t have to worry about your WiFi — it’s already adjusting where necessary. Having smart WiFi can feel a little bit like having an extra member of staff just handling your WiFi 24/7. It’s insanely cost-effective.

In this guide, we’ll run you through definitions, benefits, and further strategies development you can launch from smart WiFi. Are you excited? Give us five minutes, and we’ll give you all you need to transform your business.

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What Is Smart WiFi?

Smart WiFi adapts itself to provide an ultimate guest experience, speeding things up or changing frequency bands. It’s a pretty easy product and service to understand. It reacts to potential customer experience issues before they need to vocalize them.

For instance, smart WiFi can switch to 2.4 GHz over 5 GHz for a customer further away from your router. However, it might switch to 5 GHz for anyone streaming data-heavy videos near the router. It understands and acts on the basics of WiFi optimization, including 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz. These solutions are far faster than any human could fulfill, and it’s a brilliant investment.

It could also utilize mesh WiFi and boosters throughout your property to optimize WiFi. For instance, it can analyze your location and redirect signals in different patterns depending on which way is quicker. It’s pretty smart, right?

The right WiFi should be easy, and that’s the main selling point and premise of smart WiFi. Smart WiFi is an umbrella term referring to a category of WiFi that takes an automatic role in optimization.

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3 Steps: Setting Up Smart WiFi

Setting up smart WiFi is simple. It involves research, mainly scoping out which company offers the best package. However, as a general rule, you’ll be up and running with killer smart WiFi in as little as 24 hours.

Here are three simple steps to follow.

1. Analyze Your Business Requirements and Budget

Knowing what you want is key to ensuring that you proceed as efficiently and effectively as possible. You should establish your requirements. Do you have many customers who are reliant on WiFi for different reasons? You may want WiFi that automatically shifts between 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

You should also establish an honest budget for yourself. This way, you won’t waste time researching unrealistic options at a later date.

2. Research the Market

Now’s your market research stage; look at the options available. Weigh up the included features and see what each software and package offers. Take notes and make pros and cons lists. This should be the longest phase in your setup process as you weigh up what’s available and suitable for you.

3. Request a Trial or Demo

Your final stage is to request a trial or demo. You don’t want to commit to software without understanding it first, despite many operating on a monthly subscription basis. By requesting these, you’re ensuring that you keep your options open should the smart WiFi not actually be a fit.

Developing Further Smart WiFi Strategies

So, you have your smart WiFi set up. This is a significant first step; you’ll have WiFi that personalizes its streaming for each guest. This is a brilliant investment in your guest experience. However, how do you further develop your strategy for even more business success? It’s simple. You can just take the following two steps:

  1. You sync your WiFi with a captive portal system. This system uses a web page pop-up to collect extra information from your guest WiFi users. You can get email address details or mobile contacts. These details are like gold dust for SMS or email marketing campaigns.
  2. You set up smart WiFi analytics to analyze stats like average session durations, loyalty rates, and visit times. This will help you make smarter business decisions.

How quickly you can build on an existing smart WiFi system is fascinating. WiFi is a foundation for future marketing, and we’ll touch more on both strategies in just a second.

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3 Benefits of Smart WiFi Marketing Analytics

Of course, a smart WiFi network isn’t just something you can use. Once you invest in more advanced WiFi solutions, this also spills over into analysis.

WiFi is significant for analysis and can give fantastic guest insights, especially if you have a captive portal. Smart WiFi marketing analytics can improve your understanding and relationship with customers. Analytics automatically arrange and process data you derive from your WiFi network. It’s a huge win and something to consider as a business owner researching smart WiFi.

We’ll cover captive portals later (aka the best data collection method), but for now, here are three benefits of marketing analytics.

1. Boosts Customer Loyalty

Using analytics boosts your customer loyalty as it helps you to understand and then connect with guests. When you know your customers, you can collect contact details and target them with retention-driven marketing or loyalty programs.

Smart analysis is a great way to increase customer loyalty and retention. You can use these stats to encourage repeat business through your customer communications.

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2. Increases Customer Engagement

Analytics are also fantastic for driving customer engagement. You can learn how long customers stay in your business from WiFi session durations. You can then monitor this by incorporating different ways to increase visitors’ stays.

3. Facilitates Better Marketing Campaigns

Using an analytical process is an effective way to create better marketing campaigns for the future. Why? Because you’re getting the best data to make difficult business decisions. The more you understand the reality of your business, the more effective your decisions will be. You’ve got to stick with the facts, right?

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Beambox: Utilizing Captive Portals for Your Business

You are so ready to tackle smart WiFi to improve your business! Having WiFi that optimizes itself streamlines your whole business — both for staff and guests. You’ll have higher levels of customer satisfaction and deal with fewer “why isn’t the WiFi working” queries.

As you now know, WiFi is also a stepping stone for further marketing strategies. You could invest in smart analysis to boost customer retention or set up a captive portal to collect contact details. Before we disappear, we’ll give you vital information on setting up a captive portal.

At Beambox, we run an all-in-one WiFi marketing software that provides businesses with personalizable captive portals. These portals collect valuable marketing information from customers, facilitating a brilliant database of future contacts. Start your Beambox free trial now and follow these steps for your smart WiFi marketing.

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