Black Friday Email: The Email To Change It All

Marketing 19 minute read 1st November 2023

A Black Friday email just might be your ticket to change your business. This event is famous and an absolute hot event in the modern world. The day usually spreads over a weekend, selling products at ridiculous discounts. You’ve probably already seen the chaos that these sales unleash yearly. Black Friday is at the end of November, and if you act quickly, you can secure success with email campaigns. By running email marketing campaigns, you amp up the excitement by sending teaser content to your subscribers. These email subscribers are more likely to engage with your events.

The way you layout your emails is entirely up to you. You’ll need to consider your email subject, whether you include an action button, and understand the importance of email marketing. And that’s without considering the fine details like email CTAs. There’s lots to cover. In this guide, we’ll help you get to grips with Black Friday email marketing campaigns. Ultimately, you’ll know how to write the email to change everything. Get ready for inspiration, information, and incredible top tips galore.

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The Power of Black Friday Email Marketing

What is the power of Black Friday email marketing? What is the power that Black Friday emails hold? It is a great question. You should invest in email campaigns for many reasons this Black Friday.

E-commerce is a significant industry that relies on email marketing to succeed. Similarly, retail also experiences a massive boost with loyal customers acquired through email campaigns. Black Friday primarily refers to these two industries - retail and e-commerce. Of course, the hospitality industry has also jumped on the bandwagon in later years. However, as a general rule, consider this holiday a consumer and product-driven event. It focuses on selling physical things at a lower rate to lure in hundreds of thousands of consumers. It is planning a spike in purchase behavior.

When planning such a spike, it is vital to consider the impact of an email campaign beforehand. These are the main benefits of having Black Friday email marketing:

  • Builds interest. Running an email campaign beforehand helps to build interest. This is vital as it drives up numbers and makes you more likely to get a great turnout. This is much like planning a live event - even for online businesses. It is another event to attract customers. So, amp up interest levels beforehand to get the desired turnout. Similarly, if nobody knows about all your excellent products and discounts, how will they know to attend? Remind them and inform them ahead of time.

  • Builds loyal customers. Email campaigns are also essential to build loyal customers. And loyal customers are more likely to attend your events. You can use your email marketing in the run-up to Black Friday to reestablish your bond with customers.

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How To Plan Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Next is a niche element of email marketing campaigns - how do you plan subject lines? You are familiar with the clickbait style-must-open subject lines. And for this event, it is no different. You want engaging subject lines for your email subscribers. You could start with ‘Exclusive Black Friday Discount’ or ‘Black Friday Countdown Begins’. Whatever floats your (and your email subscribers’) boat, as long as it instills urgency and intrigue.

So, how do you begin planning this all-important element of your teaser email? What is the process of creating an email subject line that will pique the interest of email subscribers? In this section, we’ll break things down into super-simple steps.

1. Nail Your Email Content and Topic

First, you need a solid email topic and, ideally, your content prewritten. This way, you know exactly what your email subject line needs to sell.

Your topic could be announcing exclusive sign-ups for early bird access. It could also be advertising things like products or even event details. Figure out what message you want to put across in this specific email. That is your vital first step, allowing you to better communicate with your audience through your email subject line later.

2. Draft Email Subject Lines

The drafting process is where you really get to work. You are not only creating different types of subject lines but also reviewing online inspiration. One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is not investing in email subject lines. Really, take your time at this stage. Try out a few ideas and draft things as a mind map or list. Look at what works for others and get clear on writing effective email subject content.

Top email subject lines include:

  • Urgency
  • Offers
  • Statistics
  • Personalization
  • Conciseness

You can finalize the email once you settle on your ideal email subject line.

3. Document and Review the Response

Lastly, this is the step that most people miss when it comes to writing email subject lines. You need to document and review the responses you get. Over time, this will create data that you can use to extrapolate patterns and optimize your subject lines. How many people open an email with a subject line stat versus personalization?

Your results provide powerful insight that can help shape this process next time. Take advantage of these insights with read receipts and email marketing analysis.

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Best Time To Send Black Friday Email Marketing

By now, you can clearly see why email marketing is vital - whether you run a large or small business. But what is the best time to send Black Friday email marketing? How is timing one of the factors that can dictate your success? And how does this particularly relate to email campaigns as opposed to campaigns like SMS marketing?

The best time to send Black Friday email marketing campaigns is in October. This might seem early, given that this holiday is in late November. However, this gives you plenty of time for email subscribers to build excitement. You can start early with exciting updates about Black Friday prep and even selling or providing early bird tickets.

You can send more regular marketing content as it gets closer. You can also consider more actionable content, like a book entrance now action button. Or perhaps a claim Black Friday discount here links. Starting in October gives you plenty of time to build an effective campaign - you won’t be rushing at the last minute. Start sparsely and then build up intensity close to the time.

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5 Steps of Planning Black Friday Email Campaigns

There are five main steps in planning Black Friday email campaigns; in this section, you’ll learn about them. Black Friday is a huge deal worldwide, and consumer holidays are rising. While it took an understandable dip over COVID-19, it is now well on its way back to the top. So, it is vital that you really harness its potential with the correct planning process. Are you ready to embrace your planning? Here are the five steps you should know.

1. Get Clear on Your Target Consumers

First, you need to be crystal clear on who your target consumers are and what they care about. For instance, if your target customers are mothers who need maternity clothes, you won’t invest in video games. Ensuring that your products align with your target consumers is always important. But before you go all out for Black Friday, it is well worth re-emphasizing it. Furthermore, you should know what trends your target consumers are currently interested in. You should have a really up-to-date and cutting-edge idea of your consumers.

2. Get Clear on Your Products and Services

Secondly, you should be really clear about your products and services. Is one thing selling out constantly? Is one thing less popular? Are you launching anything new soon? Get really clear on where you are currently at with your products. You need to understand the bigger picture with your products and services on Black Friday.

3. Evaluate Your Budget and Agree on Discounts

Your third essential step is to evaluate your budget. Your budget should dictate how much you can cut profit margins - discounts come, ironically, at a price. The whole point of Black Friday is that it comes before the Christmas consumer boom. So you should know that you’ll get a big boom in profit the following month. However, it is vital that you still establish what discounts you can afford to give. And also which products you need to clear anyway, especially from summer stock.

4. Decide on a Black Friday Layout

What will your Black Friday look like? Will it involve a physical event? If so, do you need to stagger the entrance to prevent carnage? You could also boost profit by offering early bird ticketing. If you are running it online, how will you organize this? Will you provide a countdown and official sale starting and finishing time? How will your website cope with such a sudden rush in traffic?

These are all questions you need to ask to get a firm picture of your Black Friday.

5. Launch Your Marketing

Lastly, launch your marketing with vigor and plenty of spare time. You should start Black Friday marketing in mid-to-late October - giving you a month’s lead-up. This is an essential final step for your preparations, especially if you are running early bird ticketing.

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Get Inspired: Black Friday Email Examples

With all this information, you must get inspired with some Black Friday email examples. Inspiration is such an essential aspect of marketing. And there are tons of Black Friday email examples online.

Topics ideas can be challenging to think of off the top of your head. To save you time from hunting them down online, here are some leading examples:

  • Advertising pre-Black Friday shopping opportunities
  • Advertising early bird tickets
  • Advertising personalized discount codes (incorporating their name)
  • Providing an extra discount for those in your loyalty program
  • Starting a countdown
  • Offering a sneak peek at discounts

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Forming a Black Friday Email Template

Let’s look at forming a Black Friday email template off the back of that quick inspiration insight. You need to base your emails on this basic structure.

Subject line: Your subject line immediately grabs the recipient’s attention and justifies them opening the email. Without a great subject line, you’ll fall at the first hurdle.

Customer address: The customer address is how you immediately address the recipient. Will you use personalization to address them by name? Or will you use a more general form of address? Email content: Your email content is the bread and butter. This conveys all the vital information and does the ‘selling’ in your emails. This content could include any of the topics we mentioned earlier.

Call to action: Your call to action is the prompt toward positive behavior. For instance, encouraging email subscribers to sign up for early access or purchase a product.

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Final Thoughts: Can You Create Black Friday Emails for Free?

Yes, you can easily create Black Friday email marketing campaigns for free. Email marketing doesn’t need to be expensive, and even those with low budgets can take advantage of it. You can write your email campaign by using inspiration from online and the information in this article. All you need is a list of email subscribers. And this is easy enough to obtain through things like captive portals - which we will explain in a second.

If you have a slightly larger budget again, you can invest in email marketing software. This automates much of the process, and you can find some really modestly priced options. And finally, if you have a huge budget, you can outsource the process to a professional email marketer. This is worthwhile if you want to save time rather than money.

If you are wondering how you will collect email subscribers in the first place, Beambox is for you. Beambox is a leading WiFi marketing platform that promotes the use of captive portal WiFis to collect email subscribers ethically. Captive portals act as sieves, collecting contact details in exchange for giving customers WiFi access. The captive portal then syncs with a marketing platform that collects all of these details on one database. If you want to invest in your marketing, it is one of the best possible ways.

Beambox’s WiFi platform is a gold mine for boosting your business when you are short on time. Start your Beambox free trial today. There’s more to marketing your business than just a simple Black Friday email, and Beambox can help your long-term strategies.

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