Guest Feedback for Hotel: Definition, Benefits, and Methods

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People often think guest feedback for hotels only benefits the business. But in reality, it can create a win-win situation. Guests love helping businesses they like. Businesses, in turn, can attract more customers by creating a positive first impression for onlookers.

However, some businesses hesitate when asking for hotel guest feedback, fearing they will get negative reviews. In reality, negative feedback is a blessing in disguise.

If you’re facing the same dilemma, this article can help change your mind. It will start with the definition of feedback in hotels before stating its importance and ending with the methods. So, let’s dive right in.

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What Is Guest Feedback in the Hotel Industry?

In the hotel industry, guest feedback is information you receive from people about their guest experience at your establishment. This information comes in various forms, sometimes warranted and other times unsolicited.

Let’s explore some of those types now that you’ve learned, “What is guest feedback in the hotel industry?” As a rule of thumb, you can divide feedback from guests into two categories: online reviews and direct feedback.

As the name suggests, online reviews are those people leave on online platforms. Social media reviews, review websites, your website, and online surveys all fall into this category.

On the other hand, you receive direct feedback from customers during their stay at your hotel.

For example, you can ask them to fill out comment cards or in-stay surveys. You can even get direct feedback through face-to-face conversations, asking customers what they liked about their stay.

Sometimes, businesses even convert direct feedback into online reviews by displaying them on their website.

However, receiving feedback in hotels isn’t about collecting one or the other. It’s about combining both approaches to better view your guests’ opinions. After all, where online reviews bring you more customers, direct feedback gives you more details about how your guests feel. This is why reviews are important.

The Importance of Guest Feedback for Hotel

Bringing new customers isn’t the only thing guest feedback does for your business. It’s your chance to understand your customers by giving them a voice. In return, you get valuable insights directly impacting guest satisfaction, service quality, and business growth. Here’s how.

  1. Increased guest satisfaction: When you ask for feedback from guests, you give guests an easy way to share their thoughts. You’ll probably share links or forms to make the process easier for them. When customers don’t have to do much to share opinions, they feel like you’re always there to listen to them. This, in return, satisfies them with your hotel.
  2. Enhanced service quality: Feedback clearly shows how well current services meet expectations. Hotels can identify gaps by analyzing feedback on cleanliness, amenities, staff courtesy, or responsiveness to requests. This allows them to refine service delivery, train staff more effectively, and elevate the overall quality of service offered. Again, these changes result in guest satisfaction.
  3. Driving business growth: Satisfied guests are loyal guests. They leave positive public reviews that improve your reputation. This builds trust with potential guests and positions the hotel in a favorable light. Replying to bad reviews and negative feedback demonstrates a commitment to improvement, further strengthening the hotel’s reputation management. It also attracts new customers.
  4. Better guest experience: Actively asking for guest feedback for hotel and implementing it enhances your guests’ experience. They get to see the changes they suggested, creating a positive connection between them and your hotel.

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What Is a Guest Feedback System?

Since there are two ways to look at this question, the answer depends on the context. A guest feedback system can either be a structured approach or a tool to capture feedback.

Successful businesses in the hospitality industry put serious thought into capturing feedback and using it. Doing so helps them get the exact information they need while allowing them to display their positive points.

If you want to follow in their footsteps, consider the feedback collection sources your guests would be comfortable with. Would long surveys frustrate them, or would they be happier expressing their thoughts in detail? Since every business and its customers are different, answering this question will help you choose the right tools.

Next, consider how you’ll store and process the information. You might create databases to capture personal information along with the feedback. Or you can plug the data into your customer relationship management software.

Lastly, you need to create a proper strategy for using the feedback. One approach is to monitor feedback and continuously make the changes side-by-side. Another is to make a schedule to incorporate the feedback. Think about the pros and cons of each method before choosing one.

On the other hand, a system might refer to the tools that help manage customer reviews. Such tools help you gather and monitor reviews from various platforms. Some even let you turn on notifications for all new reviews so you get all the information.

Some tools have built-in survey and feedback forms and can automate review requests through SMS and email. Moreover, you can respond to reviews right from the tool. Such features make these tools worth investing in.

How To Take Feedback From Hotel Guests: 7 Effective Methods

There are multiple ways to gain feedback from customers. But you need proper research to choose from them. After all, your customers are different from your competitors’ customers. Therefore, you have to take feedback using the methods that suit them.

But whatever method you choose, one thing’s for sure. 76% of guests have no problem paying more for a hotel with more positive reviews. How do you make this true for your hotel? By collecting, monitoring, and managing reviews. So, here’s how to take feedback from hotel guests through seven effective methods.

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1. Use WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing serves three purposes for hotels. First, they can provide free Wi-Fi in the venue to attract more guests. Second, they can use this offering to gather insights into their customers. Third, they can send automatic review requests to customers.

To enjoy these triple benefits, you must invest in WiFi marketing software. Then, create a small survey using that software. When customers disconnect from your WiFi, display that survey to gather feedback from guests.

You don’t necessarily have to ask about their WiFi experience. You can also ask about their overall stay at your hotel. Just remember to keep it short since those customers will be in a hurry to check out. They might not bother with the survey if it’s too long.

2. Add QR Codes to Marketing Materials

Another way to collect guest feedback is to use QR code marketing. These codes are easy to use, and people are familiar with them. Hence, they’re less likely to hesitate when scanning them through their phone to leave a review.

Use this to your advantage and display review request QR codes around your hotel, especially at check out. Once the customer scans the code, send them to the review link. Make sure there are no extra steps to avoid frustrating the customer.

Moreover, you should add a strong CTA to encourage customers to scan the codes. Something like “Your opinion matters” would give them the push they need to scan the codes.

You can even add these codes to your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, billboards, etc.

3. Ask Customers Through Emails

If you want to send more personalized review requests, email marketing for hotels works wonders. You can segment your email list and ask guests questions that specifically relate to them. This tactic can also increase your response rates because guests will feel connected to you. Hence, they’ll be more willing to share their opinions.

Besides, you can decide which emails go public and which don’t. If you get positive feedback, you can display it on your website. But if the review is negative, you can resolve the issue privately while keeping your reputation intact.

With other methods like review websites and social media, you don’t have a choice. Anything your guests say will be public, and others can see it. Moreover, emails allow your guests to stay anonymous. So, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

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4. Give Them an In-Person Template To Fill

In-person templates are another great way to get customers feedback. Since people don’t have to overthink when filling these templates, there’s less hesitation.

Moreover, asking customers about their experience during or immediately after the stay ensures accurate feedback. That’s because everything is fresh in their minds.

You can even try to connect with guests while they’re filling out these templates, asking them more about their stay. This way, they’ll feel like you care about how they feel. Tell them how their opinions help you make better decisions. This personal connection will encourage them to share more insights.

5. Have a Google or TripAdvisor Presence

Up until now, you’ve explored methods to ask guests for feedback. However, if you want unsolicited feedback, you must have a presence on Google or TripAdvisor. The more websites you list your website on, the better.

People regularly use these websites to share their experiences; others use that experience to make decisions. Therefore, having a positive experience on these websites can bring you explosive growth.

It’s not even that hard to have this presence. You can list your business on these websites for free! However, make sure that the information you upload matches on all websites. Otherwise, you would leave a bad impression on onlookers, making them distrust your business.

Once you have these listings, manage them by monitoring reviews and responding to them. As a result, you’ll have customer insights, a good reputation, and increased online visibility.

6. Engage With Customers on Social Media

Social media is another way to receive unsolicited feedback. Engaging with customers on these platforms lets you learn their thoughts about your business. In fact, some customers only share their thoughts on social media, either through the business’s inbox or comment section.

Therefore, if you aren’t using social media to gather customer feedback, you’re missing out on many opinions. To avoid this, encourage customers to contact you through your DMs whenever they have a problem. Reply to comments and ask questions about guest experiences.

Moreover, monitor your mentions and see how people talk about your hotel. Try to find patterns in the comments. If you notice something negative persisting throughout various comments, look deeper into what’s wrong.

Once you’ve made the change, let customers know you’ve heard them! Doing so will turn your social media accounts into the best feedback collectors.

Sending a review request through SMS is another personal way to ask for feedback from your customers. Almost all booking processes require customers to share their email addresses or phone numbers, so you’ll have the resources to implement this method.

Since your message will reach customers directly on their phones, there’s a higher chance they’ll see it. With other methods like QR codes and social media, you can’t guarantee this.

So, if you’re sending review request links through SMS, you only need to make the message enticing. However, you have a limited character limit here, so send short messages.

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Don’t Let Customer Feedback Go to Waste

Now you have a clear idea of what guest feedback for hotels can do. It serves as the ultimate word of mouth, attracting more guests to your hotel.

However, if you only ask for feedback for a positive impression, you’re wasting its potential. These reviews give you a glimpse of what customers think about your hotel. Use it to improve your services and offerings.

To grow your business, it’s vital to get reviews regularly. Beambox can automate reviews and increase your ratings on significant platforms. You can also manage your online reputation from one dashboard. Start your trial now!

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