QR Code for Business: How To Make and Use It Effectively

Marketing 15 minute read 12th June 2024

Using a QR code for business isn’t a new idea. You might have seen such codes at some point in your life. Whether on flyers or inside an app, businesses often use them to provide customers with quick and easy information access.

Yet, they don’t use them to their full potential. This article can help if you want to avoid that. It will start with the basics, exploring the process of creating one before ending with the applications. So, let’s start.

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Create QR Code for Business: The Basics and Why It Matters

In the most basic terms, a Quick Response (QR) code is a square-shaped barcode. Businesses use it to bridge the gap between their physical and digital efforts. It’s incredible how a tiny, scannable image can help businesses connect directly with customers.

It does so by storing specific information. When customers scan the code, it redirects them to a specific online destination. Some QR codes simply present the customer with relevant information. It all depends on how you’ve set the code.

Now that you know the definition, let’s consider the motivation to create a QR code for business and its benefits.

Since a QR code is easily scannable, it allows you to enhance customer experience. A QR code on marketing materials, packaging, or even your storefront takes customers to their desired information in seconds.

They don’t have to wait for your staff to help them. This quick access to information increases their satisfaction. In return, you get more engagement in your marketing efforts.

Besides, creating and placing a QR code on different materials is relatively cost-effective. When starting out, you can use various free QR code generators — even the paid ones aren’t too expensive!

You can also customize your QR codes and company logo to them. This serves as a recognition mechanism when potential customers scan the code.

But is a QR code safe? Hackers can easily modify a QR code to redirect people to harmful websites and steal their data. That’s why looking for QR code generators that provide protection mechanisms like encryption is essential.

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Why Creating a Google Review QR Code for Business Works in Your Favor

Creating a Google review QR code for businesses makes it easy for customers to leave reviews on Google. It is a shortcut for customers to leave reviews directly on your Google Business Profile.

Traditionally, a customer finds your Google Business Profile (GBP) online, navigates to the review section, and then writes the feedback. However, with a Google review QR code, they don’t have to perform extra steps. All they need to do is scan the code and write their feedback.

This takes away hindrances and encourages more people to leave reviews. The easier you make it for customers to leave reviews, the more likely they are to do so.

If you don’t use a QR code for any other purpose, use it to get Google reviews. After all, a good reputation can do wonders for your business.

The more positive reviews you have, the better your reputation will be. People trust businesses with shining reviews. In fact, 82% of people trust recommendations from other customers over brand messaging.

Besides, having more positive Google reviews builds trust and credibility with Google. Businesses with a higher rating are more likely to get a higher spot in Google search results.

How To Get a QR Code for My Business in 5 Steps

You can get a QR code for your business from any QR code generator website. The exact steps to generate this code will be different for each tool. But the general steps are almost the same and quite easy. So, here’s your answer to “How to get a QR code for my business?” in five steps:

  1. Head over to your browser and access a QR code generator.
  2. Add the URL to which you want to redirect your customers. Depending on the tool, you can also add other content formats. Some tools even let you provide access to PDFs, word documents, and MP3s.
  3. However, to create a Google review QR code, go to your Google Business Profile on Google Maps. Then, go to the Get more reviews section. There, click on Share review form. This will open a small window with a link. Copy that link and paste it into the QR code generator.
  4. After entering the URL or content, the tool will generate the code for you. The next step is to customize it with your branding elements.
  5. Once you’re happy with the design, download the code. Some tools will ask you to sign up, while others will let you download directly from the website.

Once you have the code, add it to your marketing materials. Don’t forget to add an actionable CTA encouraging people to scan it. If you don’t provide clear instructions and benefits, your customers might think it’s a scam and refrain from scanning.

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6 Creative QR Code Ideas for Business

After learning the basics of QR codes, the benefits, and how to get one, you must be curious about their applications. Well, you’ll be glad to know that getting reviews isn’t your only option.

There are several ways to use QR codes that help you increase your business and make your customers happy. However, when you’re just starting with this technology, you might find it challenging to choose.

That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of easy yet creative QR code ideas for businesses.

1. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are the first thing that comes to mind when discussing QR codes for business. So, why not start with this idea?

Mobile payments have always been a hot topic for customer convenience. However, the rise of the pandemic has made this payment method even more popular. All customers have to do is scan the code, and they’ll reach the payment page through their mobile devices.

Businesses that offer this type of QR code often use a payment processing app or service to create them.

If you want to use this idea, ensure the app and the QR code generator are safe. For example, some apps provide a two-factor authentication mechanism for sensitive information. Otherwise, people might hesitate when scanning the code.

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2. Digital Menus

Digital menus are another popular application of QR code stickers for business. That’s because businesses don’t have to spend money on printing menus. Moreover, you would need to remake and reprint the menus in case of any change.

Dynamic QR codes allow you to change the URLs even after you’ve printed them. Therefore, they make the perfect solution for digital menus. Diners can scan the code to access the menu. You can even incorporate a QR code order system to let people order directly from their tables.

Besides, a printed menu can only do so much. There’s limited space, and you have to prioritize the information. But with QR codes, you can add mouth-watering pictures and descriptions.

3. Informative QR Codes

The whole point of using QR codes is to provide easy access to information. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to not use them on materials that provide further information about something.

For example, QR codes on business cards immediately take scanners to the business contact details. Like a menu, a business card has limited space. So, adding a QR code lets you add details like social media links, operating hours, and company values.

Additionally, QR codes can help you provide more information about a product. Simply add one on the product packaging and encourage customers to scan it to learn more. A good application would be to provide nutritional information on food products.

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4. Discount Coupons

Deals and discounts will always remain the number one way to increase sales. Therefore, every promotional tactic will include them in some way.

You can use coupon QR codes to redirect customers to your product page to claim their discount. These also provide the perfect opportunity to promote your loyalty programs. For example, only give these coupons to your most regular customers and watch the loyalty grow.

Moreover, you can track your efforts and see how many people redeemed their rewards. This way, you’ll know which campaign works and which doesn’t.

5. Email Sign-Ups and Social Media Follows

You can also use QR codes to build an email list and increase your following on social media platforms. For one, QR codes offer a clear and concise call to action. A well-designed code with a message like “Scan to Subscribe” or “Follow us” leaves no room for confusion.

All you have to do is add an incentive, like exclusive free content or early access, and you’re sorted. Local businesses, such as restaurants, can even get more customers to join their WiFi network through QR codes. As a result, they can get analytics that help make data-driven decisions.

6. Digitize Traditional Marketing

Not using QR codes to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing translates to wasted potential. Customers expect a seamless connection throughout their journey, and traditional marketing materials are static and often lack this connection.

However, you can’t completely rule them out because they still work. Therefore, the best solution is to add a QR code to brochures, billboards, flyers, etc. You could even make QR code stickers for business uses. When customers scan these codes, you can redirect them to your website for further information or even order placement.

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Choosing the Best QR Code Generator for Business

Overall, using a QR code for business is beneficial and has many applications. You can use it for contactless payments, digital menus, information access, email sign-ups, etc.

The best QR code generator for business is the one that lets you generate a code for multiple purposes. A visually appealing and branded QR code will attract more scans and reinforce brand recognition.

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