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57 Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas to Win Online

Marketing 19 minute read 2nd August 2021

When properly executed, restaurant social media post ideas can drive sales and growth to your business. In fact, where people once relied on word-of-mouth or the phone book to find a local restaurant, they now turn to the internet – specifically, social media and Google. With over 3 Billion people using social media nowadays, you can be sure that your customers and many potential ones are there.

However, getting your social media presence right is not that intuitive. Additionally, it is more than common to lack creativity when deciding what to post on the social media pages of your restaurant.

If you want to solve these problems, read on. This article collects the best restaurant social media post ideas that you can always use to create engaging content and improve your social media presence. Additionally, you will find the best tips to improve the effectiveness of your business pages, regardless of your social media of choice.

Restaurant social media post ideas and platforms. How many does your restaurant need?

The upcoming restaurant social media post ideas are crafted to let you optimize the time you spend creating engaging content for your social media pages. Additionally, they are all time-tested and can be tweaked to follow your instinct.

However, there is one important (and relieving) point to keep in mind: You don’t need to be present on any social media platform. Pick only those where you can be consistent and endure the effort of content creation.

An abandoned social media page is worse than a nonexisting social media page.

The restaurant social media post ideas you are going to read are classified for a specific platform: the one that suits the idea better. However, you can adapt and use that same idea in your social media of choice.

Before jumping into these restaurant social media marketing ideas, let’s see how you should optimize your business pages.

Restaurant social media post ideas: Tips to optimize your pages

Winning on social media starts with your business pages optimized for conversion and engagement.

To get the most out of the social media post ideas for your restaurant, be sure to optimize your profiles to get the most out of your initiatives. These are the 4 most critical elements to keep always in order.

  1. Profile Picture On social media platforms, your profile picture is your business card. Make sure to choose a high-quality picture that properly represents your brand and your restaurant’s vibes. This is usually your logo, your most famous dish, or a picture of your venue.
  2. Bio (Profile Description) In the bio of your restaurant point out what makes your restaurant unique and why people should come to visit you. Add the reference to contact your business. If you have your own website, link it as well.
  3. Feed Your business page feed is the entirety of your profile. If you are good at using these restaurant social media post ideas, at some point users will be curious enough to have a look at your profile page. This is the moment that new users will see all the pieces together and get a first impression of your business. Therefore, try to design a professional look for your brand.


Take care of your profile feed to create a recognizable theme and identity.

Highlights: Most social networks today provide content creators with highlights.

These are typically stories you published in the past that you can highlight to tell more about your restaurant. Use them strategically to point out useful information and unique features of your business. For example, you can highlight the location, your dishes, or your best reviews.

30 Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is by far one of the most important social media for restaurants, especially if you are targeting millennials. Instagram is popular because it is a fun and easy way to share your life with friends. The app has been downloaded over 1 billion times and is used by millions of people every day.

As people capture their experiences and share them, be sure that your dishes and your location “encourage” such actions. Which means asking yourself: “Would my customers take a picture of this to share it on Instagram?”

If you get good with this, users will create content for you, and your restaurant will get the best PR ever.

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With that said, here are 30 restaurant social media post ideas perfect for Instagram.

  1. Record your bartender creating amazing cocktails
  2. Highlight the way you source and pick ingredients
  3. Repost any positive online commentary about your restaurant
  4. Reveal a fascinating fact about the building or its history
  5. Ask staff what their favorite drink is and post the montage as a story
  6. If pet-friendly, regularly post photos of customers’ dogs (and have a ‘dog of the month’ post)
  7. Advertise all the upcoming events on a regular basis
  8. Republish any foodie reviews about your restaurant
  9. Publicize any limited-time menu options you have available
  10. Grab a bunch of your best reviews and schedule snippets of them across the month
  11. Ask customers if they’d mind leaving a ten-second video testimonial for Instagram before they leave
  12. Stage an employee of the month competition (you could even ask followers to vote for their favorite)
  13. Invent your own restaurant hashtags and use them to promote your offers
  14. Promote your email mailing list with some stories, explaining what subscribers get in return
  15. Show local community support by posting photos of locally-sourced ingredients
  16. Create pools to choose new menu options or drinks
  17. Stage an AMA (ask me anything) as the business owner
  18. Repost stories where your restaurant is tagged
  19. Create stories where you ask your following to guess some weird data (number of ovens, square footage - that kind of thing.) You can also consider giving out a free drink as a prize.
  20. Post facts about the area in which your restaurant resides
  21. Do some charity work and chart the progress via a story. If possible, create a before and after picture.
  22. Keep it simple. Post your best dishes!


  1. Take evocative pictures of your venue when is super busy
  2. Take pictures of your restaurant in the very early morning, when it is super-quiet.
  3. Hold a poll asking what dishes your followers enjoy the most
  4. Promote things to do that are close to your venue
  5. Shine the spotlight on one of your favorite producers or suppliers
  6. Introduce a brand-new menu item
  7. Get involved in a social media challenge (there’s normally at least one taking place)
  8. Share meaningful quotes about food, wine, dining, and staying together

17 Creative Facebook posts for restaurants

Can an article about restaurant social media post ideas ignore the king of social media?

As a restaurant owner, it is important to have a strong presence on Facebook. This social media platform has over 2 billion active users and is a great way to connect with potential customers.

Your restaurant’s Facebook page should be filled with mouth-watering photos of your food, as well as captions that highlight your unique selling points. Your Facebook page can also receive reviews, and users use it often to book or ask questions without calling. Therefore, It is absolutely important to regularly post updates about your menu, special offers, and events.

By creating a strong Facebook page for your restaurant, you will be able to reach a wider audience, grow your popularity and boost your business.


Here are 17 creative Facebook posts for restaurants:

  1. When there are particular events close to your venue, offer specific promotions to those who visit your restaurant
  2. Create posts about your employees. Create a quick caption with their story, their hobbies, and their dreams.
  3. Ask the chef to stage an AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  4. Embed discount code in your captions: “Visit our venue and provide [FB10] to get a 10% discount at the checkout”
  5. Say “Happy Birthday” to regulars who have given you that information
  6. Latch onto any big sporting event and post your score predictions or related food offerings
  7. Promote your online booking page to encourage more direct bookings
  8. Reveal how sustainable your operation is with a short video tour
  9. Create a storytelling post whenever you treat the staff to a day or night out
  10. Repost content created by your customers
  11. Encourage people to leave reviews by linking directly to your presence on TripAdvisor
  12. Task employees with serving the community for one day a month and post photos from their activities
  13. Celebrate the restaurant’s birthday
  14. Show your team in action and how busy your venue is.
  15. If your restaurant is mentioned in a popular magazine or on traditional media, share it on your page!
  16. Repost any memes (within reason) that make you laugh or smile - particularly if they’re hospitality or restaurant-related
  17. Highlight the way you cater for allergies and intolerances (often, just a photo of the gluten-free menu with the right hashtags, for instance, will do)

Top 10 Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas for TikTok

TikTok is quickly becoming the most popular social media because of its unique features. TikTok’s customer base is quite young (mostly 13 to 24), so you should consider investing your time in this platform if your ideal customers are the same age.

As TikTok is all about video, these restaurant social media post ideas work if you edit the video in an engaging way. TikTok makes such editing extremely simple and provides you with tons of effects to make your content super engaging.

As TikTok is based on short videos, you can reuse most ideas mentioned for Facebook and Instagram.

For more inspiration, check these ideas:

  1. Create a video tour of the building
  2. Film the chef preparing a trendy recipe
  3. Ask staff to reveal their favorite thing about hospitality and montage it as a short video.
  4. Undertake a weekly ‘did you know’ series where you reveal something unusual about the restaurant or its operation
  5. Create a montage with ALL your menu items one by one.
  6. Make time-lapses and evocative videos of your best drinks/dishes in the making.
  7. Create informative videos that tell the nutritional values of your salads
  8. Film a behind-the-scene tour before an event
  9. Collaborate with influencers and let them run your Tik Tok account for a day
  10. Conduct games and pools. For example spicy vs sweet food, Beer vs Wine, Pizza with or without ananas.

How to use these Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas on Pinterest.

Although it is not the most popular platform today, Pinterest can still offer great returns if you invest time in creating engaging content. Most of the social media post ideas for restaurants shared above might work fine also on Pinterest.

As Pinterest is mostly about pictures, you can create specific content or use the same Instagram content and share it on Pinterest. The best recommendation here is to favor high-quality pictures, infographics with interesting facts, and recipes. Here are tips to create great pictures for social media marketing.

Cafe social media ideas

Cafe social media ideas are not much different than those of a restaurant. However, you have slightly more flexibility. Moreover, you should always highlight the best sides of your business.

For example, if your cafe is designed to attract some type of customer, be sure to systematically create content around those features.

Here are a few examples of social media ideas for cafes:

  • Make time-lapse and slow-motion videos of the making of your creations
  • Reshare content created by your customers and (possibly) tag them
  • Share the selection of cakes that go with your coffee
  • Promote special events and limited-time offer
  • Share funny memes about coffee
  • Take part in social media challenges
  • Run pools about coffee preferences
  • Take pictures and videos that capture the vibes of your venue
  • Ask for reviews on your favorite local review sites
  • Take pictures of your creations from different evocative angles

Are you looking for more? No worries. There are infinite possibilities for social media post ideas specifically designed for coffee shops.

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Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas: Getting to the next level

The restaurant social media post ideas provided so far can really help you create content that works and keep your audience engaged.

However, to bring your content creation to the next level, you need to get precise data about your customers and automize the growth of your social media pages.

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