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50 Ideas for Social Media Posts: Restaurant Edition

Marketing 9 minute read 2nd August 2021

With over three billion active social media users on the planet, your restaurant needs to be front and centre if it wants to grab the attention of prospective customers.

There’s just one problem: inspiration. If you’re undertaking the social media management for your restaurant personally, it’s unlikely that you have the expertise or time to keep a content pipeline constantly burning away in the background.

The good news is that, like so many things in business, most social media posts have already been published by others. And, over time, they’ve been adjusted, moulded and tuned to be as engaging and eye-catching as possible.

For you, that means there’s a wealth of tried-and-tested social media posts from which to gain inspiration and craft your own.

Today, we’re going to give you all the inspiration you need to fill your social media calendar for at least the next six months.

Why social media matters for restaurant marketing

Before we get started, you may be understandably asking yourself why you need to invest time in social media marketing. After all, isn’t it all about pay-per-click advertising these days?

Nope. In fact, as a restaurateur, it’s vital that you mix organic publishing with PPC campaigns on social media. These two approaches will help you create an engaging digital presence and pick up immediate business, respectively.

More importantly, they’ll increase your overall digital footprint, which is immensely important. There are so many reasons why this is the case - for instance, it’s thought that 99% of millennials and Gen Z customers are more likely to rely on social media for reviews, and we all know how important reviews are in this industry.

So, without further ado, let’s get into a massive, bookmark-able list of the best social media posts for restaurants.

50 awesome social post ideas for restaurants

  1. Ask a member of the team to do a video tour through the building
  2. Ask staff what their favourite drink is and post the montage as a story
  3. If pet-friendly, regularly post photos of customers’ dogs (and have a ‘dog of the month’ post)
  4. Latch onto any big sporting event and post your score predictions or related food offerings
  5. Post some fun food photos - ask the kitchen team to get creative (or silly)idea 5
  6. Advertise an event you have on the horizon
  7. Say “Happy Birthday” to regulars who have given you that informationidea 7
  8. Introduce a brand-new menu item
  9. Celebrate the restaurant’s birthday each year with a few social posts
  10. Publicise any limited time menu options you have availableidea 10
  11. Reveal a fascinating fact about the building or its history
  12. Randomly approach customers and ask if they’d mind leaving a ten second video testimonial for Instagram before they leave
  13. Grab a bunch of your best reviews and schedule snippets of them across the month
  14. Ask your followers to send their pictures from your venue (remember to tag them in the post)
  15. Do some charity work and chart the progress via a story
  16. Introduce new team members
  17. Get involved in a social media challenge (there’s normally at least one taking place)
  18. Ask the team to come up with some unique/lesser-known food and drink pairingsidea 18
  19. Re-post any positive online commentary about your restaurant
  20. Shine the spotlight on one of your favourite producers or suppliers
  21. Film the chef preparing one of your dishes
  22. Hold a quick Q&A with the team on a newsworthy (but light) topic
  23. Post a daily fact about the area in which your restaurant resides
  24. Stage an AMA (ask me anything) as the business owner
  25. Task employees with serving the community for one day a month and post photos from their activities
  26. Ask the chef to stage an AMA
  27. Hold a poll asking what dishes your followers enjoy the most
  28. Introduce a neighbouring business
  29. Create a story whenever you treat the staff to a day or night out
  30. Start a monthly ‘our favourite customer’ spot where you quickly interview someone on video
  31. Repost any memes (within reason) that make you laugh or smile - particularly if they’re hospitality or restaurant-relatedidea 31
  32. Ask the team for one word that describes their job and post the montage as a story
  33. Use LinkedIn to target the business community and advertise your restaurant as a space to work and network
  34. Promote your online booking page to encourage more direct bookings
  35. Undertake a weekly ‘did you know’ series where you reveal something unusual about the restaurant or its operation
  36. Highlight the way you cater for allergens (often, just a photo of the gluten-free menu with the right hashtags, for instance, will do)
  37. Republish any foodie reviews about your restaurant
  38. Ask staff to demonstrate their favourite hobby on camera
  39. Ask staff to reveal their favourite thing about hospitality
  40. Stage an employee of the month competition (you could even ask followers to vote for their favourite)
  41. Reveal how sustainable your operation is with a short video tour
  42. Invent your own hashtags and use them to promote your offers
  43. Promote your email mailing list by occasionally tweeting the link and explaining what subscribers get in return
  44. Video a member of bar staff crafting a cocktail
  45. Show local community support by posting photos of locally-sourced ingredients (tag the suppliers!)
  46. Post some interesting stats about your restaurant (its age, number of ovens, square footage - that kind of thing)
  47. Tweet the occasional saying or proverb that relates to the way you run your business
  48. Encourage people to leave reviews by linking directly to your presence on TripAdvisor
  49. Use Britannica’s On This Day to find historical references that relate to your offering!
  50. When figuring out new menu options, hold a poll to see which are the most anticipated

Wrapping up

We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration above when it comes to social media content for your restaurant.

We’ll be updating and adding to this list regularly, so remember to bookmark and check back whenever your social media pipeline starts to run dry!

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